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For mounted weapon with similar names, see FlaK 88 and Flakvierling.
For a similarly named perk, see Flak Jacket.
Flak Gun Perk Icon IW
"Increases damage to Scorestreaks. (Stacks with FMJ/Ram Servo)"
— In-game Description

Flak is a Common Gun Perk that appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, found upon certain weapon variants. It increases damage dealt towards scorestreaks on the weapon variant is applied to.

When found on an energy weapon variant, it can stack with the Ram Servo attachment. When found on a ballistic weapon variant, it can stack with the FMJ attachment.


Weapon Variant Cost Notes
R3K Spearhead 500Salvage Currency Icon IW
R.A.W. Incision 500Salvage Currency Icon IW
Oni Amped 500Salvage Currency Icon IW
Auger Lowdown N/A Unlocked via supply drops.
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