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Game Over, Man! is the primary Easter Egg for the Exo Zombies map Outbreak from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, alongside being the name of the associated achievement and trophy. It requires the four survivors to alert the Atlas Corporation of their survival, while fending off hordes of beings turned by the Manticore bio-weapon.

Step 1: Recovering the Black Box[]

Black Box model AW

The Warbird's black box.

To start the Easter Egg, the Black Box of the downed Warbird needs to be obtained to gain the location of where the crash was. The Black Box itself has been knocked outside the Warbird and is now just outside the broken wreckage of the aircraft and the wall of the Facility. Interacting while near it will pick it up and cause the player character to remark that it is encrypted, making it nigh useless in its current state.

Step 2: Technically, The Warbird Is Dead[]

In order to decrypt the Black Box, a suitable computer that has clearance needs to be located. There is one within the Morgue that is still functioning, located between the 3D Printer location within the Morgue and the Power Generator. However, connecting the Black Box to the computer gives the rude realization that all four of the survivors need to upgrade their ID Badges to a much higher security clearance to decrypt the Black Box.

Step 3: Keys to Escape[]

In order to even upgrade their respective ID Badges for the security upgrades, each character needs to recover their respective ID. If a character is absent, any other can recover their ID Badge. Recovery of a ID Badge will also increment the Security Level of all players by one.

The Janitor, Oz[]

Oz ID Badge AWEZ

Oz's ID Badge is located within one of the Subject Quarantine Holding Cells in the Holding location. Within the main Sector 5 area, there are nine cells with two currently raised. Neither of these two hold the ID Badge, however the central one has a damaged piece of hydraulic coupling. This can be shot at by any weapon other than the Atlas 45 to eventually cause it to fall out of place. With the coupling out of place, all players in the match must perform an Exo Slam on the top of the central cell to eject the cell holding Oz's ID Badge. Interact with the cell door to collect it before the cell falls back into the flooring, requiring the central cell to be hit with another Exo Slam.

The Executive, Kahn[]

Khan ID Badge AWEZ

Kahn has his ID Badge locked behind the Administration Security barrier. However, due to the lack of Security personnel due to the Manticore Infected outbreak, the process requires a bit more checking in. Doing so requires waiting for a Host round and letting all players become infected by Hosts. Whilst Infected, keypads can be interacted with to allow access to the ID Badge. However if the the process is interrupted by a player purging the infection at the Decontamination Zone, all keypads will reset. Dependant on how many players are in the same lobby is also dependant on how many keypads must be pressed at the same time, a team of four must press all four at once while a team of two must press two buttons together. The buttons however do not have a set order in which they must be pressed and are located at:

  • Right of the Administration Security door, directly opposite of the Exo Medic station.
  • To the direct right of to Decontamination Zone, next to the set of double doors that are slightly ajar.
  • Down the hallway with the Trash Chute, against the blocked off Security doorway.
  • At the back of the Administration, above the "Executive Offices" signage. Only accessible with an Exoskeleton powered jump.
Keypad Khan ID AWEZ

The Keypad design.

In order to obtain Kahn's card, the player will have to get infected first. Once infected, there are four keypads next to closed doors that look like little black boxes with green lights on the walls that have to be pressed using the action button while infected. The green light will turn blue when activated and they must be done consecutively and without using the decontamination. In co-op, no players should use the decontamination while someone is turning the keypads on or else they will be reset. All players must also be infected and contribute for this step to work. If there is two players, both players must press two keypads. If there is four, all players must press on one keypad. They can be done in any order.

When all four have been pressed and remain green, the Security grate will open and reveal Kahn's ID Badge.

The I.T. Specialist, Lilith Swann[]

Lilith ID Badge AWEZ

Being that Lilith is I.T. rather than simply finding her old Badge, she decides to use the 3D Printer to instead make a new one. The 3D Printer must be utilized until the EM1 is obtained, as this is the only weapon that can affect the printer in such a fashion. Once an EM1 is obtained, the 3D Printer must be bought once more but rather than let it print the weapon, the player holding the EM1 must fire at the printing head, which will cause the process to be interrupted and the process swapped to the ID Badge of Lilith Swann. After it is done, it can be taken to allow the 3D Printer to restart operations like normal.

The Guard, Jim Decker[]

Decker ID Badge AWEZ

While Decker is adamant he wouldn't have let his ID Badge be thrown in the trash, yet it has somehow found its way into the Incinerator Room. Accessing the Incinerator Room requires overloading the Trash Chute, which changes depending on if the player is alone or with partners. A solo player can enter by purchasing a use of the Trash Chute but then instantly backing up, waiting for the Trash Chute to reset and re-purchasing it again. A team can have multiple people use multiple Trash Chutes at the same exact time.

The Badge itself is buried under the trash on the floor and can be disrupted by being shot at by any weapon. Weaponry that gain the Thermal Sight upgrade from the Upgrade Station, such as the Ameli, can see where the card is as it is highlighted by the thermal imaging. [source needed]

During this time, the compactor at the back will force the Incinerator area to become smaller and may even go over where the ID Badge is.

Step 4: Climbing The Corporate Ladder[]

With all four ID Badges, each survivor will now be stated at Security Level 4. Every survivor in the game must upgrade their respective cards to Security Level 49. Zombies will also now drop keycards which will level up the Security Level of the player that picked it up.

There are two separate endings which are split by how the zombies are killed in the process of getting Security Level 49.

Original Ending[]

Killing Zombies by any method until all players reach Security Level 49. With the new clearance level, return to the Morgue and to the computer system with the attached Black Box. Doing so and interacting with it will alert that the survivors "Have not checked in today". Each Survivor will need to locate their respective handprint scanner to "Check In" and upgrade their Security Level to 50.

The locations of the handprint scanners are:

  • Kahn - Across the other side of the hallway from the MP11 in the Administration.
  • Decker - In the back stairwell that is along the same wall of the trash chute in the Exo Testing Room.
  • Oz - On the wall next to a broken doorway, which is left of Exo Health in the Holding.
  • Lilith - In the Morgue, opposite of the entrance to the Exo Room.

With all ID Badges upgraded to Security Level 50, return to the Black Box station and insert the Badges into the console to allow An-G to start the sequence to call in rescue. As such, she requires you to grab an Exoskeleton from the Exo Testing Room, as such all players must interact with the Exo Station in a futile effort to wear a second Exoskeleton. However if done correctly, the instrumental section of Ride of the Valkyries, simply titled as "Ride" will start to play as the survivors start to exit the facility to the spawn area where they Warbird entering the area before it is taken down by an Orbital Care Package. Crashing the second Warbird and completing the achievement.

After this, returning to the Exo Training Room and not learning from the past, trying again to put on a third Exoskeleton, the formerly locked Upgrade Station will unlock. This one having the limit of Mark 25, rather than the standard of Mark 20.

Alternate Ending[]

The Alternate Ending can only be achieved by getting from Secuirity Level 4 to 49 by only picking up keycards from zombies killed by melee. If a keycard from a zombie killed by weaponry is picked up, the Original Ending is achieved instead.

Rather than the Warbird being hit by an Orbital Care Package, it will rather rescue the survivors and end the match. Completion of this ending will also reward the Golden Bus trophy within the Exo Zombies map Descent.



  • The name of the achievement is a reference to the famous improvised line from the Aliens, said by Bill Paxton.[1]
    • Kahn also will reference this in a down quote.
  • After the final step is completed, Ride of the Valkyries will start to play in a softer tone than if activated through its easter egg. The music will then cut off once the Warbird is shot down by the Orbital Care Package.