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From the Shadows is an achievement/trophy in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It requires the player to spot the Shadow Man five times in one game in Shadows of Evil. This can also be unlocked automatically by completing all rituals and earning the The Beginning of the End achievement/trophy.


  1. In Easy Street (Spawn Room) the Shadow Man can be seen on top of balcony used to get into Nero's ritual spot.
  2. After completing Nero's ritual he can be spotted behind one of the many windows looking up to the sky.
  3. Behind a red curtain on the second floor of the Ruby Rabbit.
  4. Inside the boxing ring in the Waterfront District.
  5. On top of the boat by the docks right after the player completes Jack's ritual.
  6. In the entrance of the Black Lace Burlesque building in the Footlight District.
  7. On top the kiosk outside the Black Lace Burlesque after doing the ritual there.



  • In the map The Giant (released with Shadows of Evil), upon falling to the Revive state, Takeo may say the following: "From the shadows, I can almost hear him... whispering to me.". This is a repeated theme that shows the Shadowman works "from the shadows" to influence characters.
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