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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
For a similarly named machine pistol, see G18.

The G11 is a three-round burst assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Call of Duty: Black Ops


The G11 appears in only available in the level "Numbers", where Dr. Clarke can be seen using it, however, while the player fires the G11 in three-round bursts, Clarke's seems to be fully automatic. Throughout Hong Kong, there are several G11s hidden both with and without the Low Power Scope in the multiple weapon caches Clarke has put around the city in fear of a Spetsnaz invasion.


The G11 is a classified assault rifle, meaning one has to buy every other assault rifle in order to unlock the weapon.

The G11 is a low damage per bullet assault rifle. At any range short of 37.5 meters, the G11 will deal 35 damage per bullet, needing three shots to kill. Damage linearly decreases until fifty meters. At any range past fifty meters, the G11 will deal 25 damage per bullet, needing four shots to kill. The G11 is incapable of a two hit kill to the head, but headshots can make the G11 a three hit kill at any range. The G11's three hit kill range stops at 39 meters, and the G11 is a one shot kill in Hardcore out to roughly 43 meters. The G11's damage and range is far inferior to that of the M16, the other three round burst assault rifle. Still, the G11's three hit kill range is solid.

The G11 is a burst fire assault rifle, and it has an extremely fast rate of fire within the burst. Within each three round burst, the G11 will fire at 1250 RPM. However, after each burst is a mandatory delay before another burst can be fired. Said burst is noticeably long, and limits the G11's total rate of fire overall, limiting the G11 to just 523 RPM. This is much faster than the M16, but is a poor fire rate overall.

The G11 is one of the most accurate weapons in Call of Duty history. The G11 has extremely clean iron sights, incredibly similar to the ones used on the Famas. The recoil per shot is also ludicrously small. The G11 has the lowest recoil per shot of any assault rifle. The recoil tends up and to the right. The recoil value kicking to the left is extremely small, and the G11's vertical recoil value is tiny, with only the Skorpion having less upwards recoil in Black Ops. The G11's acccuracy is further enhanced with a centerspeed of 1700, the largest value of all the assault rifles. The G11 has a rare combination of a very large centerspeed and extremely low recoil per shot. Even through the G11's fire rate in the burst is 1250 RPM, the sights remain dead on target, and the burst delay gives the G11 enough pause for the centerspeed to return the G11's aim to normal before the next burst can be fired.

The G11's handling characteristics are hit-or-miss for an assault rifle. The G11 has the standard aim down sight time of 250 milliseconds. The G11 allows users to move at 95% of the base speed, but the strafe speed is a sluggish 40%. The G11 has the best hip-fire accuracy out of all the assault rifles, having identical hip-fire accuracy to an SMG. The G11's reloads are some of the slowest in-tier. The G11's reload animation takes 2.7 seconds to perform, but extends severely to 3.85 seconds when performing an empty reload. In both cases, the user can Reload Cancel after 2 seconds. The G11 is tied with the FN FAL for the second slowest reload speed in the assault rifle class, with the Galil being the only assault rifle that is slower to reload. The G11's reloads are lengthy, but the burst fire limitation makes reloading less frequent.

The G11 easily has the largest default magazine capacity in its class. The G11 has an enormous 48 round magazine. This is the second largest default magazine capacity in the game, with only the M60 having a larger capacity before attachments are considered. The Galil can barely surpass this capacity when using Extended Mags, and all magazine-fed LMGs need Extended Mags to surpass the G11 as well. The large default magazine capacity grants the G11 an extremely large starting ammo loadout of 192 rounds. This is the second largest starting ammo loadout possible on a weapon, with only the M60 and the Galil with Dual Mags surpassing this ammo loadout. The large capacity makes reloads much less frequent, meaning that the user does not need to use Sleight of Hand, since reloads are far and few between. The extremely large starting ammo loadout also makes Scavenger completely unnecessary, as the G11 not only has a ton of ammo to work with, but is efficient with said ammo.

The G11 has an extremely limited and unique attachment selection available, as the G11 has none of the attachments that other assault rifles can access. The G11 has access to two attachments: the Low Power Scope and the Variable Zoom Scope.

As both attachments available are scopes, the G11's iron sights are the only close quarters sight picture available to the G11 that don't block elements of the user's HUD or the user's peripheral vision. The G11's iron sights also don't have the significantly increased idle sway that either scope provides, nor does the G11's iron sights make the aim down sight time longer, like the scopes do. The G11's iron sights are the most accurate, practical, and versatile sight option available to the G11. It is extremely common to not see scopes of any kind being used by G11 users, seeing how both of the scopes come with notable penalties.

The Low Power Scope is unique to the G11. The Low Power Scope uses a unique Lambda reticle. The Low-Power Scope comes with several disadvantages, as it significantly increases the idle sway amount, increases idle sway speed, blocks peripheral vision (although the user can still somewhat see peripheral vision, as it's not pitch black outside of the scope), and extends the aim down sight time to 300 milliseconds. The idle sway cannot be steadied. Unlike many other long range attachments in Black Ops Multiplayer, the Low Power Scope does not worsen the centerspeed, so the G11 maintains next to no recoil. The Low Power Scope proivdes the same magnificantion on target as the low zoom option on the Variable Zoom Scope. The Low Power Scope is bundled with tons of downsides, and worst of all, badly compromises the G11's almost perfect accuracy. It shouldn't be used under any circumstances.

The Variable Zoom Scope is available to the G11, making the G11 the only non-Sniper Rifle that can use this attachment in Black Ops. The Variable Zoom provides three zoom levels which can be used to get an extremely close view on distant targets. It's more versatile than the Low Power Scope since the idle sway can be steadied, and the Variable Zoom Scope has three zoom levels, with the lowest zoom level matching the Low Power Scope's innate zoom level. The Variable Zoom Scope has 50% faster idle sway speed compared to the Low Power Scope, making the idle sway even more problematic. It's an upgrade over the Low Power Scope, but this attachment makes the G11 less effective overall since it has all the same disadvantages as the Low Power Scope. The Variable Zoom Scope works well when using the G11 at ranges where it is hard to see targets, but not only are sightlines where enemies are that far away few and far between in Multiplayer, but the G11 isn't well fit for combat at that range, since the G11 will regularly need more than one burst to kill at the ranges where the Variable Zoom Scope is most useful.

Seeing how the G11 can only use optical attachments, Warlord is useless on the G11, as the two scope attachments cannot be used together, and the scope attachments are generally not very useful anyway.



The G11 is available in every map, except Dead Ops Arcade, through the Mystery Box. It comes with a Low Power Scope by default.

The G11 is a fairly underpowered weapon in Zombies. The G11's strong suit it its accuracy, allowing the player to accurately take shots at zombies with its low recoil and the scope's low idle sway. However the G11 has a low damage per shot, and the G11 tends to become weak around round 15 as its low damage to the body can leave the player vulnerable in between bursts.

When Pack-A-Punched, it becomes the G115 Generator, which is a reference to Element 115. It becomes fully automatic and still features the Low Power Scope, but with no sway, also the reloads are sped up by half a second. Even when firing on full-auto at 1250 RPM, it still retains its low recoil making it more useful in close-quarter situations with its extremely high fire rate. Double Tap Root Beer is strongly inadvisable because ammo will run short within a round, but Speed Cola is a very good choice as the G115 Generator will burn through a lot of ammo and the reload time is relatively long.

G11 vs G115 Generator

G11 G115 Generator
G11 Low Power Scope BO.png G115 Generator BO.png
Damage 100-70 150-100
Multiplier head: x4
chest: x1
abdomen: x1
head: x5
chest x1
abdomen: x1
Fire mode 3-round burst Automatic
Rate of fire 1250 RPM per burst, 523 RPM overall 1250 RPM
Magazine size 48 48
Max ammo 144+48 288+48
Reload 2.7, 3.85 empty 2.7, 3.85 empty
Mobility Medium Medium
Extras Higher damage, more ammo, becomes fully automatic, has no sway.



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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

The G11 appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. It is almost the same as the console version except it does not have the Low Power Scope; only the Pack-a-Punched version of the weapon has it.


  • This weapon is the most expensive classified weapon to unlock, costing a total of CoD Points logo BO.svg14000 to unlock and CoD Points logo BO.svg2000 to purchase thereafter, making a total of CoD Points logo BO.svg16000.
  • The G11 has two spare magazines; however, they are unusable.
  • The Low Power Scope has no sway in the campaign; however, it does in multiplayer and Zombies (unless it is Pack-a-Punched).
  • Just above the G11's trigger, a "-45" is being pointed to by the fire selector.
  • On the G11's rear iron sight, the words "MP Folding Sight PN 04022009JW-P III-ARC Firearms" is visible.
    • III-ARC is a reference to 3arc, or Treyarch.
  • When used with the Low Power Scope, the camera does not move when ADS, but the scope itself does. The recoil profile and Center Speed remain the same.
  • In the Nintendo Wii version of the game, the G11 with the Low Power Scope does not seem to have a sway, like in Zombies.
  • In the Nintendo Wii version of the game, the burst appears to be as fast as the M16's.
  • With gold camo, the outside of the Low Power Scope is black, and the inside is gold.
  • When Ice Camo is equipped, there are black spots scattered around the side.