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*Also, in the very first trailer released for ''Black Ops'' when the man is talking and the dark room that the voice comes from and the man flatlines looks very similar to the gknova6 website after you have entered the password for transmission
*Also, in the very first trailer released for ''Black Ops'' when the man is talking and the dark room that the voice comes from and the man flatlines looks very similar to the gknova6 website after you have entered the password for transmission
*After entering the password for Transmission 6 at the GKNOVA6 website you can see a surveillance camera with a flashing light in the top right corner of the screen.
*After entering the password for Transmission 6 at the GKNOVA6 website you can see a surveillance camera with a flashing light in the top right corner of the screen.
*With the new update to the site ( there is now an age gate with Activision and Black Ops copyright info, confirming the relationship between the two beyond a doubt.

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A screenshot of the first version of

"Men have sought to make a world from their own conception and to draw from their own minds all the material which they employed."
— GKNOVA6, quoting Francis Bacon

GKNOVA6 is a viral website functioning as a promoter for the upcoming video game, Call of Duty: Black Ops.[1] The flash site consists of an old television with five vertical lights (for each "channel") and as of May 23, 2010, six are active. The site contains many references to the Cold War and nuclear weapons such as a photograph of John F. Kennedy delivering a speech about the Cuban Missile Crisis. GKNOVA6 may stand for Genesis Knights. It is very likely howerer that it stands for Geistes Kontrolle which translates to mind control.

Discovery of the site

In early April, an unmarked USB storage device was sent to several video game sites such as IGN[2] and Kotaku[3]. It contained a text file[4] with the following words:


The acronym of these words forms "CIPHER".

It also contained an audio file[5] in which a man says: "What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also." This is followed by a woman saying:

M O D [sound of 3 chimes] Z Z Z J N Q R Y D 3 F R P

The quote is from Julius Caesar. These suggest to use the Caesar cipher which consists in shifting each letter to Nth position after the original (N is fixed for each text) to encrypt it. In this case, the 3 sounds indicate that it has been shifted 3 times to encrypt it, so the letters must be shifted back 3 times in order to decrypt the code:

W W W G K N O V A 6 C O M

This code has been first decrypted by video game blog Joystiq[6].

When first visiting the site, another audio file will play. This file is exactly 1 minute and 15 seconds long, a possible reference to Element 115.


1st transmission

The male voice says: "Men have sought to make a world from their own conception and to draw from their own minds all the material which they employed." It is a quote from Francis Bacon followed by a female voice saying:

M O D [sound of 2 chimes]

Then both voices spell the letters "N O V A S I X" repeatedly (some letters are spelled by the man, and others by the woman but the scheme is irregular). "Hell is Purple" can eventually be heard.

Bacon's quote indicates that it has been encrypted using the Baconian cipher. Since this cipher is too complicated to be decrypted manually, "Hell is Purple" suggests to use the Internet site, Purple Hell featuring a tool for encrypting/decrypting Baconian ciphers. The cipher consists in replacing each letter of a plaintext by a group of five of the letters A or B. It must be considered that each letter spelled by the woman is A and each letter spelled by the man is B during the "N O V A S I X" scheme. There are two versions of the Baconian cipher: the two sounds after the M O D indicate to use the second version of Purple Hell's converter.


It points out that the site's update will occur during the second week of April. The 2nd transmission indeed came on April 9, 2010 during the second week of April.

2nd transmission

"On the Lower Rhine and in Westphalia he commanded for the League."
— GKNOVA6's male voice

M O D 1 9 6 9 – D U G B T R L R F M * G W O X A W D N S N O C * Y X N M

Count Gronsfeld is the person the man was talking about. So the code has been encrypted using the Gronsfeld cipher, a variant of the Vigenère cipher. 1 9 6 9 is the cipher key.

C L A S S I F I E D * A N N O U N C E M E N T * S O M D

Matt_Teddy on Twitter cracked the code, which he thought to be "CLASSIFIED ANNOUNCEMENT SOLD." It was later found out that it was actually "Classified Announcement SOMD."

This lead to, a website for Southern Maryland which is where the packages were sent from. The website is used for local news, event planning and community announcements. There was an announcement within this site pertaining to GKNOVA6, posted by a user named "Eve Reign." The posted announcement was a long and entirely lettered cipher:

Posted by: Eve Reign on Friday, 9 April 2010, at 3:20 p.m.
You can find me at the Cheeping River. It’s near the Cheering Viper.

Cheeping River and Cheering Viper are anagrams of Vigenere cipher. Using the word "SPUTNIK" as the passphrase for this cipher, MrToasty on decrypted it[7]:


When put into numbers, this decrypted code indicate five major locations during the Cold War:

  • 38.951796, -77.146586 – CIA Headquarters
  • 38.744281, -104.846806 – Cheyenne Mountain / NORAD
  • 32.943889, -106.419444 – White Sands (Missile Complex)
  • 38.89767, -77.03655 – White House
  • 55.751667, 37.617778 – Ivanovskaya ploshchad, Russian Federation (Kremlin)

3rd transmission

The 3rd transmission which came out on April 21, 2010.

"They used the earth's magnetic field X the information was gathered and transmitted."
— GKNOVA6's male voice

M O D [sound of 4 chimes] – 10 21 26 1 26 19 * 25 16 22 2 20 1 21 23 16 26 22 19 3

The quote is from the decrypted plaintext of the Kryptos sculpture's second part. It has been solved using a keyed Vigenère cipher[8] also known as Quagmire III.

"Nothing in life is to be feared it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more so that we may fear less."
Marie Curie

M O D 1 0 0 – [Tones follow at these frequencies in Hz] 200 800 1800 3200 2400 800 200 * 200 800 1800 3200 2100 900 200
"Outside of consciousness there lies the cold and alien world of actual things."
Heinrich Hertz

M O D Can’t you see the whole spectrum? - [Weird sounds repeated twice]
"-Kenneth what’s the frequency?
-Linear not algorithmic.
— GKNOVA6's male voice and Kenneth

The quote from Kryptos may first seem to suggest using the Quagmire III as the cipher following the previous transmissions. But this is only a misleading, and the 4 sounds after the M O D indicate the 4th tableau of the Kryptos' transcript.[9] The letters of the tableau's first line must be numbered:

N G H I J L M N Q U  V  W  X  Z  K  R  Y  P  T  O  S  A  B  C  D  E
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Then, each number spelled by the woman must be replaced by its associated letter from the tableau's first line:

U S E N E T * D R A G O N S B R E A T H

A Google search with the keywords "usenet", "dragonsbreath" and "nova six" leads to a thread within the conspiracy discussions of Google Group. A user named Nova Six posted the following:


I want this story told. This is the tip of the iceberg.

Tell All But Ultraviolet November.
Send All Relevant Items Now.
Situation Offers Many Appropriate Nights.
we’ll have a GAS.

The elements are in the sounds and words. Look and listen.

Tell All But Ultraviolet November. = TABUN
Send All Relevant Items Now. = SARIN
Situation Offers Many Appropriate Nights. = SOMAN

These are all nerve gases of the G-Series.

The first part of the transmission has been solved by Shizzire of the CoDz forum.[10]

For the Marie Curie code, MOD 100 stands for : divide by 100. Each frequency must indeed be divided by 100:

2 8 18 32 24 8 2 * 2 8 18 32 21 9 2

2 8 18 32 24 8 2 is the number of electrons per shell in Plutonium (Element: 94; Symbol: Pu; Discovered by Enrico Fermi).
2 8 18 32 21 9 2 is the number of electrons per shell in Uranium (Element: 92; Symbol: U; Discovered by Martin Heinrich Klaproth).

4th Transmission

A male voice is heard saying "Azure has the task." This is repeated three times.

If the temporal frequency is analyzed, the following words are found: Napoleon = d Karl = b.

The NOVA TRUTHSEEKERS group was updated with a new post from Nova Six:

Azure: Since you have provided us with this information, we give you
a new task, and see if you can deliver.

We are looking for a specific document, one that we would very much
like to find. This document is posted by someone who remains just out
of our reach…for now. We have
intercepted communications with a code
that we haven’t been able to crack. Post this document in a public
place, and we will correspond again in the future.
Transmission is as follows:

They came in a black helicopter to try and aid the dead president.
Even the cabal could not stop the spy.
An interesting Conspiracy, one the world would not soon forget, had
they ever known.

Searching the third line of the "transmission" revealed another Google group with a link to a download. The download required a password, which was found when another group started by the same user had the fourth line spell out with the first letter of each word, MASON. A document that was supposedly signed by John F. Kennedy (the blotted out signature looked nothing like his) was found in the download with the first letter of each sentence spelling out TREYARCH, confirming the developer's involvement in the viral site.[1]

Azure later posted the following in reply to Nova Six's post.

As Requested

The link leads to a picture of a top secret document from the White House posted by Azure and under it in text is what Azure deciphered from the picture. A Flickr user by the name of GKNova6 commented the following.

Well done. We will be in contact. EOM.

This document can be seen in the Uncut Reveal Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops which was released on May 18 at 8:30 pm EST.

5th Transmission

The 5th Transmission which came out on May 5th 2010.

The woman starts out the transmission by saying this:

M O D N S A M 55

By performing a spectral analysis upon the sound, following text can be found:

Subject: NOVA project -
We are on schedule thus far. Stability has be
however, are promising and yield results beyo
The remaining issues and action items are as
   a) Stability is still an issue - We are h
      - Stability Report No: NOVA.SR 2010032(This may be NOVA.88 2010032 or anything.)
      Testing with trial batches to derive th

Note that the text is cut from its rightmost side.

If this is shuffled around something like this shows up, apparently it all fits together perfectly:


Searching about NOVA.SR 2010032 doesn't yield any meaningful result yet, although 2010/(0)3/2 also appeared in the teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops, hinting that it may have some significance.

The rest of this document can be found here This was in a suitcase with a GK logo on it. It was given to CODZ.

Searching about nsam55 brings up a letter sent from JFK to the chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1961 (during the cold war). The letter is hard to read and is typed above the actual letter.

Full credit to Jurryaany for finding and decoding the letter

Jun 29 3 02 PM '61

							June 18, 1961

National Security Action Memorandum NO. 55

TO:		The Chairman, Joint Chiefs of staff
SUBJECT:	Relations of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the President 
		in Cold War Operations

	I wish to inform the Joint Chiefs of Staff as follows with regard
to my views of their relations to me in the Cold War Operations:

	a. I regard the Joint Chiefs of Staff as my principal military
advisor responsible both for initializing advice to me and for res-
ponding to requests for advice. I expect their advice to come to
me direct and unfiltered.

	b. The Joint Chiefs of Staff have a responsibility for the defence
of the nation in the Cold War similar in that which they have in con-
ventional hostilities. They should know the military and paramilitary
forces and recources available to the Department of Defence, varify their
readinace, report on their adaqaucy and make appropriate recommen-
dations for their expansion and improvement. I look to the Chiefs to
contribute dynamic and imaginative leadership in contributing to the
access of the military and paramilitary aspects of Cold War programs.

	c. I expect the Joint Chiefs of Staff to present the military view-
point in governmental councils in each way as to assure that the
military factors are clearly understood before decisions are reached.
When only the Chairman or a singe Chief is present, that officer 
must repesent the chiefs as a body, taking such paramilitary and
subsequent actions as may be necessary to assure that he does in 
fact represent the corporate judgement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

	d. While I look to the Chiefs to present the military factor with-
out reserve or hesitation, I regard them to be more than military men
and expect their help in fitting military ewquirements into the over-all
context of any situations, recognising that the most difficult problem in
Government is to combine all assets in a united, effective pattern.

cc: Secretary of Defence
    General Taylor

cc: Mrs. Lincoln
    Mr. Smith
    McG. Bundy*s file


6th transmission

Halfway Full

The full screen upon entering the password of Transmission 6.

The screen shows that a password is required to access the screen.

At the beginning of the transmission, a woman starts off by saying:


After that, she says letters that could be the possible password.


After reading the swf, it reads /(--FREEDOM)+-. It can be rearranged with the five three letter code resulting in TRD/(SRA-SRC-7)+DRB-IRE. Substituting identification numbers results in 1915032/(2010032-2010022-7)+0510032-0002036 and adds up to 1146340. 1146340 is the password for the screen. Upon entering the password, it shows the full screen of what appears to be a medical area. You can hear a man breathing heavily, some machines, and a EKG machine. Also, there are 3 television screens that cycle the same patter over and over again. When combined, the circles form the GK symbol.

PerdíElJuego of solved the message.[11][12]

World Premiere Trailer



The world premiere trailer contains references to the GKNOVA6 site, confirming once more that the latter is related to Call of Duty: Black Ops:

  • At 0:18, we find the same copy of the JFK signed document that has been given by Azure on the Google groups topic created by Nova Six.
  • At 0:19, a GK logo can be seen on a classified document.

GK briefcase


The GK case.

During the preview event of May 21, 2010, CoDz's administrator "carbonfibah" received a mysterious brief case with the GK logo.[13]

The contents of the briefcase can be found here:


Currently, on the website, all of the screens show clips of zombies moving about, along with running scientists, experiments, and soldiers firing. In the background, a zombie will walk by and attempt to break in. The number 47093 can be seen multiple times. It appears that the zombies have escaped and are now running unchecked in the facility. Also there is a red flashing light indicating a place wher there testing zombies.


  • Of the seven recipients of the packages, four had been to Treyarch Studios. Another had met with Josh Olin, Treyarch's community manager, a week before the packages were delivered. Additionally, Treyarch had asked carbonfibah, one of these five recipients, if his address was the same just before the delivery of the packages.[14]
  • It is rumored that the lights emitted by the TV at its bottom right say "C O D 7"[citation needed].
  • It was first thought that the game being promoted by the site was Fallout: New Vegas as its publisher Bethesda Softworks is located in the Maryland (the packages were sent from Southern Maryland), and because of the numerous references to nuclear weapons. But a community manager of the publisher confirmed on its official forum that the site is not related to any of their games.[15]
  • The domain is most likely registered by Activision as sites for Activision games hold the same Google Analytics Publisher ID.[16]
  • The packages were also sent to some "high-profile" Call of Duty community members such as the We Play Call of Duty blog[17] or CHEFS, an administrator on the official Call of Duty: World at War and Infinity Ward forums.[18]
  • If the second transmission is clicked, it will show a group of officials and a picture of J.F.K. on a television screen.
  • The configuration of the sound file in the USB device may be a reference to the numerous shortwave "numbers stations" that countries use to send coded messages to foreign agents.
  • The design of the television changed since the fifth transmission came out.
  • If you repeatedly press the same transmission button, the audio of that transmission will play the number of times you pressed it, and will play them all at once. All the transmissions will stop once you click a different one. Be careful to not press it too much times as your computer can get loading issues, or worse, freeze because of so much things going on all at once.
  • It appears that the site expands after Transmission 6 and may possibly expand further in the coming months.
  • The expanded site design, after typing in the password for the 6th Transmission, looks very similar to the medical room in the Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer.
  • Upon entering the password to expand your view of the room, you can now see 4 television screens total (one on the far left, the center one, a one on the right, than another on the far right). If you change the transmission, the screens will change. On transmission 1, the left tv changes to waves, seen on other screens in the room, the center shows the usual transmission, but the other 2 are left with snowy signal. This status stays the same for transmissions 1-5, but on transmission 6, 3 of the screens show the strange beam-looking lines, with each tv holding at least one particular image that isn't shown on the others, but the one on the far right will always be a snowy screen, for which ever transmission you choose.
  • On the screen at the bottom right of the center, the red dots look like they show "e3". This might be a reference to the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). the next expo will be from 15 to 17 June 2010.
  • If you search for NOVA 6 in Google Groups, you will get a variety of conspiracy-related articles. Many are connected to the JFK assassination.
  • After entering the password to Transmission to #6, change the transmission and look at the monitor above the center television (the one that looks like it transmits sounds from the center TV). While the television is entering the transmission, that monitor's sound waves should disappear for a second or two. At that time, the screen looks as if the reflection shows an outline of a face, with the light heading from the left. Of course, this is just speculation.
  • If one were to piece together the "beam-looking lines," it would resemble a symbol of sorts composed of the letters "G" and "K," where "K" makes up the center of the symbol and the center of the letter "G" (The logo on the classified document from the video at 0:19)
  • It is possible that the "person" is supposed to be an injured (or not) guy looking and reading the transmission, as you can see hands in front of you like a regular first person game
  • It is possible that the swirling atom in Transmission 1 is a reference to Group 935 of Nazi Zombies indicating the game might have a zombie mode indicating that some one got ahold of Group 935's research, or that the Zombies have escaped.
  • Also, in the very first trailer released for Black Ops when the man is talking and the dark room that the voice comes from and the man flatlines looks very similar to the gknova6 website after you have entered the password for transmission
  • After entering the password for Transmission 6 at the GKNOVA6 website you can see a surveillance camera with a flashing light in the top right corner of the screen.
  • With the new update to the site ( there is now an age gate with Activision and Black Ops copyright info, confirming the relationship between the two beyond a doubt.


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