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The Game Engine is what controls many aspects of the game such as physics and graphics.

id Tech 3 EngineEdit

The id Tech 3 Engine is the first engine used by the series. Both the IW Engine and Treyarch NGL are based on it.

IW EngineEdit

The IW Engine is the game engine powering most of the Call of Duty series.

It is used by many games, including:

Treyarch NGLEdit

The Treyarch NGL engine was only used in two games before it was replaced by IW 3.0.

Asura EngineEdit

The Asura Engine is the engine used by THQ for only one game.

Unity EngineEdit

The Unity Engine is the engine used by Faceroll Games for their one game.

In-house engineEdit

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: WWII run on a custom in-house engine.[1]