The Flamethrower is a scorestreak featured in Call of Duty: WWII, costing 700 score (550 with ordnance) When activated, Allies will receive the M2 Flamethrower and the Axis will receive the Flammenwerfer 35. The Flamethrower acts similarly to the Purifier specialist weapon from Black Ops III, one hit from this weapon will set the enemy on fire and will kill them in a second, however holding down the trigger on an enemy will cause them to die faster. Enemies using the Armored Division will require concentrated fire to kill them; simply brushing them with the flames will give a hitmarker with a "flame" icon and a 'ding' sound can be heard. In all gamemodes, should the flamethrower be activated and the user be killed, the player will still retain it when they respawn. However, only in War, the player will lose fuel on every respawn. This is most noticeable when the player pulls out the flamethrower and dies; about 20% of the fuel will be lost every time.

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