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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile

For the Call of Duty Online character, see Foxtrot.

"Having joined Ghost's anti-terror strike force after the events of five years ago, Foxtrot was initially eager to work alongside the legendary soldier. But the Ghost she knew was not the Ghost of legend. He was cold, apparently driven by some deep internal struggle, and it cost the life of her best friend."
— In-game biography

Foxtrot is a character featured in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added in the game on February 26, 2022, during Season 2: Task Force 141 as part of the Rogue Revenge Draw[1]. Foxtrot also appears in the Comics.


Foxtrot is shown to be working with Cipher to seemingly take down Ghost & his UAC operators. When Ghost exits the building which blows up, she is about to shoot him until she sees him carrying an unconscious Cipher.

As the operators then whisk him away, she follows close behind. Upon arrivng at the hospital Cipher is taken to, she attacks the doctors, promising to not kill them if they do as she says. When suited agents arrive to collect Cipher, Foxtrot disguises herself as a nurse & gives Cipher another dose of anaesthesia, promising to “fix this”. She then allows the agents to take Cipher away, while she follows closely behind.

Later on, she is shown to have followed them to Morocco. She attacks Phantom who is about to attack the UAC convoy with a SMRS, making him miss his shot. After some banter between them, they engage in battle. She quickly tackles Phantom and throws him off the slope, but Ghost arrives, and points his gun at her after subduing Phantom. Foxtrot surrenders, and offers to talk. As she returns with Ghost and Farah, she is shown to have past acquaintance with Captain Price. When Price asks Foxtrot what she is doing inthe middle of the desert, she reveals that Cipher is her brother.

While exfiltration via chopper, Foxtrot tells Price about her story. She and Cipher grew up in a military family; their father being a strict, and often abusive man. Young Foxtrot always tried to shield her brother from him, until she herself had it one day, and left home. Some time later, she heard that Cipher had gone missing, and started looking for him.