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Wonder Weapon ideas15:24, April 26, 2019EthasReaper7
Least favourite single player character and why?13:25, April 26, 2019Laagone
Spoken languages during multiplayer11:29, April 26, 2019Laagone
Perkaholics03:05, February 22, 2019ScarletTwig
Could my BLOG be deleted? Or have "uranium" spelled correctly?06:25, February 20, 2019SpecialOperationsTrooper
There're Insurrectionists in Halo. I never gave up being a snake- get some!06:18, February 20, 2019SpecialOperationsTrooper
How do you add references to an article?10:29, November 24, 2018Ultimate94ninja
Black Ops 4 weapon specifications22:15, November 1, 2018Ultimate94ninja
Black ops 1 or 2 or 3 Easter Eggs12:20, October 14, 2018Laagone
Ripped off04:32, October 1, 2018Crazy sam10
Ideas for MW316:51, July 4, 2018Dx2215
Zombies map ideas16:38, March 13, 2018LevelUp4You
What Extinction upgrades should I get next?23:33, January 24, 2018Didikins
Game Mode Gameplay Videos21:25, November 15, 2017Ultimate94ninja
Zombies Perk-a-cola ideas00:00, October 22, 2017TheRealFox64
Call of Duty (2003) marketing campaign20:14, August 28, 201797.95.168.108
I've been hacked in COD BO2 multiplayer19:13, July 8, 2017Crazy sam10
Non-Zombie Pack a Punch Ideas22:58, July 2, 2017PowerPiranha666
Zombies characters pages?16:34, June 26, 2017SteveHeist
The Official Game Requests Thread01:38, June 20, 2017SteveHeist
(Community) Custom, Personalized Zombies Quotes23:53, June 19, 2017Conqueror of all Zombies
Free Cod Points?11:39, June 14, 2017Crazy sam10
Info about multiplayer:)15:50, June 3, 2017Crazy sam10
Makarov was working with Shephard/U.S. MIC?19:51, January 19, 2017ScarletTwig
Reyes promotion to Cmdr.20:28, December 13, 2016131.123.61.1

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Discussion: New Commenting System08:38, June 20, 2018Ultimate94ninja
Black Ops Wii Players...07:21, November 21, 2016Capt. Miller
Hardest campaign missions21:55, October 28, 2015RisingSun2013
Black Ops III Rewards21:53, October 28, 2015RisingSun2013
Ads in the Articles19:44, July 10, 2014Ultimate94ninja
Socialism vs. Capitalism20:14, November 25, 2012Callofduty4
Dafuq? deleted for "trolling"02:41, July 15, 2012Cpl.Bohater
Northern Ireland for next COD?13:20, May 30, 2012Laagone
Can i use emblems 47-56 and 58-65 on MW304:27, May 30, 2012KATANAGOD
Brony Resistance04:22, May 30, 2012KATANAGOD
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