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The Flinger is a Utility found in the zombies map Call of the Dead and Tag Der Toten. It is a small platform located near the power switch that can throw players a great distance. It requires both the power and access to the lighthouse. To utilize the Flinger, players need to stand on it for a period of three seconds, and then they soar through the air. After the Flinger is used, there is a cool down period of ten seconds before it can be used again. George A. Romero is capable of using it, however he will not activate it. If a Zombie is on it when it flings, the zombie will fly off and either hit the lighthouse or the cliff wall, and the game will spawn another full health zombie, just like when a Lunar Lander takes off with zombies on top.



  • When being flung, the player cannot reload or switch weapons.
  • If a player goes prone on the Flinger with PhD Flopper and is flung, the perk will create an explosion when the player lands.
  • It is possible to revive downed teammates while in mid-air.