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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

"Shit! Shit! Help! Aaaaccckk!"
— Pvt. Fulsang moments before he dies from Nova 6 poisoning.

Private Fulsang was a CIA Special Agent, and a member of Alpha Squad, that served with Jason Hudson and Grigori Weaver during the assault of Rebirth Island. When the BTR-60 he was traveling in was hit by a rocket fired from an Mi-8 Hip helicopter, he was thrown onto the ground and one of several canisters containing Nova 6 dropped from the helicopter landed next to him. Because of this, he was unable to put on his gas mask before inhaling the gas, but managed to pull himself to his feet and stagger several meters before collapsing and dying.



  • Due to the necrotic effects of Nova 6 not being present on the Wii, he appears to be completely healthy when he dies.
  • His eyes are red even before the Nova 6 is released.
  • If his corpse is examined after he dies, it is possible that he will still be breathing as the mouth open and closes with the gas coming out/in
  • His death can be seen on the screens in the interrogation room when the player selects Zombies.
  • Even when he is lying on the ground, if the player aims the cross-hair at him, his name appears as if he was still alive.
  • Although it is always Fulsang who dies on "Rebirth", subtitles simply call him 'US Marine'.
  • The player cannot find Fulsang's AUG once it has dropped.
  • It is impossible to shoot and kill him, although bullet wounds will appear.