A Flame Tank is a tank equipped with a Flamethrower instead of a main cannon or co-axial machine gun. The Flame Tank was first were used during World War II, during which the United States, USSR, Germany, Italy, Japan and Great Britain all produced flamethrower-equipped tanks. They were extremely effective in the jungles of the Pacific, where they could burn the vegetation and heavily fortified positions and were highly feared by the Japanese.

Call of Duty: World at War Edit

In Call of Duty: World at War, the flame tank is first seen in the mission "Relentless", and the player must support it by moving up with it. It is shown spraying enemy soldiers with its flamethrower.

The flame tank is also present in "Blood and Iron". The player as Dimitri Petrenko commands a T-34 armed with a co-axial flamethrower instead of the usual machine gun, and is very useful for clearing out entrenched German positions.


  • The picture of the flame tank makes references to the M4 Sherman and the Sherman "Crocodile".

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