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"A captured agent in the heart of darkness. A treacherous scientist on the brink of a breakthrough. An unlikely ally out for revenge. Infiltrate Omega's Vietnam base and expose the secrets within."
— Mission Briefing

Firebase Z (stylized as FIЯEBДSE Z) is a Zombies map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It is the second map in the Dark Aether story, and the thirty-fifth Zombies map overall. It was released on February 4th, 2021 as part of the reloaded Season One content of the game.[1]


Firebase Z takes place at Outpost 25, an Omega Group research facility in the jungles of Vietnam that has provided the organization with countless Dark Aether-powered technologies and armaments as a result of their extensive Dark Aether research from the facility's on-site dimensional rift. The map is divided into two major sections: the village that acts as a private barracks for Omega Group scientists, and Outpost 25, a large firebase built on the former site of Firebase Ripcord that serves as Omega Group's primary research center for Dark Aether mining and R&D, with both areas being connected by a teleporter. The map introduces Aether Reactors, three separate devices at key locations within the base that act as the new Power Switch, as well as Assault Waves, tower defense-like waves that task players with protecting the reactors from massive surges of the undead. Additionally, new Jump Pads are also present in the map, being situated near the three Aether Reactors that allow for fast travel between them and their respective defense sites. The Trials system from Die Maschine also makes a return, now being situated at the center of the firebase next to the teleporter.

Firebase Z includes the return of Tombstone Soda as a perk, being retroactively added to the Der Wunderfizz machine in Die Maschine, in addition to the new map exclusive wonder weapon, the Reactorniy Avtomat-Izluchatel Kuhlklay-84, or RAI K-84 for short. The map also marks the return of Russian Mangler Soldiers and Hellhounds, both of which begin spawning naturally in the later rounds. A new Special enemy debuts in the map called Mimics, shapeshifting creatures capable of disguising themselves as collectable items on the ground, as well as Ordas, towering monstrosities that appear during the third Assault Wave and beyond, as well as during the map's main quest as the final boss. A new zombie type called Armored Zombies also debut, having much less armor than Heavy Zombies, which also appear in the map.



Off-Wall Weapons
Mystery Box / Trials


Easter Eggs

Main Quest

Main article: Maxis Potential

The central quest for Firebase Z, titled Maxis Potential in the Dark Ops, tasks Requiem with rescuing Samantha Maxis from the Dark Aether by drugging Doctor William Peck with his own truth serum and forcing him to disclose the necessary steps to save her.

Musical Easter Eggs

  • An easter egg song titled "Lost", sung by Samantha's voice actress Julie Nathanson, can be activated by collecting three cassette tapes hidden around the map.
    • In the Scientist Quarters, on a wooden shelf by the stairs that lead down to the Arsenal machine.
    • In the Equipment Storage, on a shelf to the left of the locked metal cabinet.
    • In the Motor Pool Office, lying on the floor between a desk and a green filing cabinet.

Miscellaneous Easter Eggs

  • Collecting the blueprint for the RAI K-84 along with its three constituent parts will enable the player to construct it at the workbench next to Dimitri Kuhlklay's computer.
  • Once all three Aether Reactors have been activated, the player can return to the village and go up to the second floor of the Atrium. There, a stuffed bunny can be found at the end of a blocked off balcony facing the courtyard, which the player needs to stare at for a few seconds. Doing so will cause the bunny to levitate and fly at the player, freezing them place and warping them to a darkened forest. Within the forest, the player needs to look around for a pink glowing bunny floating in the distance that will teleport away once shot. The player must shoot the bunny a total of three times, with the third and final one spawning in a crate that will contain a large selection of rewards with a guaranteed Juggernog can.
  • Within various points of the map, a zombified head can spawn and be picked up. This head can be taken to the "Field Hospital" location and placed in one of the empty testing stands. These testing stands can be powered by any of the Essence Traps within the map, by having any type of Zombie trapped within it and connecting the trap to the stand to power it, the head will reanimated and will state a combination of numbers before violently exploding. These numbers are the combination to the safe within Lev Kravchenko's office. Interacting with it, with the combination in tow will award a Perk-a-Cola and Intel, alongside spawning in a pack of Hellhounds.
  • Once all of the Aether Reactors are restored, there will be a glowing green button on one of the jump pads. Shooting it will temporarily turn it into a dance pad, with five directional prompts appearing on the pad's interface screen. Doing the movements successfully while remaining on the pad will automatically launch the player to the pad’s destination, and one of the two pads in the landing area will have the green button on it. Completing the process for all six jump pads will reduce the price for the pads to 0 for the remainder of the match. If the player fails at any point, they must wait until the next round to start over.
  • If a player gets 50 kills with the Monkey Bomb in either the Data Center, Mission Control, or Military Command areas of the map, the Monkey Bomb will be upgraded. The upgraded version has the bomb emit a red pulse every few seconds, while also playing a different music track. Zombies will also begin dancing around the bomb, instead of standing around it as usual. The bomb will also have a buff in damage. The upgrade remains active even if a player grabs or crafts a new Monkey Bomb, and will last the entirety of the match, until the player either exfils or dies.


Penultimate Cutscene Transcript

Within the OPC, Requiem watches as the Dark Aether rift becomes increasingly unstable, forcing them out of the chamber and down a set of stairs to a safer distance. After a moment of observing, Samantha Maxis, now with galactic-purple eyes and a new battle-scarred outfit, staggers out of the rift and leans up against the doorframe. She glances back towards the rift before stumbling down the stairs, where Requiem continues to watch.

Weaver: Sam? What happened to you?

Maxis stops and places her hand on her headset.

Maxis: I... recognize that voice... Weaver.

Maxis reaches the bottom of the stairs and stands before Requiem.

Maxis: You are... Requiem?

Suddenly, an alarm blares as the entire OPC begins to overload with a massive surge of energy.

Maxis: RUN.

Maxis and Requiem retreat from the firebase and use the teleporter at the helipad. Upon emerging at the village, the group spots Sergei Ravenov pull up in an armored vehicle, waiting to pick them up. Just as the group reaches ground level and are about to enter the vehicle, they turn to see an Orda break through the main gate, destroying a couple of structures and blocking their only path.

Ravenov: Are you fucking kidding me???

Maxis gets into Ravenov's vehicle while Requiem raise their weapons and prepare to fight the Orda.

Outro Cutscene Transcript

The Orda is seen screaming before fading away. Ravenov pulls up behind Requiem, allowing them to enter and drive away from the courtyard. The shot then transitions to an open area just outside the village, where Ravenov's vehicle drives up to and stops. Raptor-1 can be seen close behind, landing to the vehicle's right. The group, minus Ravenov, exit the vehicle.

Maxis: Not coming with us?

Ravenov: There's an operation underway in the Ural Mountains. I have to stay in the field.

Maxis: This is the only way?

Ravenov: I told you once - Omega is not who we are. I do this for the good of the motherland. For the good of us all.

Maxis: Try not to break anything else.

Ravenov: Remember - there's nothing so broken, that it cannot be fixed.

Weaver: Sam. Are you okay?

Maxis: I'm ready to come in, Weaver. We have a lot to talk about.

Maxis smiles towards Ravenov before approaching Raptor-1, where Requiem are waiting to exfil. The shot transitions to William Peck pacing in his room, where two Omega Group soldiers enter, followed by Aleksandra Valentina behind them.

Peck: Finally! Could you have taken any longer to get here?

Valentina: You were smart to transmit your research. You demonstrated loyalty. To an extent.

Peck: To an extent? What more do you want? Just wait until we get back to Moscow. We'll see what the Colonel thinks about this.

A man walks into the room as Peck goes silent.

Kravchenko: Really? Do you really want to know what I think? I think I want to see a demonstration of your commitment to Omega.

Peck worriedly glances over to Valentina, who in turn gives him a smug look. Peck looks back at Colonel Kravchenko.

Kravchenko: Tell me Doctor - which is your better eye?

Kravchenko pulls out a knife, backing Peck into a corner as the shot fades to black.


Main article: Firebase Z/Intel

There are currently 91 pieces of intel in Firebase Z.