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Fregata Industries is a "front" shipping company that supplied the chemical bombs used by the Inner Circle on October 6th, 2016. Fregata is mentioned in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


Prelude to World War IIIEdit

Fregata Industries was originally under the command of Alejandro Rojas,[1] who used the company as a front to protect his black market weapons dealings. When Rojas was left to die on the streets on August 13th, 2016 by a group of Task Force 141 members, Volk had taken control of Fregata Industries and their assets.

October 6th Terrorist AttacksEdit

In association with Vladimir Makarov and the Inner Circle, Volk decided to use the company to transport chemical weapons to many places, including Sierra Leone, Morocco, Spain, Cairo, Damascus, Tripoli and Algiers. Some of the chemical weapons Fregata helped transport were used in the terrorist attacks on October 6th, 2016, which took place in Paris, London and Berlin, among other places. Three days after the attacks, Volk was captured in France by the Delta Force in conjunction wth the GIGN



  • It is implied that it is a Czech firm as Price says in the "Eye of the Storm" cutscene "I'm en route to their European HQ." Also, the Fregata logos on the shipping crates in "Return To Sender" also show that they originate from Prague.
  • Fregata means Frigate in Czech and refers to the frigate bird.
  • The R and the E in Fregata is backwards.
  • On the Ghosts map, Freight, Fregata Industries can be seen on some shipment containers, albeit with a different label.


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