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"We need to get the hell out of here, before it's too late!"
— Gary, in a radio message

Gary is a British explorer who found Shangri-La along with Brock, his superior. Unlike Brock, Gary seems seems to be much less knowledgeable about the horrors he faces.

Shangri-La radios show that at first, Brock and Gary get to Shangri-La and time travel to the eclipse phase, surrounded by zombies. Brock will leave a final recording after being trapped in the temple's structure, indicating that Gary is dead. In the radio he details that he has been trapped for several days and that the radio's battery is about to die. As zombies can be heard in the background, he attempts to share something he learnt about blood, only for the battery to fall short.

During the "Time travel will tell" easter egg, the Ultimis crew helps Brock and Gary escape Shangri-La and the zombies that surrounding them. In the Easter Egg, they are walked though the temple, where in each step Brock and Gary are saved by a different death in each step. Eventually the two find the altar holding the Focusing Stone. Brock attempted to remove it, only to be teleported along with Gary back to the very beginning when they found the temple. Thus, they are stuck put in a seemingly infinite time loop.

In the Agonia fracture, as detailed by a Zetsubou No Shima cipher, due to Primis temporal rifts caused in Gorod Krovi, Brock and Gary's private plane crashes in mountains as a result of a "freak atmospheric attempt". This comes after their announcement about the location of Shangri-La.

It is also known that Sally, George Romero’s assistant, is trapped with Brock and Gary in the same time loop in Shangri-La.


  • In Origins, as appears by the Zombie Blood power-up and its quotes, zombies cannot see someone covered by the blood. This could be the information that Brock tried to share in the radio, saving him from sharing the same fate as Gary.