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"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the war room!"
President Merkin Muffley

The War Room is a place where members of our community can discuss larger changes to the wiki, such as policy proposal or suggestions to substantially redesign high-traffic content pages. As this page is viewed by a large number and variety of editors, you can expect a fair and centralised discussion. Broadly construed, if the community would be interested in the topic, start it here. Even if a discussion is taking place elsewhere, it is appropriate to announce that discussion here as well.

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Stickied threads

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Active threads
Retirement of Socials21:57, 23 June 2024BBGDylan
Separating Primis/Ultimis/etc for Zombie characters21:53, 23 June 2024BBGDylan
Wiki Revamp19:07, 15 February 2024Ultimate94ninja
Separate CODM from Pre-Existing Characters07:09, 28 January 2024RisingSun2013
Proposal to merge AUG and AUG A3 pages01:37, 14 October 2022Jasonwebb1
CDL Table Main Page addition - March 202121:53, 5 April 2021Kiriria
Faction pages with multiple game series13:57, 24 January 2021Medlone

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Archived threads
Editing older level pages12:35, 24 June 2024CommanderVain
A suggested mention to the Polina Petrova wiki page.18:08, 30 March 2024CommanderVain
Ghosts Weapon images16:12, 26 March 2024CommanderVain
CoD:G personalization articles16:03, 26 March 2024CommanderVain
Merge Vivian Harris WWII and Vivian Harris NZ23:45, 3 January 2024CommanderVain
Merge Avogadro (Mobile) with Cornelius Pernell23:45, 3 January 2024CommanderVain
Overhaul of the WWII Nazi Zombies characters pages18:40, 7 December 2023CommanderVain
Treyarch and Infinity Ward timelines11:16, 13 February 2023Kalinine
Discussion regarding transcripts05:33, 3 January 2023CommanderVain
Disambiguation Cleanup13:34, 19 July 2022Prof. Sugarcube
The Holy Pistol's Name11:30, 19 July 2022Prof. Sugarcube
A (very minor) addition to the character infobox10:53, 18 July 2022Prof. Sugarcube
Adding Animated .gif Images to Article Galleries01:57, 16 July 2022Prof. Sugarcube
Proposal: Article Title Policy03:04, 10 July 2022Prof. Sugarcube
Discussion: Granularity01:35, 10 July 2022Prof. Sugarcube
Zombies Timeline07:38, 9 July 2022Prof. Sugarcube
Parent Filter07:20, 30 June 2022SlyAceZeta
Naming Policy15:47, 29 June 2022Prof. Sugarcube
Cut top right icon14:15, 27 June 2022Prof. Sugarcube
Naming pages13:53, 27 June 2022Prof. Sugarcube
Archive07:02, 26 June 2022Prof. Sugarcube
The definition of cut10:22, 22 April 2022Prof. Sugarcube
Portable Infoboxes (2017)05:37, 22 August 2021Prof. Sugarcube
Character categories on user pages...05:34, 22 August 2021Prof. Sugarcube
Awards: CoD MW3 DS11:50, 5 August 2021Prof. Sugarcube
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