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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"Besides removing the padding from his gloves, the boxer wore a pair of brass knuckles hidden beneath his hand wraps – he wasn’t just looking to win, he was looking to cause damage."
— Campbell's bio

Floyd Campbell is a character appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies, as one of the four main characters of Shadows of Evil. He is voiced and motion-captured by Ron Perlman.


Campbell is an up-and-coming boxer, who was given an opportunity to go up against the reigning champion, by defeating the number one contender, Tony King. Campbell, who hasn't fought in eighteen months, promised his promoter that the outcome wouldn't be in any doubt. Unbeknownst to him, Campbell would resort to fighting dirty, by putting brass knuckles under his gloves. With the physical advantage, as well as the referee turning a blind eye, Campbell came out on top as the winner, leaving Tony King fatally injured.

On one night, Campbell pays a visit to the Black Lace burlesque club, where he meets the magician Nero Blackstone, Detective Jack Vincent, and the dancer Jessica Rose. During Jessica's performance, the four of them are mysteriously knocked out cold. Each of them later wake up in different areas of Morg City, finding their left hand branded with the Mark of the Beast. They discover zombies roaming around the city, and attempt to escape, only to reunite in an alley later. A mysterious figure calling himself Shadow Man then asks the four characters to complete the rituals to atone for their sins. Campbell collects his ritual item, which is the championship belt he has been seeking, and later sacrifices his promoter as part of the ritual. After finishing all the rituals, the Shadow Man reveals that they have opened a gateway to freeing the Apothicon on their dimension. After reading a book located in Nero's lair, the four find out the true nature of the Apothicon, as well as the Keepers. They then proceed to summon the Keepers under the Rift, where they work together to "kill" the Shadow Man (unknowingly to them, only his physical body was destroyed, while his soul is preserved within the Summoning Key). Using the power of the Keepers, they destroy the large Apothicon creature roaming the skies of Morg City, freeing their dimension from the Apothicon's wrath. As the Keepers return the key to them, Edward Richtofen quickly appears and takes it. He thanks Campbell and the others for their efforts, then teleports away. The next day, the Apothicons then destroy their dimension.


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  • He dislikes Nero and Jack but tries to be friendly to Jessica only to be told to "keep his distance" by the latter showing that Jessica hates him.