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Foy's church in the middle of the town.

Foy, Belgium is a city in Belgium that was recaptured by the 101st Airborne Division during World War II as part of the Battle of the Bulge, and featured as a multiplayer map and a campaign mission in Call of Duty: United Offensive.

It has a town surrounded by an open area, one side, across a frozen river lies a default spawn point which has two Jeeps, three Panzer tanks and two Flak 88 guns. Part of this spawn are two other bunkers with a tank and a jeep each, neither of which have Flak 88's. There is one bridge from that spawn that leads to the main road which cuts through the middle of town passing the church. On the other side of the map there is another base, it is actually more like several bases in a single teams spawn until the opposing team might have captured part of it. There are three bases, the first has a house with bazookas in it, a barn and a house. It has two jeeps, three Sherman Tanks and two Flak 88 artillery guns. The other one, in the middle of the other bases, has one Sherman tank and a bunker that leads underground. The last has a jeep, two Shermans and a Flak gun covering their right flank of the town. The town itself is map up of different buildings, there are two holes in the roof of TRP 14 which oversees most of the main road, the church, several TRP's and the spawn with three bases. Behind the church there is a secondary road with buildings on each side, it leads to the right flanking bunker with the Flak gun, two tanks and a jeep.

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