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"You're right, Elias, I'm not a Ghost... I'm the man that hunts them, and sends them back to the other side!"
— Gabriel T. Rorke before killing his old friend

Commander Gabriel T. Rorke was the main antagonist in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Formerly the leader of the Ghosts, his last action as part of the organization was to lead a covert mission in Caracas to assassinate the Federation leader named General Diego Almagro, twelve years prior to the events of Call of Duty: Ghosts. During the mission, Lieutenant Elias T. Walker was forced to abandon Rorke when he was caught in the falling debris and pulled into a nearby river (Otherwise it would cost the life of the entire team). Rorke was captured and tortured by the Federation who eventually brainwashed him to their cause by drawing upon Rorke's resentment of Walker and the Ghosts for leaving him behind. He served as the Federation's ultimate weapon by hunting his former comrades down in order to clear the way for the Federation's takeover of the United States of America.


Military career

Rorke was commissioned as an officer in the United States Marine Corps through the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis by eventually making it into Force Reconnaissance. He would eventually rise to the rank of Captain.

Operation Sand Viper

In early 2005, the sixty men from the Tier One teams are deployed to protect a hospital and it's occupants from the five hundred enemy fighters. After three days of vicious fighting, the sixty men are cut down to 15. Among them are Elias Walker, Thomas Merrick, Keegan Russ, Alex V. Johnson and Gabriel T. Rorke. They decided to evacuate the occupants that are led by one of the remaining Tier One operators. The other fourteen returned to the line and stayed beneath the bodies of the fallen soldiers. When the enemies arrived, they fought with their weapons, their knives and their bare hands. The remaining soldiers attacked so fiercely and so quickly that they defeated their enemies. This led to the formation of Task Force: STALKER that was known unofficially as the Ghosts. Afterward, the remaining soldiers were placed under psychological evaluations in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Rorke was noted as having been unaffected from the traumatic experience as it gave him a purpose by making him much more focused and calm in combat. He was cleared for duty to lead Task Force: STALKER as the Captain of the Ghosts.

The Assassination of Diego Almagro

In Caracas, Venezuela, Federation General Diego Almagro declared an act of war on the United States by ordering every US-born citizen to either be killed or imprisoned. On July 8, 2015, Rorke, Lieutenant Elias Walker, Sergeant Thomas Merrick and Private Alex "Ajax" Johnson fought in Caracas alongside the U.S. Army and the USMC in an attempt to assassinate General Almagro. During the mission, Almagro destroyed the dam by flooding the city and killing the U.S. soldiers, civilians and his own men as an act of last resort. Rorke, Walker, Ajax and Merrick survived the flood. However, despite being advised by Merrick to fall back, Rorke kept going by vowing revenge for all of the American soldiers that Almagro killed. As they finally boarded Almagro's escape helicopter, the squad engaged in a fierce fight with the Federation soldiers including Almagro himself who Rorke managed to overpower as Elias killed him with his P226 pistol. As the helicopter crashed, Elias tried to save Rorke from falling off. However, because the helicopter was too damaged to carry all of them, Elias made what he would call his hardest decision. He dropped Rorke, and saved the others. Surprisingly, Rorke survived the fall and was captured by the Federation. They used extreme and exotic torture methods from an Amazon Tribe, which according to Elias, is divided into three stages involving breaking his body by feeding him foods mixed with poisons from exotic plants and then moves to his mind and soul. They successfully brainwashed Rorke into serving their cause and successfully turning him into a Ghost killer.

Torturing Ajax

Ten years after the ODIN strikes, while David "Hesh" WalkerLogan Walker, and Riley are on a reconnaissance mission ten miles north of San Diego, they spotted Rorke in a Federation division salvaging a crashed ODIN satellite near San Diego and holding Ajax captive. He sends Ajax to the "Firebase Charlie" where he is interrogated by the Federation soldiers and Rorke where he learned about the Ghosts' Las Vegas safehouse. When the Ghosts went in with guns blazing into the stadium to rescue Ajax, they arrived too late. Ajax succumbs to his wounds and dies. After his death, the Ghosts discovered Rorke's mission to kill the Ghosts and a hit list with all of the Ghosts' identities on the wall.

Federation Day

On June 15, 2027, Hesh, Logan, and Keegan are tasked with infiltrating a skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela during Federation Day and interrogate Victor Ramos who was a high-ranking officer in the Federation Science Division and obtain Rorke's location. After a stealthy infiltration and intense firefights inside and outside the skyscraper, they finally reached Ramos and obtained a laptop that was containing Rorke's location. Suddenly, Rorke appears on a television and taunts the Ghosts before detonating the explosive charges on the skyscraper, collapsing the building and forcing the Ghosts to parachute to safety as the skyscraper collapses in Downtown Caracas.

The Freeport

The Ghosts successfully hacked the laptop and on the next day, Elias sent a squadron of AH-64 Apaches in to clear the skies of anti-air batteries and enemy helicopters in the Freeport which was a floating industrial complex in the Campeche Oil Fields in the Gulf of Mexico. After intense fighting in the air, the squadron clears the way for the Ghosts to be inserted into the Freeport. They made their way through the complex, fighting against the squads of Federation soldiers before they finally reached the safehouse and successfully captured Rorke. On the next morning, while in a C-130 heading back to the United States, the Ghosts interrogated Rorke, demanding to know why the Federation is interested in the ODIN satellite crash in San Diego. Suddenly, a Federation plane attaches grappling hooks in mid-air and flips their plane upside down. The Federation paratroopers climbed in and extracted Rorke from the plane, but not before Rorke shows his admiration for Logan and tells him to join him with the Federation. He is extracted with the Federation as the Ghosts fell from the sky and into Yucatán in Federation-occupied Mexico.

Las Vegas

After discovering that the Federation reverse-engineered the wreckage of the ODIN Space Station, the Ghosts regrouped at a safehouse in Las Vegas while Keegan delivers his debrief to the Secretary of Defense at NORAD. As the Ghosts prepared, they are sedated by tear gas and captured by the Federation. Rorke begins to torture Elias by shooting Logan in the stomach with Elias and Hesh watching. As Rorke beats Elias, Logan breaks free from his binds and pulled his MP-443 Grach from his holster. However, Rorke twists his arm and forces him to shoot his father twice before meleeing Logan to the ground. Rorke shoots Elias three more times before throwing him to the ground. As Elias says goodbye to Logan, Rorke pins him and shoots Elias in the head, instantly killing him. Rorke doesn't leave Las Vegas before Keegan intervenes and rescues the Ghosts from the hands of the Federation. He alerts all of the Federation soldiers by saying "Merrick, Hesh, Logan, if you're listening....good luck."


The United States launched an offensive on the Federation, tasked with destroying a Federation satellite array in the Atacama Desert in Chile which would allow the U.S.A.F. to send a space shuttle to approach the Federation LOKI Space Station, take over the station and launch it's ordinance at the Federation targets. During the offensive, Hesh and Logan launched a missile to destroy the satellite array to allow Icarus Team to take over the LOKI Space Station. Afterward, they hopped on a supply train with Rorke onboard and fought their way through the train to kill Rorke. As the rods from the space station destroyed the Federation below, Hesh and Logan fought the Federation soldiers on top of the train fiercely, determined to kill Rorke. When they arrived at the engine, Hesh orders Merrick to destroy the train with the rods upon hearing the word "Checkmate". They breached the engine, but it explodes and propels Hesh and Logan into the locomotive where Logan grappels Rorke and kills the Federation soldiers with his .44 Magnum. As the train's momentum shifts, Rorke stuns Logan by headbutting him, punches him and grabs him, placing him in a choking headlock. He holds Logan hostage with the Magnum to his head in front of Hesh, forcing Hesh to drop his weapon. Rorke shoots Hesh in the stomach and prepares to kill the Ghosts. Hesh says "Checkmate" and the space station fires it's rods upon the train, derailing it and crashing it into the water below. As the train begins to sink, Hesh fought Rorke off while Logan grabs his .44 Magnum. Hesh throws him some bullets and Logan catches one and loads the revolver. With no other option, he shoots both Rorke and Hesh. The bullet punctures the windows and floods the locomotive. Logan grabs his brother and swims out of the train and he drags them both to the beach. They laid on the beach as Hesh calls for extraction from Merrick and watched the rest of the rods decimate the Federation fleet. As Hesh and Logan waited for rescue, Rorke appears and kicks Logan in the face. As Logan tries to stab him with its knife, Rorke easily overpowers him. He breaks his arm, swiped the knife away and punches him in the face, mortally wounding him. Rorke kicks Hesh away, knocking him down. After scolding him for ruining his plan, he shows his admiration for Logan's determination and spirit and vows to continue his mission to kill the Ghosts. Rorke grabs Logan's leg and starts to drag him away as Hesh desperately calls out to him, too injured to stop Rorke as he drags Logan away, capturing him. It is shown in the post-credits scene that Logan is in a pit in the Amazon, facing the same tortures that Rorke endured.


"You're right, Elias. I'm not a Ghost... I'm the man that hunts them, and sends them back to the other side."
— In "Sin City," just before killing Elias
"Look at what you did. [Rorke kicks Hesh] You're good. You would have been a hell of a Ghost. But that's not gonna happen. There ain't gonna be any Ghosts... We're gonna destroy them together."
— In "The Ghost Killer," his determination to brainwash at Logan before dragging him away
"Everyone breaks, Elias!"
— In "The Hunted," while being interrogated by Elias T. Walker
"Well, well. So nice you could join us."
— In "No Man's Land," as he meets Alex V. "Ajax" Johnson
"What, are you going to drop me, Lieutenant? Again?"
— In "The Hunted," when Elias threatens to throw him out of the plane
"Shit, son."
— In "The Ghost Killer," to Hesh just before LOKI fires its rods at the train
"You know our laws, son. You fail to protect your join them in death."
— From a Rorke file in Clockwork
"I am Gabriel Rorke. I have been trained by your Government to be a weapon. Trained to kill and destroy. All in the name of Liberty and Justice. Even surrender my very life in service to your country. But I am not one of you. The "Just" have turned their backs and become deaf to your cries. Who, then will show them justice? Who will show you the Liberty they have promised? The weapon they have created will be their undoing. But do not fear this. Do not fear me. It is only natural. Like the collapse of Rome, your cities will crumble and there will be great sorrow. But from the ashes of this diseased metropolis, a rebirth will occur. It will be paid for in blood and steel. Liberty must be restored. I am Gabriel Rorke, and I am here to show you the true meaning of justice."
— In a Rorke file found in The Ghost Killer
"What's the matter? You look like you've just seen a ghost."
— To Alex V. "Ajax" Johnson in No Man's Land

"Time to work, soldiers."
— In multiplayer

Audio Files

Interview with Gabriel Rorke.[1]

Call of Duty: Mobile

Rorke appears in Call of Duty: Mobile, introduced initially in the Season 13 Wint3r War Comics and later in the Season 5: In Deep Water returning with a playable character as part of the Battle Pass. [2]

Rorke is a member of the The Five Knights. According to Makarov, he is the one in charge of the mercenaries hired by them.

Rorke makes his official appearance in the Season 4 Spurned and Burned Battle pass comic, where he is revealed to have hired both Templar and Dame to set up an ambush for the UAC operators in Texas, consisting of Captain Price, Charly, Mace and Rosa, who are now tied up against pillars. He mocks Mace for working with the enemy and that he has picked the wrong one for the winning side. He then goes on further to state that this was a ploy to split up the UAC and that he already knows of Shepherd's location, and that he believes Price will tell him the location of the remaining UAC member: Adler. Price says that he's sick of the Five Knights, to which Rorke replies that he doesn't blame him as he's only in it for the money and doesn't know much about "Knight stuff". Price deduces that Rorke is a puppet, but he clearly doesn't care so long as there is cashflow.

Suddenly, Mace breaks the pipe he's chained to and attacks Rorke with it. After a while of wrestling with him, Rorke manages to take the pipe and knock down both Mace and Rosa who had also managed to free herself.

Having had enough of toying with them, Rorke draws his gun to Price's head and demands to know where Adler is, only for the latter to reveal himself. As Rorke mocks him for having to come to him so soon, Adler says that he's brought backup--together with an old friend. The old friend is revealed to be none other than Ghost himself, accompanied by the German Shepherd Riley. His arrival shocks everyone present, including Templar, as he says his famous line, "You can't kill a Ghost".

Ghost tells Templar they have a score to settle--so Templar responds by throwing his knife at Ghost, but the latter catches it and swivels it around his wrist before he throws it back, hitting Rorke in the arm. Ghost tells his fellow Ghosts to secure Rorke and the facility while he deals with Templar. Rorke makes a hasty escape with Dame covering her, not knowing that they're also being followed by Adler. Adler shoots at Rorke; the bullet grazes past Rorke's ear. He then orders Dame to take Adler out; Dame goes after Adler. Rorke manages to get into a chopper and fly away, but Price notes that the chopper in not a long distance one, so he must be heading for something near; revealed to be a ship. Rorke meets up with Vagr Modir and Hidora Kai. Modir scolds Rorke for giving her flawed intel as her fleet was decimated by the Ghosts. Rorke tells her that Adler introduced a new element and was playing cards close to his chest. He then informs Modir & Hidora that the Ghosts have found them already, as their ship comes under fire from the Ghosts’ ship as well as the UAC’s.

Rorke suggests dropping naval mines in their path to delay their pursuit. This plan succeeds, and Rorke’s ship manages to evade the UAC & Ghosts. Eventually the ship arrives in Panama, where Rorke intends to meet up with Rott, a local arms dealer. Hidora questions him why he is going there, but Rorke shoots him down saying that he’s not here to answer his questions and reminds him who freed him from the UAC’s grasp. Hidora accepts this but then expresses concern for the UAC pursuing them, but Rorke tells him to let them come anyway, as they won’t find the place as friendly as they do. As they disembark from the ship, he is greeted by Rott and his henchmen.

Some time later, Rorke is seen talking with Rott about Rosa and how he failed to stop her from leaking crucial information regarding their operations. Rorke says Rott was supposed to be competent, to which he replies that Rorke was supposed to be stealthy and not lead the UAC to him. Rorke shrugs off the irritation, saying that it doesn’t matter and that when they arrive, he won’t be around as he has gotten what he needed.

Templar then interrupts their conversation, asking Rorke what did he need. He replies that he needed someone who obeys orders & not ask questions they don’t need answers to. Templar then pulls out his throwing knives, ready to do battle.

Rott is quick to bail, claiming it’s not his fight, while Rorke, seeming to have anticipated Templar becoming ambitious, orders his henchmen to kill him. However, Dame had summoned the rest of the Dark Covenant, consisting of Dark Shepherd, Artery, Witch Doctor, Dark Rider & Stansfield, to join the fight as well. The group easily dispatches Rorke’s mercs, while remarking that they’ve been watching & waiting for the chance to strike.

Rorke attempts to fend them off, but finds himself overwhelmed, so he decides to exfil on his ship. However, Stansfield foils this plan, as he blows up the ship before Rorke can even board it, leaving him trapped with the Covenant.

Still unwilling to go down, Rorke brawls with Templar before the latter throws his knife into his chest. Rorke defiantly claims that he may not know who they are, but they won’t win as the world belongs to the Federation & the Five Knights, as he pulls the knife from his chest. Dame shrugs it off as mere arrogance and states that they are the Dark Covenant & that they’ve already won.

Rorke derides them for following the “zealots”, but Dame declares that they are the destined, true leaders of the world and it’s time for them to step out of the shadows. Rorke insults them saying them “cultists” aren’t destined for anything, before he provocatively asks if they’re going to kill him. The question ultimately results in his undoing, as Dame responds by slitting his throat, killing him.


Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Mobile


Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • Rorke appears prominently in the game's opening cutscene as one of the soldiers hiding among his fallen teammates, during which Elias recalls the origins of the Ghosts.
  • There are interview files of Rorke throughout the levels of the Call of Duty: Ghosts single-player campaign as collectible intel items.
  • Rorke appears as a DLC multiplayer skin that was released on March 4, 2014.
  • He is the announcer for the Federation in multiplayer.
  • In the Official Call of Duty Ghosts Reveal Trailer, the original character model for Rorke is that of an African-American man, much in relation to Sgt. Foley from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.