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Recently I got and downloaded the Vengance DLC Pack. I was wondering, is the Ray Gun Mark II better or worse than the Mark I? Someone can answer this but this thread is for all things about the Ray Gun Mark II. Also, please give the stats. I want to know them. Thanks!


I think the Ray Gun Mark II is a good weapon and better that the original Ray gun, but i don't know if it's to Over Power or what, because with the Ray Gun Mark II, the Paralazier, The juggernog and the PhD perma perk it's almost imposible to get down and if you can't get down it kind of losee it's point. Now back with the Ray Gun Mark II, it's a good weapon but it's to power full for the zombie mode, only with that gun you can reach the higher rounds in a matter of minutes, and Pack-a-Punched is almost a one shot kil after the round 20-30, anyway it's way better than the original Ray Gun(forgive my grama, i'm from another country)

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