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"We must all do whatever it takes to ensure our future as a species."
— George Barkley.

George Barkley is the former assistant director of the CDC facility in Druid Hills, Georgia. Barkley makes an appearance in Die Rise through a TV broadcast. Barkley explains that his research team discovered contamination in the air and that exposure to the zombie outbreak is inevitable to all survivors. Barkley also states that the symptoms of the infection include paranoia, short-term memory loss, delusion, and psychosis.

Following the destruction of the CDC headquarters, Barkley claims that he was forced to euthanize members of his own research team, as he believed that they were infected.

In Alpha Omega, it is revealed George Barkley was a member of Broken Arrow. He and Russman went to Camp Edward to send a sample of Avogadro to the Broken Arrow facility at the Hanford Site.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rather ironically, Barkley himself displays both short-term memory loss and paranoia, both symptoms of the infection.
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