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Can you just add your name to join a group?03:27, August 11, 2018MBåt
More than one user id?14:57, March 12, 2017Crazy sam10
Which Assault Rifle w/ Perks?11:09, July 23, 2016Dx2215
Call of Duty 3: song playing on the radio during the training mission18:17, July 22, 2015110.55.2.158
Who creates the content uploaded to the CoD Wiki YouTube account?07:56, July 16, 201598.248.19.149
Infected and std13:38, January 21, 2015RainingPain17
Signature HTML01:55, September 20, 2014Legos-Rule-15
Mini games01:55, September 20, 2014Legos-Rule-15
What license should a game company logo from Wikipedia use?12:17, August 14, 2014RisingSun2013
How do i make a signature with a picture and all that?16:55, August 11, 2014Legos-Rule-15
What videos are OK to use?20:23, August 9, 2014RisingSun2013
MW2 hack fix01:00, June 14, 2014RisingSun2013
Final Project- Gaming Communities02:39, May 18, 2014Legos-Rule-15
How Do You Breach in Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer?16:46, April 6, 2014RisingSun2013
I need friend codes for DS version of COD WAW!!!!!!00:08, August 9, 2013Crazy sam10
How to make good pictures for attachment or camoflauge pages?19:07, July 2, 2013MBåt
Anyone having trouble commenting?19:01, July 2, 2013MBåt
Cod4 Multiplayer Map Template11:25, June 28, 2013Neo Metal Silver
Why is Soap called "Soap"?11:29, June 10, 2013Neo Metal Silver
Help!13:36, June 3, 2013Neo Metal Silver
Get to blog space?10:38, June 2, 2013Neo Metal Silver
Main space?10:37, June 2, 2013Neo Metal Silver
How do you aim well in COD4?20:12, April 13, 2013Argorrath
I keep being seen !!!16:40, April 12, 2013Laagone
Emblem Help08:39, March 12, 2013Raven's wing
Zombie help06:36, December 28, 2012200.26.178.133
Signature 10102:50, December 17, 2012Crazy sam10
Can i submit a Userbox to the userbox page?02:49, December 17, 2012Crazy sam10
MW2 Class Suggestions?16:16, December 16, 2012MBåt
How to aim Rolling Thunder on PC16:16, December 16, 2012MBåt
Template:USERNAME16:13, December 16, 2012MBåt
WAW solo campaign problem16:11, December 16, 2012MBåt
I need help! Call of Duty Black Ops Problems12:54, December 16, 2012MBåt
Image Problem15:59, November 11, 2012MBåt
BO-Green Dot on Minimap15:56, November 11, 2012MBåt
Ninja (not pro)14:21, November 11, 2012MBåt
Picture licensing14:20, November 11, 2012MBåt
Tar-2114:09, November 11, 2012MBåt
Waving13:52, November 11, 2012MBåt
RenderBUG?19:32, November 10, 2012MBåt
References19:32, November 10, 2012MBåt
Perk bottle power up: Six perks?19:31, November 10, 2012MBåt
Nuke Icon Help19:31, November 10, 2012MBåt
Moon easter egg, Shangri-la and CotD19:31, November 10, 2012MBåt
Help First strike is not working for me19:29, November 10, 2012MBåt
Editing problem19:29, November 10, 2012MBåt
Can I play split screen while on PSN...19:23, November 10, 2012MBåt
Ninja Pro (Black Ops)19:03, November 10, 2012BonBot
Zombie Multiplayer19:03, November 10, 2012BonBot
Throwing knife MW219:03, November 10, 2012BonBot
Grip in WaW19:03, November 10, 2012BonBot
I can't use Killstreaks in Combat Training!19:03, November 10, 2012BonBot
Call of Duty: Black Ops XP Bar?19:03, November 10, 2012BonBot
How much CoD points do you start with in BO MP?19:03, November 10, 2012BonBot
Dragunov15:25, November 10, 2012MBåt
Why dont i have a My page15:21, November 10, 2012MBåt
More Activity people!!!09:14, October 30, 2012Neo Metal Silver
Splitscreen hack questions18:15, October 21, 2012Icecreambot
How can I get the Intervention title and emblem?18:03, October 21, 2012Icecreambot
I have a problem with modern warfare 314:53, September 8, 2012Neo Metal Silver
Topright icon issues19:20, September 5, 2012Neo Metal Silver
How do i message people18:45, September 5, 2012Neo Metal Silver
Nickname for MW2 multiplayer16:26, September 2, 2012Neo Metal Silver
10th prestige and or infection lobbies03:13, September 1, 2012Neo Metal Silver
Help me prestige plz!!03:03, September 1, 2012Neo Metal Silver
Commenting trouble13:45, July 6, 2012Sgt. S.S.
MP/SP?05:25, June 27, 2012URL
Is the prestige hack for combat training still working?(21/12/10)00:19, May 18, 2012Cpl.Bohater
How to be better at COD Black Ops?06:10, May 17, 2012M D N S
Stuff got deleted22:00, May 10, 2012Cpl.Bohater
Weapons location in Kino Der Toten21:54, May 9, 2012Cpl.Bohater
How to use Sandbox Feature on COD wiki?03:15, May 6, 2012KATANAGOD
My new edits...22:37, May 5, 2012Cpl.Bohater
Whats the best sniper set-up in cod4?18:54, May 4, 2012Cpl.Bohater
Userboxes list00:00, May 4, 2012Cpl.Bohater
Are police civilians since they are in a civilian agency???06:54, May 3, 2012KATANAGOD
M.O.A.B. aftereffects00:00, May 1, 2012Noob tub3r
Trouble with searching03:23, April 30, 2012Poketape
Ps3 hacked23:08, April 10, 2012URL
Better Sniper14:56, April 10, 2012URL
Zombies for PC ?16:07, April 8, 2012URL
Courtyards map for ps316:00, April 8, 2012URL
Problem with Call of Duty 2 game16:33, March 22, 2012Carbonite 0
Mw3 hosts17:23, February 25, 2012Poketape
Help with "New Messages" banner21:26, January 26, 2012Sgt. S.S.
How do you add a profile pic07:07, January 22, 2012Chiafriend12
Spray stuff12:31, December 20, 201190.190.172.85
Clan Tags - MW202:21, December 14, 2011Poketape
Changing avatars12:12, November 6, 2011Sgt. S.S.
So i got the presidge edition of Black Ops, so i have to pay again for FOUR maps i own, just to get one more? (moon)08:29, September 12, 2011Eltomo85
Wikia loading problems17:17, September 6, 2011Raven's wing
Moon EE question22:10, August 30, 2011Ready4war
How to make a userbox?20:27, July 21, 2011Sgt. Collins
Pack-a-punch idea22:55, July 18, 2011Eltomo85
Call of duty mw mobilized help with survival mode21:58, June 25, 2011BengalMan81
How to make the character bio thingy19:07, June 20, 2011Eltomo85
I Cant Edit Anything....(I am new )02:43, June 20, 2011Drkdragonz66
How do you get a countdown clock?00:11, June 12, 2011Cpl.Bohater
Cant see pictures19:36, June 3, 2011Hisshe69
How to make custom sig with colors and everything15:38, May 15, 2011Callofduty4
How to make the profile pic bigger15:27, May 15, 2011GINJA-NINJA!
Wierd text changes to editing14:07, May 8, 2011Eltomo85
FAL vs. SCAR (re: Stopping Power)20:18, April 22, 2011JSBot
Template trouble21:16, March 21, 2011Smuff
Making a template?21:43, March 17, 2011XxGodOfPwnxX
Accolades information20:20, January 13, 2011TheKnightOfOyashiro
Playercards19:20, January 10, 2011Eltomo85
Black Ops Theater bug14:34, January 5, 2011Eltomo85
ACOG scope lighting21:28, January 2, 2011Smuff
Confused with the infobox (How to put one in)20:14, January 2, 2011Azuris
Call Of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Best Custom Classes22:19, December 28, 2010Eltomo85
Images/warning@file.iwi23:30, December 27, 2010Kerri Amber
How to nominate featured articles04:12, December 16, 2010Azuris
Can you transfer cod points14:17, November 24, 2010Slowrider7
Please help, can't join games on Black Ops!07:03, November 22, 2010Gershtoot
4 Original Zombie Maps on PC18:20, November 14, 2010Peeshmail
When will Black ops arrive at my mailbox?03:20, November 9, 2010SpetSnAZ CM
Moving pictures and creating a page22:01, November 5, 2010Kai.hind
ACR site should be locked imiedantly its being destroyed10:20, October 29, 2010Rambo362
Glass floating03:17, October 29, 2010WouldYouKindly
HELP ME PLEASE19:43, October 25, 2010Rambo362
Black Ops Promo Pack18:01, October 10, 2010A Lonely Nomad
How to restore radar to full size06:28, October 3, 201080.162.65.74
Attachments =/= MP44?22:57, September 29, 2010Killerkitten
Best Classes06:38, September 27, 2010Jackson234
Care Package06:13, September 27, 2010Jackson234
Silencer reduces recoil?01:07, September 16, 2010Momo28
Explosive Class11:28, September 13, 2010LITE992
Signature Problem23:51, September 11, 2010Duckcall00
Stopping Power + FMJ23:35, September 11, 2010TNT LotLP
Signatures03:51, September 9, 2010Rambo362
Spinning Skull Emblem Confirmed!!03:42, September 9, 2010Rambo362
Help hacked server f*ed my game17:25, September 8, 201080.144.48.165
Lobby merging problem23:49, September 7, 2010Rambo362
Akimbo Ranger or Akimbo Model 188722:10, September 7, 2010Imrlybord7
Gigaware game controller with PC22:01, September 7, 2010Rambo362
IRC isn't connecting21:56, September 7, 2010Rambo362
Level 70 bug?21:43, September 7, 2010Rambo362
M16 or famas08:09, August 27, 2010Yquem1
Killstreak10:55, August 21, 2010Ukimies
Knife + invention = kill00:38, August 12, 2010Austin Power Man
How to install a certain patch00:13, August 11, 2010Vanx12
How to use model 1887 unpatched in splitscreen for ps3?19:24, August 9, 2010173.66.45.19
Userboxes list...02:16, August 8, 2010Munchable901
How to delete patches on mw218:11, August 7, 2010Vanx12
Amm-O-Matic location on Der Riese14:48, August 6, 201091.149.50.59
Call of duty mw mobilized getting survival mode after cheating16:04, August 3, 201095.34.191.229
Spec ops14:01, August 3, 2010Smallbutmighty7
Never been to Rust.06:05, August 3, 2010Seijana
How do you know if you are the host in MW2?14:53, July 31, 2010Zretar
Corrupted splitscreen files21:18, July 23, 2010173.66.45.19
Sayingings for each team befor team deathmatch starts20:34, July 22, 2010TheManUtdFan
Intervention or barrett .50cal23:06, July 19, 2010SkullRod
Train track spot on Storm18:50, July 12, 2010X-ern
Problem with callsigns in hardcore00:54, July 6, 2010Happy Boy
Image Copyright...?08:36, July 3, 2010SiPlus
Blacklisted Sites15:55, June 28, 2010The-Dreamcaster
Nuke Defect02:14, June 28, 2010CoDMaster
Museum16:05, June 26, 2010Kerri Amber
Mini-map04:27, June 22, 2010Nlmgr
IRC Channel02:17, June 8, 2010Juan Jose Rodriguez
Need help updating pages.01:40, June 8, 2010Stigma-231
Any patch notes?11:38, June 7, 201086.20.226.34
How do I check how many kills I have with a single weapon? (mw2)08:43, June 7, 2010Twincircuits
Barret .50cal stats need fix23:26, June 5, 2010Cpl. Dunn
Scope reflection problems for Call of Duty 4 missions03:54, June 1, 2010Obi-Wan Kenobody
Silenced M9 in MW2 still not patched?23:15, May 27, 2010Imrlybord7
Does Deep Impact Affect Sniper Rifles?19:24, May 25, 2010*SNIPER*
Start up screen15:16, May 18, 2010Kerri Amber
COD WaW help!!!01:07, May 18, 201071.143.231.96
Hack-server21:46, May 15, 2010Raven's wing
Nuke help23:27, May 12, 2010Rastakahn
Cliffhanger question15:49, May 5, 2010Ukimies
Trigger Finger Fal/Mod???00:52, April 27, 2010LITE992
How do you copy use boxes20:55, April 26, 2010Lucan07
Shout out box help!00:16, April 23, 2010Reflexsoldier88
CoD4 Weapon Stats Clarification17:22, April 21, 2010Callofduty4
Hi17:19, April 21, 2010Callofduty4
Machine Pistol Max Range?05:32, April 3, 2010Uncle Jimbo13
New Map Pack Help14:48, March 30, 2010Jakemantle6969
Nuke Help02:33, March 28, 2010Squelliot
Not getting titles00:28, March 25, 2010Icepacks
Ultimate sacrifice challenge21:21, March 24, 2010Jewsif
Dictator and others questions15:50, March 20, 2010Callofduty4
Carrying over multiplayer profiles20:29, March 17, 2010E.TALE
Switching kill streaks18:56, March 16, 2010213.238.99.67
Gold Weapons in MW217:54, March 16, 2010Herbalise
Call of Duty 2 error - Anyone figured this out???23:32, March 15, 2010SaintofLosAngelesXD(m)
Modern Warfare 2 Kill Streak question10:23, March 12, 2010212.178.156.42
Ouch, this is going to hurt the fans...12:58, March 9, 2010213.64.186.205
How to vote on the articles for deletion23:38, March 4, 2010Slowrider7
Didnt Earn Title?18:22, March 4, 2010The prospects
Final Fronts Page HELP!17:19, February 21, 2010SpeedStarTMQ
Spawn line map overviews?12:37, February 20, 2010Welsh dazzler
Help getting a tractical nuke12:31, February 19, 2010Herbalise
Sponsorship?22:46, February 18, 2010Andrewroxman
Signature02:40, February 18, 2010Usyflad10
One Man Army glitch: Fixed?06:02, February 13, 2010Uncle Jimbo13
Call of Duty Wikia MALWARE?02:55, February 12, 201069.76.6.32
Lucky 7 call sign00:31, February 10, 201076.89.121.90
MVP Assassin Title04:45, February 7, 201074.47.217.23
Name of the conflict in Call of Duty 418:59, February 3, 2010SpeedStarTMQ
Stinger callsign ?13:23, February 2, 2010Herbalise
MP and SP02:43, February 1, 2010MixMasterKai
2011/201623:50, January 30, 2010LITE992
Why dosnt infinity ward replace the rpg-7 with the rpg-3200:31, January 30, 201024.255.171.220
Ps3 gamepad17:58, January 27, 2010Callofduty4
Challenge "Ouch"19:31, January 22, 2010IPwnNoobz
Beat IW's best time on "The Pit"01:30, January 21, 2010Uncle Jimbo13
RE: Weapon Stats19:14, January 19, 2010137.240.136.74
Is it a glitch/exploit?18:00, January 18, 2010Bovell
Shotgun attachments02:12, January 18, 2010Uncle Jimbo13
How can I get a picture in my signature?11:53, January 10, 2010Corporal Morgan
Prestige Challenges16:57, January 9, 2010Callofduty4
MW2 C130 FLIR Polarity17:03, January 5, 2010Imrlybord7
How to beat Juggernauts in High Explosives on Veteran13:47, January 1, 201093.103.185.126
Prestige & Attachments07:52, December 17, 2009FloridaBulldawg
Conter-UAV07:30, December 16, 200981.23.121.186
Modern warfare 2 can't pick up intel03:42, December 11, 2009Gregl 85
Global Thermal Nuclear War should be Global Thermonuclear War21:26, December 5, 2009PSK12
CoD MW moblies multiplayer05:26, December 5, 2009Shadow of the Dave
Save game in MW202:25, December 4, 2009QDance
When/how can i edit the emblem/callsign page?18:31, December 3, 2009Nizmojoe
How to get Animal emblems?22:49, December 1, 200976.241.119.254
Can 2 peole play together12:52, November 29, 2009Icepacks
OK, need some clarification here.03:30, November 28, 2009LW556DCJ
ERROR 1305 DURING INSTALLATION12:46, November 27, 2009123.203.21.175
More help with emblems!11:40, November 26, 2009Spydymanx
Multi player health16:07, November 21, 2009Icepacks
Help with Emblems01:50, November 20, 200996.50.245.108
How do you add an Article for Deletion template on this Wiki?23:51, November 4, 2009Hk37
Userboxes06:05, October 29, 2009Chiafriend12
Where would i add MW2 achivements12:35, October 28, 2009Rs4life07
Zombie Strength Question08:42, October 18, 2009Ebon Shadowshot
How come my edit count isn't going up?20:52, September 12, 2009Bovell
Where do I find my PC Screenshots?23:51, September 11, 2009SaintofLosAngelesXD(m)
Ammo articles?01:56, September 11, 2009SaintofLosAngelesXD(m)
Online screen info?19:38, September 3, 2009Cpl. Wilding
What IS ads, anyway?01:05, September 2, 200971.188.130.97
Does anyone have specific data on how move speed is changed by weapons12:47, August 30, 2009Bovell
Cod waw pc installation05:49, August 21, 2009Rs4life07
Satchel Charges and Bazooka damage18:17, August 17, 2009Akyoyo
I made a wiki, can i get some help with it?06:54, August 2, 2009Outlaw 2-5
Shi no numa theme23:52, July 30, 2009TruelyTwisted
Can't get shi no numa to work!02:40, July 6, 2009Creepydude
Zombies Wall Glitch?16:29, June 29, 2009VenganceF3
Founder?03:11, June 24, 2009CirChris
What Happened?17:09, June 19, 2009Rs4life07
Third person code00:28, June 14, 2009121.45.130.44
Looking for suggestions19:12, May 22, 2009Bovell
The "Spraying " method with SMGs03:02, May 5, 2009Bignicky9
Something wrong with Call of Duty United Offensive game00:55, April 14, 2009Obi-Wan Kenobody
Sonic boom16:35, April 11, 2009Darkman 4
Question about Sgt. Doyle23:21, April 8, 2009Obi-Wan Kenobody
HELP, the radio doesn't work, pressing 9 & the A01:52, April 4, 200967.85.71.76
Dutch Resistance article03:08, March 11, 2009Obi-Wan Kenobody
Alien guns01:52, March 11, 2009Maccy Man
Need Assistance With Page Moving17:55, March 4, 2009Creepydude
When playing COD 2 on X-Box 360, my console crashes while loading the 3rd level. Is this problem known to anyone, is my game defect? My console did an update when I put the disc in for the first time..18:48, January 30, 2009Chiafriend12
Perks, weapons and outfits question13:36, January 11, 2009Jake4fun
Can i make a costem class offline in cod waw08:09, January 1, 2009Shadow of the Dave
Definition of "Active User?"06:59, December 31, 2008Creepydude
Can i get ray gun in campaign??02:53, December 18, 2008Joeyaa
Reliable Source?20:41, December 13, 2008Creepydude
Stopping Power and Damage?16:39, December 12, 2008Creepydude
How do you add multiple names for the same page?05:37, December 5, 2008Creepydude
How do you add to tables?11:38, August 15, 2008Chiafriend12
Getting past first level23:33, July 17, 2008Jhorner13
Any one able to cover E3 2008?02:15, July 17, 2008Jhorner13
How long before I can edit the Main Page?14:08, July 6, 2008HeadShot
Does anyone know how to destroy ZPU? commands and rifle dont work.03:42, January 5, 2008Clavix2
Please hhelp on call of duty 4 xbl!!!00:12, January 3, 2008Sgt Kelly
Welcome to the help desk16:31, September 25, 2006Default