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"She's ready comrades, let's go!"
— Sgt. Belinki

Sergeant Fyodor Belinki (Russian: Фёдор Белинки) is a character in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.


As Major Badanov's Tank mechanic, he is first seen in the campaign mission "Defend the Factory" where he is hit by an enemy machine gun. Belinki is also seen fixing the tank in the beginning of the next mission, "Breakdown". He is later seen in the mission protecting General Leonov's headquarters. Belinki is last seen in the raid on the German radio post at the end of Operation Little Saturn. He can die here, unless the player kill all the Germans in both the front room and the halls of the radio station.

Trivia Edit

  • Even if Fyodor dies, he is still seen behind Badanov in the ending cutscene.
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