Gear is a system in the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, similar to perks. Gear gives the user a bonus, such as reduced Scorestreak cost or faster equipment and Specialist Weapon charge rate. Gear costs one allocation point in the Pick Ten System, and has its own slot in Create-A-Class. Each class can only have one gear.

List of GearEdit

Acoustic Sensor - Enemy movements are easier to hear.

Body Armor - Reduces bullet damage at the cost of slower movement. Destroyed after receiving enough damage. Body Armor is the only gear that has negative affects to the user, and is also the only gear that can be destroyed.

COMSEC Device - Scorestreaks are earned at a discounted cost.

Equipment Charge - Equipment and Specialist Weapons recharge faster.

Stim Shot - Heal faster and more often, while maintaining control of your weapon.


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