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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
"Force all enemies in the area to target you for 10 seconds. Armor takes all damage during this time."
— In-game description

Frenzied Guard is a Field Upgrade featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies that was released with the Season Two content update. When triggered, it makes zombies target the user for a brief period, during which only Armor will take damage.


Like all Field Upgrades in Zombies, Frenzied Guard can be upgraded using Aetherium Crystals.

  • Upgrade I: Activation repairs your armor to full.
  • Upgrade II: Enemies you kill repair 10% of your armor.
  • Upgrade III: Normal enemies explode after hitting you.
  • Upgrade IV: Increase duration to 15 seconds.
  • Upgrade V: Normal enemies are slowed to speed walk while active.