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"Weeee! I feel so high!"
Richtofen after using the Geyser

A Geyser in Shangri-La.

The Geyser is a utility introduced in Shangri-La. It shoots players and zombies from the underground area to the surface. The power does not need to be on to use the geysers. The geyser is not continuous, and is instead pressure-activated (like the Flinger in Call of the Dead). Once a player steps on it, there will be a slight delay before the player is flung upwards to land safely in the open ground. This delay allows players to jump down through geyser openings, making them two-way utilities. The delay can also cause players to be trapped before getting shot in the air by the water. There are two functioning geysers in Shangri-La. One is in an underground room across from the exit of the Water Slide and the other is under the spawn room. It is also used in the Eclipse Easter Egg to launch a crystal upwards.