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The Forge Freeze is a wonder weapon that appears in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map Zombies in Spaceland and is purchasable for 500 tickets in the Astrocade.

The Forge Freeze fires a beam of cold energy, freezing zombies in a solid mass of ice. The weapon is able to fire a pulse that can shatter the frozen enemies, but they can also be shattered using melee, gunfire, or explosives.

Notably, frozen zombies can be killed with a single melee hit on any round. The Forge Freeze also has a built-in Fusion Mag, allowing it to automatically regenerate energy when depleted. However, the Forge Freeze cannot be manually reloaded.

When upgraded in the Pack-a-Punch Machine, it becomes the Frostbite, gaining increased damage, an increased magazine size, and more reserve ammo.

Forge Freeze vs Frostbite vs Pop-Sick-LEdit

Forge Freeze Frostbite Pop-Sick-L
Forge Freeze IW
Fire mode Automatic Automatic Automatic
Magazine size 50 75 100
Max ammo 200+50 300+75 400+100
Extras Increased charge rate, larger magazine, more ammo Increased charge rate, larger magazine, more ammo

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