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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
For the titular entity, see The Forsaken.

"A secluded facility harboring a secretive operation. A colonel determined to achieve his mission no matter the cost. Infiltrate the Soviet complex and extract the lost soul who could lead to Requiem's salvation - or Omega's supremacy. This is the only way."
— Mission Briefing

Forsaken is a Zombies map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that was released on October 7th, 2021, with the Season Six of content for the game.[1]


The map takes place in the Zakarpatska Oblast in the Ukranian SSR during an outbreak as Lev Kravchenko and William Peck plot to bring The Forsaken and Kazimir Zykov into their world. The facility was once shuttered following an incident back in 1981, but has since been handed over to Omega Group and repurposed.

The introduction of Forsaken also includes the return of PhD Slider in the style of its predecessor, PhD Flopper, being retroactively added to all previous maps. Additionally, Death Perception is given a unique Perk machine, and a new Dark Aether hybrid wonder-weapon known as the Chrysalax is introduced - alongside the Hand Cannon and ARC-XD being added to the Crafting Table.



Off-Wall Weapons
Mystery Box / Trials


Easter Eggs

Main Quest

Main article: Pyrrhic Victory (Zombies)

The main quest for Forsaken is titled Pyrrhic Victory in the Dark Ops.

Weaponry Easter Egg

  • The Chrysalax can be obtained through a short quest that ties with sections of Pyrrhic Victory.

Musical Easter Eggs

  • The song Samantha's Ballad by Brian Tuey can be found by a small quest that requires the Tier 5 PhD Slider to be unlocked.
    • Within Anytown, there are three patches of scorch marked asphalt. Sliding off the rooftops and impacting near them will produce random items with the chance to drop an Aether Bunny plush.
    • With the Aether Bunny plush, interacting with the back of the Bubby animatronic will have a backing panel open up and place the plush inside, activating a 3 minute defence of Bubby while he tosses out Cheeseburgers. Within this defence, Outbreak Survival health rules are applied. Upon successful completion, a Large Loot Chest will spawn in front of Bubby which will have a cassette of Samantha's Ballad alongside standard loot.


Observation Tower Cutscene

From the top of the Observation Tower and through the windows, the Requiem strike-team look down at the ground below them.

William Peck: Tick-tock, Requiem. Once again, you're too late.

Kazimir Zykov walks out of a portal from the Dark Aether.

Zykov: My friends... you did it! You brought me home. I have long awaited this day...

Zykov takes his gas mask off, as his face begins to glow bright purple.

Zykov: To take what is mine.

Zykov screams as a large beam of energy blasts from him into the air, releasing a wave of energy that shatters the windows. The strike team are knocked down, and get up only to reveal that The Forsaken has entered their world, laughing.

Forsaken: Forty Earth years. Four Dark Aether centuries. Abandoned. Trapped. Left to die. But I endured: I fought, I consumed... I evolved.

Peck and Kravcheno watch in horror, as The Forsaken points at Peck.

Forsaken: You trusted me and did as I asked. You built the machine that could bring me back.

Kravchenko glares at Peck.

Forsaken: The Dark Aether shall consume your world. This realm is mine.

Peck: Colonel, you have to believe me, I didn't realize he was the creature!!--

Kravchenko slaps Peck to the ground.

Kravchenko: You fucking fool. The wolf was at our door and you let him in. You've doomed us all.

A horde of zombies breaks into the room where Peck and Kravchenko are and charge towards the two. Kravchenko defends himself with a 1911. Cut back to the Requiem strike-team, who witness Samantha Maxis manifest into the facility.

Maxis: All is not lost.

Maxis turns around to look at the strike team.

Maxis: Not yet.

Grigori Weaver: Sam?? What are you doing??

Maxis: What I have to, Weaver. For the good of us all.

Maxis prepares to use her powers against the Forsaken.

Maxis: This is not your world to take!

Maxis begins firing ethereal blasts of energy at the Forsaken, gaining his attention. She floats around him, continuing to blast as the window doors shut in front of the Requiem strike team.

Ending Cutscene

Maxis floats towards the Forsaken.

Maxis: You will not consume this world... Not as long as I am here.

Weaver: Sam! Whatever you're thinking of doing, don't do it.

Maxis: I'm not a bad person, Weaver. I am a good soul. I know what I have to do... I'm sorry. This is the only way.

Samantha flies into the Forsaken.

Forsaken: NO!-- What have you done?!?

The Forsaken is captured.

Elizabeth Grey: She's gone... back into the Dark Aether.

Oskar Strauss: The Forsaken is secure. Dimensional breaches are closing around the world.

Weaver: It's over... it's done.

We'll Meet Again by Vera Lynn can be heard.

Weaver stares at the monitors at his desk, the monitor in the center reading: "CONFIRMED: All Outbreak Zones collapsing globally". Weaver leans back in his chair in relief.

Weaver: Thank you, Sam.

A helicopter arrives at Test Site Anna and secures the captured Forsaken as the Requiem Strike Team prepare to leave. The helicopter transports the Forsaken to an unknown location.

Ravenov can be seen giving the strike team a farewell as they head to Raptor One for takeoff. As they leave, Raptor One salutes Ravenov, who returns the favor.

The Director looks at his monitors, with the center showcasing a group memo reading:

-Entity acquired. All breaches sealed. Maxis locked within the Dark Aether.

-She is no longer a problem for PROJECT JANUS.

-Divert Strike Team to BLACKSITE 13 for indefinite containment.

-I will shut down Requiem. Our agents can move on Weaver and the rest.

Grey is seen sitting alone at lab with Notso behind her, as she is approached by two military policemen. She is arrested.

Carver is seen talking to someone, as he turns around to face the military police. He too is arrested.

Strauss is dragged out of a laboratory kicking and yelling by military police, as the rest of the scientists in the room look in shock.

Raptor One and the Strike Team drop their weapons and raise their hands in the air, as a squadron of soldiers point their rifles at them.

Weaver looks behind him, only to see two military police. He walks up to them, allowing himself to be arrested. Cut to a white flash.

The Director looks at the monitors, seeing each of the Requiem Senior Staff be arrested. He gets up from his desk, grabbing a briefcase. He walks out of the room, stopping and turning towards the camera - Director Edward Richtofen gives a small smirk, before closing the door.



Peck, wearing a cloak, approaches a fisherman.

Fisherman: Irasshai. (Welcome.)

Peck: I need to rent a boat.

Fisherman: Where do you need to go?

Peck: Here...

Peck points to the Pacific Ocean, where the Operatsiya Inversiya warheads lay.

Fisherman: Are you sure? There is nothing there. What is it you are looking for?

Peck: I'm looking for...

Peck pauses for a moment, before taking off his hood to reveal half of his face scarred.

Peck: ...some old friends.

The Richtofen motif can be heard, specifically from Richtofen Again, as the scene fades to black.



Main article: Forsaken/Intel

There are currently 36 pieces of intel in Forsaken.


Main article: Forsaken/Radios




  • While the map takes place in the Zakarpatska Oblast on the western part of Ukraine, the "Test Site Anna Report" intel from Outbreak showed that Test Site Anna was located on the eastern part of Ukraine near the Russian border.
  • The words "Coming Soon Nacht der Untoten" can be read on the front sign of the theater in Anytown, a reference to the first Zombies map Nacht der Untoten.
  • Both Lev Kravchenko and William Peck can be observed within the top floor of the Observation Tower, overlooking Anytown prior to starting Pyrrhic Victory.
  • During the ending cutscene, the monitor in the Director's office will always show Sebastian Vargas as one of the strike team Operators, regardless of whoever the player(s) has/have selected as their playable Operator(s) for the map.