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"Semi-auto gauss rifle that fires electromagnetically propelled bullets. Aiming down sights charges the weapon to fire a more powerful shot at max charge."
— Description

The G-Rail is an assault rifle added to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on July 25th, 2017. It is the only semi-automatic base variant assault rifle in the game.


The G-Rail is a rather powerful weapon, killing in 2 shots out to a long distance and sporting a decent firecap to help offset its semi-auto configuration. 

However, it has sub-assault rifle handling, being between the assault rifles and LMGs. The G-Rail also requires significantly more finesse to use effectively than most other assault rifles, potentially leaving it easily outgunned against other weapons in close to mid range. An offset to these drawbacks is that it can actually 1-shot kill enemies when fully charged while aiming down the sights, greatly increasing its mid to long range effectiveness, although no "1 shot, 1 kill" medal is awarded for such a task.

Some G-Rail variants convert the G-Rail into a burst weapon, while others convert it to being fully-automatic.


"4-round burst, auto-fire, gauss rifle. Aiming down sights charges the weapon to fire more powerful bullets at max charge."
— Description of the G-Rail - v4 Fusillade


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