The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
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"Fog of War" is the first campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Characters[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

A cutscene shows a video of Omar "The Wolf" Sulaman and his right-hand Jamal "The Butcher" Rahar spreading Al-Qatala's cause, played on a mobile phone by an Al-Qatala insurgent in the back of a van. The other armed fighters in the van begin to act nervous, and pass around a cigarette. One insurgent readies his AK-47 while another loads his X16. The van stops, the back doors open, and the camera follows a suicide bomber stepping out into the middle of Picadilly Circus. Nearby civilians look on in horror as the suicide bomber raises his detonator. The scene cuts away to the game's title.

The mission begins in Verdansk, Kastovia, 24 hours before the terrorist attack in London. Two UH-60 Blackhawks are seen above Verdansk and C.I.A. Operations Officer Alex radios USMC Colonel Norris that they are approaching the LZ. Norris gives Alex and Marine Raiders the green light on the operation as C.I.A. Station Chief, Kate Laswell, enters the operations tent and informs Norris of complications in the operation. Norris tells Laswell that the operation is already underway, but she proceeds. Laswell informs Alex of General Roman Barkov's latest shipment of chlorine gas to his depot, and notifies him that his mercenaries are planning on moving the chemicals to Urzikstan tonight. She states that the rules of engagement haven't changed. However, she emphasizes that live fire on the Russian military is prohibited to prevent an international incident. Laswell orders Alex to locate the gas, commandeer Barkov's trucks, and make their way to the extraction point.

Alex and the Marine Raiders rappel from the helicopter and begin navigating through the forest to Barkov's depot, eliminating two mercenaries patrolling the forest. With eyes on the depot, Alex stops at a ledge and radios to callsign Blue Viking, requesting that they stand by for a fire mission. He looks through a spotter scope and recons the depot with Marine Hoyt (Hitman 7-1), confirming there is no Russian military presence at the depot. Alex informs Blue Viking that they are clear for fire mission. A U.S. Aircraft approaches and drops its payload of white phosphorus at the depot entrance, minimizing the presence of Barkov's mercenaries while also alerting the rest of the depot security. Alex and the Marines proceed to the depot and engage a group of mercenaries who survived the bombing. The mercenaries, well aware now of U.S. presence, begin to vacate the compound. As the Marines breach a door, Davis (Hitman 7-2) is immediately gunned down from a machine gun nest. Alex suppresses the machine gunner temporarily by shooting out the nearby spotlight. The Marines fight a large group of mercenaries as they advance on the machine gun, eventually eliminating the threat.

Alex and the Marines fire on a group of mercenaries as they retreat into a warehouse. The Marines push to the warehouse, where the chlorine gas was dropped off. As they enter the warehouse, the power is switched off, forcing the Marines to use flashlights to see in the dark. They encounter hostile threats, which they neutralize. Once the warehouse is clear, Alex finds the power switch and turns the lights back on.

Hoyt calls out and notifies the rest of the team that the hostiles inside the warehouse were indeed Russian military; the Marines went against Laswell's orders. Alex informs Laswell of the situation and requests immediate extraction, but Laswell denies this and urges Alex to identify the gas first. The Marines arrive at the loading dock and Alex uses a test kit to sample the containers inside a truck for the chemical gas. He confirms positive ID on the gas, and the Marines begin to move out.

The Marines commandeer the truck along with two jeeps. Alex enters a jeep and as they begin to leave the depot, a burning truck rolls down from a nearby hill and rams the lead jeep, causing an explosion to kill both Gonzavi and Myers who were in the jeep. An RPG is fired at Alex and Randolf's (Hitman 7-4) vehicle, flipping it over. Alex temporarily blacks out, but he wakes up quickly and Randolf drags him out, only to be killed along with Hoyt being finished off shortly. Alex watches as two insurgents in gas masks approach the bodies. One examines Hoyt's body, and informs the other nervously that they have killed Americans. The insurgents notice Alex is alive, and hastily escape, taking the truck containing the gas in the process. Alex radios Laswell that the Marines are dead, the gas was taken, and that he needs immediate extraction. Laswell tells him that they are tracking a large movement of Russian forces headed his way, and orders him to sit tight as she sends a team to extract him.

Laswell exits the operations tent and informs Colonel Norris that she is taking control of operations in Kastovia. Norris argues that his Marines are still out there and need a quick reaction force to be sent in, but Laswell objects. General Lyons approaches the two, and dismisses Norris to speak with Laswell. Lyons informs Laswell of recent developments: The Kremlin suspended all deconfliction channels, the US Sixth Fleet is pushing into the Black Sea, and Barkov's chlorine gas is now "in the wild." Lyons urges Laswell to fix the situation quickly.

Later, Laswell calls Cpt. John Price for help. She informs him that the chlorine gas has come into terrorist hands and asks where they might go, to which he suggests London. As Price finishes his current assignment, Laswell requests a time for him to be further briefed, but he asserts that the conversation was enough.

Weapon Loadout[edit | edit source]

Starting loadout
Found in level

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Nothing but Net (20 Gamerscore.png) - Neutralize the 'Fog of War' machine gun with a frag grenade.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fog of War (level)/Transcript

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the player kills the first mercenary who is burning alive, Alex will express discomfort with the situation to which Hoyt will reassure him.
  • If the player enters the warehouse without using their flashlight, Gonzavi will question this action to which Alex will joke that he eats a lot of carrots. Randolf replies, "That shit works." This is a reference to the fact that eating carrots can help improve one's eyesight.
  • Randolf (Hitman 7-4) is erroneously called Hitman 7-5, Hitman 7-1, and Hitman 7-2 in the subtitles during the end of the mission when Al-Qatala shows up. He is labeled as Hitman 7-5 (which is Myers' callsign) when saying "I got you. I got you, 3-1", Hitman 7-1 (which is Hoyt's callsign) when he is shot and wounded, and, weirdly, Hitman 7-2's scream and name are used in subtitles just after Randolf is shot dead. Strangely, he's the only Marine Raider who's callsign changes, although this might just be a mistake.
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