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The G-Strike is a tactical grenade and wonder weapon obtainable in the zombies map Origins. It is an upgraded version of the Monkey Bomb and when activated attracts zombies and becomes the target of a single napalm missile, however, if there is a Giant Robot on the map, the robot will fire several more missiles at the target. Once the player completes Step 3 of the main easter egg, should a G-Strike be placed when all three Giant Robots are on the map, all three will fire on the designated target, causing massive damage to the gathered zombies. If the G-Strike is thrown in a roofed or enclosed area, the Hall of the Ancients or the Crazy Place for example, the zombies will not be blown up. 

Steps[edit | edit source]

  • To get it the player must go to the tank station and collect one of the four stone tablets, every player that wants G-Strike will have to cleanse a stone of their own. The stones can be found on a table in the Tank Station.
  • For the next step, the player needs to insert his tablet into the basin in the church and kill 20 zombies with melee weapons near it.
  • After killing 20 zombies, the tablet can be picked up from the basin. They must then be returned to the table in the tank station without stepping in mud. If the player steps in mud, they must return to the church and place the tablet in water, and take it out, kills do not need to be redone.
  • After the tablet has been placed in the tank station, 20 more zombies must then be killed near them still using melee attacks. The G-Strike will then appear once the appropriate amount of zombies have been killed. If all of them have been used a Max Ammo will replenish them. If the player happens to die, or trade them in for monkey bombs, it is possible to get them back from the Mystery Box.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon obtaining it, the player's character will sometimes say a quote from buying a wall weapon.
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