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The Ghost is a special enemy that appears in the mansion in Buried. Ghost hover above ground and float towards the player. For every hit the Ghost gets on a player, 2000 points are subtracted from their points count. If the player is out of points, they deal damage akin to regular zombies. Ghosts spawn infinitely within the mansion and stop spawning when players leave the building.

Every four to five rounds, players can obtain a Random Perk Bottle power-up by entering the house when the lights are on. This will cause all zombies to disappear when a player enters and Ghosts will eventually drop the Perk Bottle once all players are outside the mansion and the last Ghost is killed. In co-op, when entering the mansion when the lights are on, multiple Ghosts spawn even outside of the mansion, targeting all players.

If the player kills a Ghost, they will receive a free grenade and, if purchased beforehand, a free Claymore.


The 'Ghost' is a floating woman with brunette hair and pale white skin. She is dressed in typical half mourning attire; a dark dress with a veil and capelet. She has tears streaming down from her left eye. She has a purple blood and dissipates upon death.

The Ghost randomly appears in a window of the house while outside the vicinity, and disappears at random. At times, it is possible to hear her talking quietly, uttering phrases such as "This is my house." and "You do not belong here."

Tipping the Ghost

There is a second method to obtain a free perk revolving the Ghost[1]:

In the Saloon there is a dartboard on the wall and a small white line on the ground. Hitting a bullseye on the dartboard behind the white line with a Ballistic Knife will cause the Piano in the Saloon start playing a song by its own.

The player then has approximately 90 seconds to reach a second Piano location in the back part of the mansion. There, a ghost is seen playing the piano the same song that is played in the Saloon. Players can get a free random perk (possibly exceeding the 4 perk limit) when tipping the Ghost with 10 points by interacting with the pink box on the Piano to the right of the Ghost.



  • The Ghost's moves in a speed slightly faster than an average Zombie, and slows down once they get close to their targeted player.
  • Whilst the Paralyzer is being fired directly towards her, the player will temporarily disable her from taking 2000 points.
  • The Galvaknuckles will be a one-hit kill on a Ghost up until round 16 or 17, at which point they also take more than one direct shot from the Ray Gun.
  • In a radio in Tag Der Toten, it is confirmed that the Ghost was accidentally created by Jebediah Brown in an attempt to resurrect his mother.
  • The Monkey Bomb does not attract the Ghost.
  • When viewed in theater they will sometime have blue glowing orbs in front of their eyes. This is likely just theater mode confusing the Ghost for Zombies.
  • When Ghosts are spawning in the town, they can be seen spawning out of the dirt spawn points for Zombies in a black and purple cloud.
  • When a Ghost successfully takes 2,000 points, it can be briefly seen raising up its arms while glowing purple.
  • If a player that a Ghost was chasing gets downed, the ghost will hover over them, and not move again until said player is revived.
  • In Blackout, there is an easter egg to obtain Ray Gun Mark II, which is an homage to the "Tipping the Ghost" easter egg. It requires the player to throw a Combat Axe onto a dartboard in the Saloon of the Buried copy within Blackout. Doing so will start playing the same song on the piano, and open Arthur's cell. There, the Ray Gun Mark II can be grabbed from the chalk question mark.
  • The song the Ghost plays on the Piano is called Corpse Flower Rag. It is loosely based on Damned and Always Running.