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For the zombies variant, see 115 Generator.

Generators are a feature in Call of Duty: Ghosts in the Extinction map Exodus. The Generators replace the Hives and Obelisks from the previous maps. Repairing a Generator is significantly longer than repairing the Laser Drill or the terminals in Awakening.

Players must protect the Generators from Cryptids while the Generator is powering up. Once a generator has been fully powered up, a blue static aura similar to the Engineer Upgrade will surround that generator to indicate to players that this specific generator has been activated.

The second generator that players activate in the gas station area, as well as the second generator players activate in the car garage area, will cause an Ancestor to spawn in. Ancestors can only attack the generator with their projectiles, but they can and will target generators specifically with their projectiles, and they will do a solid chunk of damage to the generator. Protecting the generator from Ancestors can be done by either diverting the Ancestor's attention or using an anti-projectile defense like a Trophy System. The Ancestors that appear at these generators do not need to be killed, and if the Ancestor is still alive once the generator in question is activated, it will begin to depart and will eventually de-spawn, although it can still be killed before it de-spawns.

Generators are typically much more vulnerable than the drill due to the facts that Cryptids can attack it from all directions, it is a larger target and it does not have to be mounted by Cryptids to damage it. In addition to all of that, Generators can receive damage from multiple sources at once, whereas the drill or scanner normally only receive damage from one single source. This allows multiple scouts and hunters to damage a generator simultaneously and rapidly deplete the health of the generator. Rhinos and mammoths in particular are extremely dangerous to a generator as their hits deal severely increased damage. If a rhino or mammoth is near a generator, the health of a generator can drop by more than thirty points in an instant.

There is also a generator in the main base. When an Ancestor approaches the west side gate, it will direct an attack to this generator and severely damage it, prompting users to repair it. Disabling of this generator will automatically disable any purchasable utilities inside the base, including active Tesla Anti-Air Defense System units and all emplaced miniguns, even those that aren't remote miniguns. These utilities cannot be purchased again until the generator is repaired, and said utilities will need to be bought again. Because of this, it's best not to purchase any utilities when the Ancestor at the west side of the base is present and hasn't launched its attack on the generator yet. Repairing this generator takes an extremely long time even for engineers. Once this generator is repaired, it is never targeted again by an Ancestor. Other cryptids will not attack this generator either and will simply ignore it.

To counterbalance the enhanced vulnerability of Generators, there are often several traps nearby to help protect the generator. Most generators will have a nearby Tesla Anti-Air Defense System and Miniguns that players can activate to help protect the generator(s), while there are fire traps near every generator.