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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Getaway is a Multiplayer map for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and it can be only played with the Face Off game mode.

This map takes place at a beach house in Brazil. There is a pool near the house that is filled with water, staying underwater immediately blurs vision, and after a long period of time deals damage.

Getaway features several floors of the house along with a deck, lawn, and grassy path for fighting. The middle, indoor portion of the map focuses on close-range combat, whereas sticking to the outside of the map is more likely to produce short to mid-range encounters. SMGs and shotguns are recommended for this map.



  • In the garage, there are gold weapons, including an AK-47, PM-9, SPAS-12, P90, and an L118A without a scope.
  • The beach balls around the pool do not float.
  • A room inside the house contains a teddy bear on a bed. This can only be seen via "noclip" or spectating.
  • Pre-release screenshots, videos, and even Elite show this map's factions as SAS against Inner Circle though the playable factions are actually Delta Force and Spetsnaz.
  • A boat called the "S.S Ackrich" can be seen in the ocean outside the map. This is a reference to Steve Ackrich, a developer.
  • The fish tank can be shot through, causing damage to players on the other side, but it cannot be shattered, nor can many of the panes of glass surrounding the house.
  • The balls on the pool table will move when shot, and can fall into a pocket on the pool table.
  • In the house, there are several glass tables. When shattered near the player, they can cause damage to the player. Shattering around three of these tables in hardcore, if close enough to take damage, can kill the player.
    • When the player is killed by these glass panes, the "car explosion" death icon shows in the killfeed.
  • There are three blocks of cocaine on the outside porch table, near the pool. These blocks will explode into a cloud of dust if shot.