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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

First Strike is the first downloadable content (DLC) pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops. It includes four multiplayer maps (Berlin Wall, Discovery, Kowloon and Stadium) and one zombie map (Ascension). It was released on February 1, 2011 for Xbox 360, March 3 for PS3, and March 25 for PC. It costs 1200 MS Points ($15.00/£10.00/€15.00) and $14.99 USD on Steam. All (with the exception of Stadium) have interactive features, like the doors on Radiation. All of the maps feature the Black Ops faction and the Spetsnaz.

Official Synopsis

First Strike contains 5 incredibly diverse maps spanning the globe; featuring 4 new multiplayer maps and a new Zombie experience.

Berlin Wall features combat along the Wall within both East and West Berlin. Discovery is a desolate, frozen German outpost in Antarctica, and features a destructable ice bridge. Kowloon features battles in the rain along the rooftops of a towering Chinese sprawl; Stadium is an intense locale with a pro hockey arena backdrop in the heart of a city. Ascension features zombies in a Soviet cosmodrome.


Berlin Wall

Main article: Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall is a fairly large map, set around Check-Point Charlie. It features a "no man's land" between the walls, with auto-turrets watching over it. This area is colored in red on the player's radar. It features the East and West sides of the wall as spawns. This map has many buildings and entertains people to "camp". Domination is very intense on this map as the flag 'B' is in the middle. A Willy Pete will cover the player from the auto turrets.


Main article: Discovery

Discovery takes place in an old German base in the Antarctic, presumably based around "Project Nova". It features four destroyable ice structures that bridge the gap between the two sides. These ice bridges can be destroyed with a claymore or fourteen shots from a pistol. Notice that it cannot be destroyed with kill streaks such as Napalm Strike, Rolling Thunder, or Mortar Team.


Main article: Kowloon

Kowloon is based around the campaign mission "Numbers", and has two ziplines for rapid movement, similar to the zipline found in the first campaign level, "Operation 40". It is set on rooftops and has perfect sniping points.


Main article: Stadium

Stadium is a map based in New York City around an empty hockey stadium named "Chance Stadium". Because the focus is on the stadium, the player can not enter the hockey arena.


Main article: Ascension

The new Zombies map features the original characters, whose appearances have changed. e.g. Dr Richtofen is now in a spacesuit rather than his original costume of the Wehrmacht uniform. It has new weapons, perks, and Space Monkeys that steal players' perks by breaking the corresponding machines. The new perks of Ascension are PhD Flopper and Stamin-Up. The map introduces Lunar Landers (which replace the teleporters). New weapons are available such as the Sickle (which replaces the Bowie Knife), the Gersh Device, and the Matryoshka Dolls (which both replace the Monkey Bomb). Overall the new map has been upgraded with similar yet effective devices/weapons/perks. Strangely, Richtofen is not present on the poster, with Anton Gersh making an appearance holding the Thundergun instead.[1] [2]



Name Description Points Trophy level Image
The Eagle has Landers In Ascension, escape on all three lunar landers. 35Gamerscore.png Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png The Eagle has Landers BO.png
They are going THROUGH! In Ascension, kill at least 5 zombies with 1 Gersh Device. 35Gamerscore.png Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png They are going THROUGH! BO.png
Space Race In Ascension, Pack-a-Punch a weapon before round 8. 45Gamerscore.png Silver Silver Trophy PS3 icon.png Space Race BO.png
Chimp on the Barbie In Ascension, kill a space monkey with a fire trap. 35Gamerscore.png Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png Chimp on the Barbie BO.png