Firebase Charlie is a Federation foward operating base located at Greenway Park, a baseball stadium in San Diego, California.

Struck DownEdit

Logan Walker, David "Hesh" Walker, Captain Thomas A. Merrick, Sergeant Keegan P. Russ and Riley reached the statium and Logan uses remote sniper to find Alex V. "Ajax" Johnson who was captured earlier and get beaten by Federation soldiers and taken to Gabriel T. Rorke. Logan and Merrick tag the convoy with MK32 grenade launcher and get on the truck. Logan set off explosives on the trucks and the chaos enrupts. The group fight their way into the stadium and Logan uses remote sniper and shoot a soldier and the group breaches the room and find Ajax is not here and get attacked by Federation soldiers with RPGs and Logan sniped them. Below the stadium, the group uses tear gas grenades and the Federation soldiers were sedated and the group fight their way to the room and David, Merrick and Riley uses the door while Keegan and Logan find another way to the room. Logan uses tear gas grenade again and the group breached the room and Riley found Ajax and he died due to severed blood loss and David sees Rorke's kill list and asks Merrick who is Rorke but he says don't have time to explain and the group escaped the stadium and Logan uses the remote sniper to clear the way while Merrick and Keegan carried Ajax's body to the helicopter and Riley bite the pilot off the helicopter and the Walker brothers and Riley escaped the base and their dad, Elias T. "Scarecrow" Walker called them back to Fort Santa Monica.

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