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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"I think little dragon will be Nikolai's new best friend! Yes I do! Yes I do! Won't you little dragon? As long as he doesn't set Nikolai on fire..."
— Nikolai Belinski when taking out the Gauntlet of Siegfried

The Gauntlet of Siegfried is a weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on Gorod Krovi. It is a Dragon Whelp that sits on a Element 115 infused iron gauntlet, and both can be used in combat. It is used multiple times during the Easter Egg, Love and War.

Obtaining the Gauntlet[]

In the process to obtain this weapon, the Hatchery must be visited at least 3 times minimum, performing different tasks each time, listed below. Due to this, also see the process for obtaining the Dragon Wings. The player can multi-task acquiring both the Gauntlet and the Dragon Wings, as the latter requires the Gauntlet to be obtained.

The Gauntlet itself is hidden within the Trials tombstone (the bottom-most Trial) and requires players to acquire a Dragon Whelp. To get a fresh Whelp, a Dragon Egg must be obtained and taught the ways of hunting.

The only non-broken Dragon Egg remaining in the Hatchery is nestled above the sewer grate back to the Stalingrad square, shooting it will cause it to tumble down to the right side of the grate and allows it to be picked up.

With the Dragon Egg held, it needs to be placed on a nest to be bathed in dragon fire. The nests are located in places where the Dragons overhead can land to breath fire, and the most opportune one is directly in front of Dragon Command, a small nest opposite the staircase center.

  • When done, the egg will need the remainder of the current round, then a full round to cool down before it can be picked up once more.
  • The Egg must have been in the nest before the dragon breathes fire for it to count, placing it while it is already in the middle of breathing fire will not properly heat the Egg.

With the egg once again held, it must now be taught the ways of hunting. These three trials are tracked in order by the Trials gravestone as the fourth trial, and can additionally be tracked by watching roughly how much progress they have made on their HUD when viewing the scoreboard.

The Trials for the Egg must also be completed in a specific order, and during completion of each the player will usually hear unique player character dialogue talking about the baby dragon:

  1. Killing Napalm Zombies (spawned by the big dragon breathing fire on a horde of zombies)
  2. Penetrative multi-kills (cannot be done with the GKZ-45 Mk3, recommended to use the Mounted MG42 upstairs at Hatchery or a Sniper Rifle)
  3. Melee kills (can be performed with Knife, Bowie Knife, or Guard of Fafnir's melee/fireball attack)
  • Despite not being a multi-kill, kills with the mounted MG42 that costs 1000 points to enter each time located at the top floor of the Hatchery building will actually count for the penetrative kills Trial. This gives players an option that doesn't require getting lucky with the Mystery Box. As such, the final two Trials for the Egg can be reasonably performed both in the Hatchery.

With the three Trials completed, the Dragon Egg can be taken back to the Hatchery's basement level to an incubator to be hatched. Doing so will trigger a lock-down akin to that of a Groph Pod defense. With the lockdown defense being completed, the Dragon Egg must once more cool to be picked up, so it is recommended to return back to the main part of the map in the meantime.

S.O.P.H.I.A. will alert players at this stage when it can be picked up and doing so will award 5,000 experience and allow the fourth trial to be completed at the Trials gravestone in Belinski Square. Activating it will cause the Gauntlet of Siegfried to rise from the ground and be available to take.


The Gauntlet of Siegfried allows the player to wield Dragon Whelp in a similar fashion to how a Falcon is used in Falconry. While the Whelp is perched on the Gauntlet, it can be commanded to breath fire in a similar fashion to a Flamethrower just with the fire being tinged green. The Whelp can also bite as a melee option with the bite being stronger than the Bowie Knife.

Alternate fire calls the Whelp to take to the air, acting in fashion to a sentry whilst launching fireballs at any nearby enemies. However the Gauntlet also gains the ability known as 115 Punch, which is a high damaging trusting punch that can send basic zombies flying if hit by it, specifically when the Whelp is sent out first. Both the Whelp and this 115 Punch ability are used in the Easter Egg.

NOTE: When deploying the Whelp, if the player wishes to conserve charge for the weapon, be sure to call it back if it is no longer required (such as at the end of a round) before putting the Gauntlet completely away. If not recalled, the Whelp will stay deployed and completely expend the charge for the weapon before killing zombies replenishes usage.



  • Siegfried is the name of a legendary mythological dragon-slayer from German mythology, primarily that of the Nibelungenlied.
  • Acquiring the Gauntlet of Siegfried rewards players with the Wield a Fist of Iron trophy/achievement.