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For other characters of a similar name, see Frank and Łukasz Kolwalski.

Captain Frank Kowalski is an American soldier in Call of Duty: Finest Hour, likely to be in command of Able Company.

He is first heard on the radio talking to Sgt. Rivers at the end of "Come Out Fighting", telling him that Tillet, Belgium is too heavily fortified to take, unaware that Rivers had just taken it.

He is also in the level "Into the Heartland", where he orders Lt. Walker and his squad to capture a bridge, threatening anyone who does not advance to face execution for treason on the spot. He, and all the others taking the bridge, capture it with no casualties. Soon afterward, columns of tanks drove over the bridge on their way to Berlin.

Quotes Edit

  • "Sergeant, don't go into that town, its too hot in there!"
  • (Explosives on the bridge are detonated, but it still stands.) "See that, the bridge is still standin'. Now get out there before they try it again, or I'll execute you for treason myself!"
  • "Lieutenant, we can't get our tanks over the bridge with that big hole in the way! Get your men out there and capture this bridge before the Germans before the Germans blow it up! That's a direct order, do it or I'll shoot you for treason myself!"

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