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There are a total of 4 radios in Forsaken. Each radio can be activated only once per round.

Kravchenko and Peck

The first radio features Kravchenko and Peck. It can be found in the Bunker Entrance on the lobby check-in desk. The fourth, fifth and sixth audio pieces can only be activated once Pyrrhic Victory has been started and will override the prior radios if they haven't been listened to.

Lev Kravchenko: It is almost time. I can feel it.
William Peck: Colonel?
Kravchenko: A new dawn is upon us. After tonight, things will change. The world will change.
Peck: A better world, right?

Kravchenko: For some, Doctor. But not for all.

Kravchenko: When we have the Forsaken, he must learn respect. Once he is obedient, we will unleash him upon the West.
Peck: ...Right. Followed by the deaths of millions.
Kravchenko: If that is what is necessary. Though it may not come to that. Sacrifices must be made. This is how victory is achieved. I hope that's not a conscious I'm hearing, Peck.

Peck: No, no, just thinking about the consequences of my actions. No issue here.

Kravchenko: There is something I have been wondering. Where did you come up with such a clever concept for that containment chamber?
Peck: What do you mean? That's the culmination of my life's work.
Kravchenko: Come now, all your best work is stolen, Peck. Be honest: was it Jager?
Peck: Uh... yep! You caught me red-handed. It was Jager.

Kravchenko: are still lying to me. Who was it? What are you hiding from me?

Kravchenko: How could you be so stupid --- so arrogant?
Peck: Okay, I know this looks bad, but you gotta believe me, I didn't realize he, it, was that thing. The Forsaken. It was Zykov! ...He said he was my friend.

Kravchenko: He wormed his way into your brain -- just as he did with Valentina.

Kravchenko: Gorev! Jager! Where are you! They are not responding.
Peck: Yeah, gee! I wonder why! They probably took one look at that thing and decided to get the fuck out of here.
Kravchenko: They would never abandon me.
Peck: Colonel, we cannot. Stay. Here.

Kravchenko: We are not leaving. Not without the creature.

Kravchenko: Gorev! I need reinforcements!
Peck: Face it, Colonel. They left us here to die. We need to leave.
Kravchenko: You still do not get it, do you? That creature is our last chance of saving the Soviet Union, and salvaging our careers.
Peck: Salvaging our careers??? What, are you afraid they'll demote you and cart you off to Afghanistan??? We're going to fucking die, you absolute lunatic! I'm getting out of here. But first, I'm helping Requiem kill that thing.
Kravchenko: If you do that, you are finished.

Peck: Blow it out your ass. I was finished when you took my better eye.

Jager and Gorev

The second radio features Jager and Gorev. It can be found on the Bar Rooftop. The fourth, fifth and sixth audio pieces can only be activated once Pyrrhic Victory has been started and will override the prior radios if they haven't been listened to.

Hugo Jager: Any word from Kravchenko?
Gorev: Nothing yet, impatient man. Rest assured: the moment he calls, we will be wings up and en route to collect the containment chamber.
Jager: Ugh, I do wish they'd hurry. Sitting here in this hind is so bad for mein back.

Gorev: Perhaps you should go for a quick walk. Stretch your legs so my fist is "not so bad" for your face.

Gorev: You have received confirmation from the facility team in Moscow?
Jager: Ja, I told them to expect our arrival in the morning. They will meet us at the airfield.
Gorev: Peck says the containment chamber is protected by an Aetherium seal. Once the Forsaken is inside, it will be unable to escape.

Jager: How fortunate we are that Peck's work has never ended in catastrophic failure.

Gorev: So, you still do not think it will work: their plan to capture the creature?
Jager: If we were in an ideal world, it would be successful. However, we are in the Eastern bloc. So. Should their plan fail, I trust we are still aligned?
Gorev: Kravchenko has yet to see reason. I am not interested in being his "patsy", or taking the blame for his failure.

Jager: Then we should prepare ourselves for either eventuality. Whether it be Omega's victory, or... well, the bad ending.

Jager: What was that? Did you hear that?
Gorev: That was an explosion. At the complex.
Jager: Ohhhh Scheisse.

Gorev: Put that helmet on. I'm taking us airborne.

Jager: Mein Gott. If that is what I think it is... things have gone very poorly.
Gorev: It would seem that your prediction was correct. That is the Forsaken -- noticeably absent from his cage.
Kravchenko: Gorev! Jager! Where are you?

Jager: Wait -- do not answer. Not yet.

Gorev: I must respond, Jager.
Jager: I think not, mein freund.
Kravchenko: Gorev! I need reinforcements!
Jager: Listen to me. Answering makes us part of this. As it stands right now, we could be back at the base, oblivious to what has transpired here.
Gorev: Ahh... I see. Maybe the Phase consumed the complex. Communications went down, eh?

Jager: Exactly. Let the failure fall down to him. And him alone. I think it's time we made our exit.


The third radio features Sergei Ravenov. It can be found in the Staging Area. The fourth, fifth and sixth audio pieces can only be activated once Pyrrhic Victory has been started and will override the prior radios if they haven't been listened to.

Sergei Ravenov: This is it, Requiem. The day of reckoning. Today we wipe the name Omega from the history books and we begin anew, building a better tomorrow and for our children to look back on with favor -- not regret. I have you to thank for that.

Ravenov: The road here has not been an easy one. After disposing of the Aetherium Warheads, I was disavowed by the KGB. Then the incident with the Omega agents saw me blacklisted by the CIA. But despite being abandoned, I persevered. Do you know why? Because I believed in Agent Maxis. This is bigger than East and West. This is about doing the right thing. For the good of us all.

Ravenov: Zykov. He is a man of the people. A man who wants what's best. How do I know this? Because he sacrificed everything for his country. You cannot let Kravchenko and Peck get their hands on him. They are the poison rotting the heart of the Motherland, and they will poison him too. You must protect him.

Ravenov: So, Zykov is the Forsaken. What I would give to see the look on Kravchenko and Peck's faces. I guarantee at least one of them has soiled themselves. My money's on Peck. It is a fitting fate, is it not? Their eagerness and arrogance being their downfall. Bah! Good riddance.

Ravenov: It sounds like your day is just getting started, da? Hopefully, you are ready for a real fight -- I imagine the Forsaken will put on a decent show! If you are wondering why I am not more concerned, look at who I am talking to. Outpost 25. Ruka. Monument Island. Berlin. My friend, if I can be so bold, can anything kill you? How are you still alive? At first, I thought you had Soviet blood in you, but now I wonder if it is your exposure to the Dark Aether. Perhaps like Agent Maxis, Aetherium blood flows through your veins!

Ravenov: Agent Maxis. You must aid her fight. She carries a heavy burden. She tries her best not to let others see it, but I know that look in her eyes. The fear. The uncertainty. The doubt. Right now she holds back the evil alone, but she will be unable to hold it forever. She is strong, but stronger when raised up by those around her. Her allies. Her friends. I made a deal. To free her from captivity. We must grant her that. We must grant her peace.

The Forsaken

The fourth radio (taking the form of an Aetherium Crystal) features the Forsaken. It can be found in the amplifier, and can only be activated once Pyrrhic Victory has been started.

Forsaken: I have awaited this day. At eternity has transpired since my arrival in the Dark Aether -- the freedom is liberating. The smell. So long have I ruled over my realm, that I had forgotten it -- do you know what it is? It is your world, a world untainted, ripe for my consumption. The smell of conquest.

Forsaken: Despite my manipulation and deception, I was Kazimir Zykov. I am what remains of the man forced to fight for his survival against unimaginable horrors for centuries. He could have curled up and died, like every human before him -- but he was determined to endure. When Zykov was asked to deactivate the machine, he knew it was a death sentence. Yet he did it anyway. Do you know why? He believed in something greater. That his actions would make a difference. He was fighting in the war to end all wars -- this was his chance to ensure that the world would find peace. But then he watched from the Dark Aether as his world grew more divided than ever. Sides became entrenched in new ideals, refusing to bargain or negotiate. The opportunity for world peace wasted.

Forsaken: Throughout the centuries he conquered and evolved, watching as his homeland continued to wage conflict after conflict. Each new decade brought a new battleground. Instead of ending war, war seemed never-ending. Humanity had squandered their chance at peace. In his eyes, they did not deserve it. If the Earth insisted on chaos, then he would instill order. His order. My order.

Forsaken: So I plotted my return. Valentina was first. So willing was she to believe the masquerade, to hold out hope that her father still lived. After years of manipulating, I achieved my first victory -- I convinced her to re-activate the Endstation cyclotron. But the portal was not stable enough for me to return. We needed a more powerful machine. She almost succeeded in Berlin. Until you intervened.

Forsaken: Peck proved easier to coerce, Valentina needed her father to motivate her -- all Peck needed was his ego stroked. He was more than willing to do what was required, all he wanted was the glory. It truly is amazing. All it takes is the smallest amount of manipulation and your species will believe anything, provided it makes you feel safe and warm. You don't fear the truth, you fear being wrong. Fact and fiction is irrelevant, what matters to you is making it suit your ideology.

Forsaken: Then there's you - the loyal soldiers. You and I have been together since Endstation. You made me curious -- you were more competent than the rest. You simply would not die. I even decided to help you -- I gave you a fighting chance. Machines, perks, Power-Ups -- what could you achieve with these tools at your disposal? You did not disappoint me. For a while, I was entertained. But all good things must come to an end. As the old Dark Aether saying goes, "you're all out of rabbits". Do you know what that means? It means no more escapes. This time, no one gets out alive. Bye-bye.


  • Peck asking Kravchenko if he's afraid he'll be carted off to Afghanistan is a reference to the Call of Duty: Black Ops II mission Old Wounds, where Kravchenko is the main antagonist.