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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII

"Saint Michael. Patron saint of soldiers. He's had my back since Kasserine. Zussman, three times in ten seconds, and he's all yours."
— Frank Aiello

Technician Fifth Grade Frank Aiello is one of the supporting protagonists in Call of Duty: WWII. A Kasserine veteran, he can supply the player with smoke grenades that are used to call in a mortar strikes.

He is a machine gunner and a North African Campaign veteran of the 1st Infantry Division who fought alongside with Lt. Joseph Turner and former Lt. William Pierson. He seems to have a racial bias towards African-American soldiers, especially Howard. He later apologies for his rudeness and racist remarks towards Howard during The Rhine.


Frank Aiello was born in Queens, New York and as stated by Daniels, is the oldest of the youth in the platoon. Aiello fought at the Battle of Kasserine Pass, losing his best friends because William Pierson's decision to disobey orders. After the battle, Aiello collected a Saint Michael pendant necklace, stating it's had his back since Kasserine, but loses it in a knife game bet to Zussman in D-Day.


Aiello is first seen as a Technician Fifth Grade in the campaign D-Day with Stiles, Daniels, and Zussman before the briefing. He was described by Daniels as the vet because of his involvement on the Kasserine Pass. He is later seen in the Higgins Boat and advanced through the seawall. In the Battle of the Bulge, he is seen being biased against African-Americans, by stating rude comments like "I can't believe they let 'em fight." when introducing Howard to Daniels. In addition, "You can't expect us to go out there with him." and "This world's gone topsy-turvy" when Pierson tells him to go follow Howard and help protect him. He later apologies for his rudeness and racist remarks towards Howard during The Rhine.


After the war's end, Aiello speaks with Daniels and Stiles one last time before returning home to Queens.


"Aiello's the vet, but being honest, he's what ma woulda called 'a bit of a rube'."
— Red on Aiello.

Aiello is competent, always having a pessimistic view on the group's situation, but is a skilled soldier. He showed himself to often agree with Pierson's attitude, notably agreeing that saving the German civilians was pointless, this viewpoint changes after Turner's death. In addition, he showed himself to be racist, mocking Zussman's Jewish heritage after losing his Saint Michael necklace, and being surprised that the army let African-Americans fight. Later in the game, he apologizes at the end of "The Rhine" once he sees Howard in action, and shakes his hand as a show of respect.