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The Gargoyle is an enemy in the Extinction maps Awakening and Exodus.

Description[edit | edit source]

Like the Bomber, it has the ability to fly. It possesses the ability to fire red crystalline 'bullets'. One is seen in the prologue, as it bites down the head of an American soldier to kill him.

The Gargoyle will get on the ground if the player shoots it in one of the wings, as shooting it in the wing is the vulnerable spot. It will sprint towards the player in an attempt to bite them, when not flying. Once the Gargoyle is killed, it will simply drop to the ground.

Similarly to the Mammoth, the Gargoyle cannot be turned into a friendly; the Hypno Knife will only stick onto its body.

Gargoyles appear in Exodus, and in much greater numbers. In the Prologue, one will crash through the plane that is transporting Samantha Cross, killing the Operator, and the man that threatened to kill her. It then proceeds to take out a camera recording this.

In the Epilogue, many Gargoyle corpses can be seen falling to the ground due to the radioactive blast the Medusa Device created.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The 20th Extinction prestige emblem features the Gargoyle.
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