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"Fly" was a canceled Call of Duty: World at War mission. The code of this mission can be found in Call of Duty: World at War Mod Tools. The player controls an F4U Corsair plane.

At the beginning of the mission, the player flies through way-points to learn how to control the plane. Arriving landing crafts get ashore, and squads are set up. Then the player sees enemy battleships at a distance. Japanese sea planes scout the area.

Afterwards, other F4U planes join the player's squad. Red smoke in the distance marks targets for the player. The Player then has to go to the red smoke and destroy enemy camps and bunkers with machine guns and rockets. Some camps and bunkers are protected with AA guns, machine guns, or infantry. American infantry attacks camps and bunkers together with the player.

When all camps and bunkers are destroyed, the player is notified that enemy planes are incoming. The player's objective is to destroy enemy planes with the aid of P51 Mustangs. The amount of planes is determined by whether the player destroyed the scout planes in the initial section of the level.

Then the player returns to the airfield to refuel and restock with napalm. A cutscene shows the process. With the plane having been loaded with supplies, the player's F4U turns to the right. When the player's plane is ready for battle, the player goes to Bloody Nose Ridge. Metal doors open, and AA guns begin shooting at the player.

Japanese planes attack the F4U to defend the ridge. If the player follows the northern road before the plane's deployment, a light convoy of jeeps and trucks spawn and can be destroyed. When the convoy is destroyed, radio transmissions will stop, and less planes will deploy. The player destroys all the AA guns and enemy planes and subsequently drops napalm on the ridge. Then as the player flies over the ridge, hundreds of burning Japanese soldiers pour out of cover.

Then the player is sent to land at the airfield to rearm to take out two Japanese destroyers and a Japanese battleship that sitting off the coast. The player will sink both destroyers and set the battleship ablaze, but not without taking heavy damage from AA fire, which causes the pilot to crash into the jungle.


  • The true name for this level is unknown, because "fly" is console codename. In the comments to level script file, the level is called Fly. However, skybox for this level is called "flying".
  • In the level "Hard Landing", while the player is in the swamps, the player can see the downed plane from Fly. The Japanese got to it first and booby trapped the dead pilot and the plane with grenades. This suggests that "Fly" was ment to take place prior to "Hard Landing".
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