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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

" I-I can’t explain it- how they got the materials. But I brought them to you."
— Franz Kraus to Anton Volkov.

Franz Kraus was an Ex-Stasi agent before becoming an information courier for the mob whom he works for and under the mafia boss Anton Volkov and is a minor antagonist featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.


Early Life

Kraus grew up in Dresden before relocating to Paris for a decade after graduation. Apparently, his chief aspiration was to make a respected name for himself, which is what eventually led to his recruitment by the Stasi, but during that period MI6 believes Kraus first became involved in organized crime. In 1972, he returned to Germany, where he has remained ever since, falling further into darkness.

From what MI6 has gathered, Franz Kraus is one of Anton Volkov’s key pawns in East Berlin, Kraus lives and works close to the Wall, often passing back and forth between East and West Berlin. Presumably he is Volkov’s chief courier of information and cash.

Franz Kraus has been under the microscope of MI6 for two years, ever since an agent recorded him during surveillance of Leon “Six Fingers” Dubray. The focus of attention immediately changed from Dubray to Kraus.

Franz would later marry a woman named Edda, and the two had a son named Wilhelm. Kraus also kept a ledger that held dates and locations of Vadim Rudnik's sleeper agents, and kept the ledger hidden in his apartment.

Brick in the Wall

Kraus is first seen being searched by a Stasi officer, and is seen entering the bar to await for Volkov. However, Kraus was informed that he was followed, and returned to his apartment and awaited for Volkov to call him. Volkov told Kraus to meet him at his hideout, and to bring the briefcase with him. Kraus captured "Bell" after finding them planting a tracker into his suitcase and brought them and Greta Keller to Volkov where he interrogated Bell. If Lukas Richter is alive, Kraus will tell Volkov that Richter ratted out Greta to them. Kraus was later killed by Russell Adler after the CIA ambushed Volkov's hideout, being shot from behind during his attempt to escape form the area.