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Skullbuster IW

The Skullbuster machine.

Ghosts N Skulls, also known as Skullbuster in Shaolin Shuffle, Skullhop in Attack of the Radioactive Thing and Skullbreaker in The Beast From Beyond is an arcade game featured in all maps from Zombies. It's a playable arcade machine that features the player needing to clear skulls with the Entangler. They need a specific set of "side missions" to obtain 6 skulls that will unlock the machine. It can alternatively be unlocked by using the Skull Hacker Fate Card, enabling the machine to be played once. Either completing the game by the Quest or Fate Card, will unlock all perks permanently, except for Up 'N Atoms on solo games.

Zombies In Spaceland[]

The player can find the Ghosts N Skulls machine inside the second floor of the Astrocade. Here, the player will need to drag a ghost with the Entangler and throw it at the Skulls. Red skulls will fly away, when three of them get away, the player fails. The player can also fail if downed by the lasers. Once the player has completed three rounds, they win.

  • First Skull: Pop the balloons in front of the player when the game starts.
  • Second Skull: Find little skulls at one of each letter for the word GHOST. "G" locations are either on the GALAXY JOURNEY sign located at Journey Into Space or located at the sign of Rover Rampage also located in Journey Into Space. "H" locations are either located at the sign of the Chromosphere trap in Kepler System or located at the sign of Hyper Slopes next to Polar Peak. "O" locations are either at the sign for Journey Into Space or located at the sign for Cosmic Tunes (the DJ Station) located between Polar Peak and Splash Fountains. "S" locations are either located at the sign of Star Mission located at Journey Into Space or located at the sign of the Astrocade next to the alleyway to the underground. "T" locations are either located at the sign of Octonian Hunter located in the Kepler System or at the Moonlight Cafe sign next to the Magic Wheel also in the Kepler System.
  • Third Skull: Go to the dance floor at the Astrocade and do a specific kill count while standing on a specific color with no more than the required amount. Green-one kill/Blue-nine kills/Pink-eight kills/Black-four kills.
  • Fourth Skull: Play Cryptid Attack, Black Hole, Balling for Planets, Rings of Saturn and Zombie Zoom, there, find a skull on each game.
  • Fifth Skull: Complete Sooooul Key. After that, put the Shades and hit the hovering skull, following the same steps as destroying the UFO.
  • Sixth Skull: When a Brute spawns, lure him near the Ghosts N Skulls machine and let them use the laser at the machine.

Rave in the Redwoods[]

The Ghosts N Skulls machine is located on the second floor of the spawn house that becomes available after turning on the power of the map. The game is almost the same, except that the skulls need to be hit by the matching ghost color (blue, yellow and green). Hitting the wrong skull will turn it red and the player will need to hit it with the red ghost.

  • First Skull: Get 1 kill with the Flogger, 9 kills with the suction tractor, 9 kills with the DJ trap and 2 kills with the Waterfall trap.
  • Second Skull: Jump to the next round and enter the Rave Mode. Go to the Ghosts N Skulls machine and aim at the symbol on the screen. Now, advance one more round and again in Rave mode, find the same symbol around the map. If a different symbol is seen, don't aim at it, simply continue search. The first spot is the rightmost window on the power room. The second one is in the middle of two tables at the house of the Blue Bolts. The third spot is at the swamp below the same house near the door to the sewers. The fourth spot is in the cabin to the left of where the third deer was shot for the Vlad. The fifth spot is on the barrack near Slappy Taffy. The sixth spot is behind the boat that leads to the Pack a Punch island. The next spot is at the window in front of the fire at the Pack a Punch island. The last two ones can be found near the Rave area, one at the big tree at the center, look to it from behind, and the last one is on the shooting range near the RPR Evo. If it couldn't be found, go to the next round and repeat the process until the correct symbol is discovered.
  • Third Skull: Play the throwing knife game and hit the skull.
  • Fourth Skull: Enter Rave Mode and spell the word "SKULL" with the symbols at the same spot as the second skull. The A looks for the symbol for the S, the S looking for the K, the A with an arrow to the right for the U and two F for the two L. This needs to be done on the same round.
  • Fifth Skull: Ride the boat to the Pack a Punch island and a mini Ghost N Skulls will start. Shoot all of the skulls until its done, if failed, ride the boat again.
  • Sixth Skull: Get the Ben Franklin crossbow (see Vlad for details) and shoot at the machine.

Shaolin Shuffle[]

The machine is located at the Inferno Club near the door that leads to Bombstoppers. Now having obtained the Skull Buster, get the matching color in a row of three, guessing the block with one of the colors. The reward along with all perks permanently is to unlock Pack a Punch level 1 on all weapons at the Magic Wheel.

  • First Skull: Find a glass cleaner located near the Ghosts N Skulls machine, behind the box for one of the spots of the Film Reel and at the stage at Heebies Geebies. Now, obtain some rags, one spot is at the rooftop of the Inferno Club, to the left of the Rat King's throne and one at the alley near Mule Munchies, climbing the ladder. After obtaining the two items, interact with the Ghosts N Skulls machine to get the first skull.
  • Second Skull: Now find mahjong tiles scattered around the map, check benches, tables and places near Heebies Geebies and Inferno Club. At the rooftop of Inferno Club, find some tiles too. Put the tiles in the following order: 3 one tiles, 3 two tiles, 3 three tiles, 3 four tiles and 2 five tiles. After the fireworks, the second skull is obtained.
  • Third Skull: Now, the player needs to spell the number 1972 on windows. Go to the street near the Pack a Punch and write the number 1 at the window to the upper right of the Inferno Club. Near the electric trap passing the Dojo in front of the Magic Wheel, spell the number 9. To the left of the Trail Blazers, spell the number 7. Now, at the window on the Black Cat Dojo, spell the number 2.
  • Fourth Skull: Go the chi door to the left of the RPR Evo. Activate Shaolin Style and now floating lights can be seen. Start jumping on the lights until having hit the skull.
  • Fifth Skull: The player needs to sacrifice themselves to get the skull at the subway itself, on the window. It will be seen right when the subway is coming closer, jump and grab the skull. Once having done it, the player will be downed right after.
  • Sixth Skull: Go to any of the phones around the map and call the number 5550152. When the message is done, the last skull is obtained.

Attack of the Radioactive Thing[]

The Ghosts N Skulls machine can be found at the diner, near the book of Elvira. Now its the Skull Hop. Look at the panel behind the skulls and jump on the platform that corresponds to the color and shoot the skulls with the cubes that can be dragged.

  • First Skull: With a sniper with zoom sights, shoot five skulls around the map. The first one is outside of the map behind Change Chews at some thrash cans. One on the shelf to the right of the Deadeye Dewdrops, prone and find the skull. Near the Quickies, out side of the map, will find the skull near another thrash can. The next one is to the right of the power switch, behind a seat. From this place, turn around and go near the teleport spot, there should be another skull spot behind another trash can. From the Tuff 'Nuff machine, look outside of the map to a blue sign, the skull spot should be to the left. Now, go the road that connects the motel to the supermarket area, below the bus should be one skull spot. Go the area behind the motel and another spot on the second floor. At Elvira's studio, to the leftmost window will be another spot. Another one is at the beach, on the rocks at the sea to the left side, try to look at it while on the beach near the death rays.
  • Second Skull: Go to the gas station and grab a yellow item on the ground. Take this item to the radioactive area near the diner and quickly interact with the nuclear barrel on the front (the closest one, not the barrels more distant) and run away, it can down the player if they stand too close. Now, wait 4 minutes until the item starts to beeping, to get it again.
  • Third Skull: Get the item from the second skull to the Pool Trap and put it on the middle. Gather 16 zombies and fix the trap, to let it kill the 16 zombies.
  • Fourth Skull: Near Slappy Taffy, at the playground, the same letters that appear at the Pest Control step 5 will reapper. Go to the wall with a bench at the diner. There is a word with white letters written on the wall. Write this word with the letters available on the playground (See Pest Control images for details of the symbols)
  • Fifth Skull: To the right of the Fire Trap at the trailers, melee a paper with the words "Don't Blink" written. Now, with the item from skull 2 and 3, go to one of the four Willard's portrait and interact with it. Look away and a bubble should spawn. Put the item on the ground and melee it. Now kill all of the strange figures that appears. Repeat the process for the remaining portraits. There is one near the pool at the Motel, one at the supermarket's office, one at the back of the gas station and one at the diner. A confirmation sound will play when completing the last portrait.
  • Sixth Skull: Get the Modular Atomic Disintegrator and upgrade it (see MAD Proto for details). Go to the Ghosts N Skulls machine, charge the shot and hit the machine, it will turn it on.

The Beast From Beyond[]

The Ghosts N Skulls machine appears as the Skull Breaker, at the Afterlife Theater. The first two skulls are needed to get the Entangler. It works almost like the previous maps, but this time, is needed to align the colors and them use the nuke to clear them all.

  • First Skull: There will be three electric boxes around the map, one at the medical bay, on the water area, one near the Bombstoppers to the left and one at the Cargo Bay, looking to the right just after entering the area. Shoot the box with the OSA's grenade or with a normal grenade and then shoot the skull.
  • Second Skull: At the Cargo Bay, find some red X marks on the ground, stand still on the mark until the skull on the center of the map raises and go to another place. Now run and grab it before it disappears. The player needs to stand still on the mark for a minute. Just stand on the mark, wait for 5 to 10 seconds and use the Explosive Touch Fate Card. As said before, when done, the skull will move to a place around the Cargo area and the player should run and get it before it vanishes.
  • Third Skull: Locate the correct symbol. There are 8 symbols and 4 will appear, there are two groups, the green one (SS looking like, F looking like, P looking like and + looking like) and the blue one (A whip looking like, a inverted S, a big dot and a S) find the symbol that does not belong to that group, so, if a SS, a F, a P and a dot, aim at the dot. The first spot is on the window to the left of N3IL's terminal. The second one is at a big container that can be found once having come from the theater to the Cargo Bay. The third one is on the Erad room, at the right window. Another one is under the dead Cryptid table. The next spot is jump to the Tuff 'Nuff and look to the wall. Find the right symbol and the confirmation sound should play. Other spot is at the window barrier next to the Racin' Stripes. On the ticket booth at the Afterlife Arcade. And the last spot is outside of the map to the left of the Magic Wheel in front of the theater. If done wrong, repeat at the next round.
  • Fourth Skull: Jump to the spawn room from the ledge on the X precisely. Stand still and a colored skull will appear. Now, follow the path with color that corresponds to the skull, without running, stopping or leaving. The path will go all the Containment Chamber at the Ops Center.
  • Fifth Skull: Now, a Chess Piece will appear at the board near Erad. Collect another 7 pieces. There are two at this room, one near the papers on the table and one behind a sofa, near the wall. Two more at the spawn room, one climbing the ladder and another down the ramp to the Medical Bay. One below the table with the dead Cryptid. Another one inside the room with the barrier that can be broken using a Astronaut Helmet, at the right. There is one at the center pillar on the Ops Center, one at the left wall of the Bombstoppers, another one at the right corner of the computers at the room that brings the player outside. One at the corridor with some valves that takes the player outside too. Another one behind the container that has one piece of the bridge at the Cargo Bay. Now, from top to bottom: Put one piece at the third square of the first line. One at the sixth square of the second line. One at the last square of the third line. One at the first square at the fourth line. There is already one piece at the center of the board. Put another one at the seventh square of the sixth line. One at the fifth square of the seventh line and one at the second square of the last line.
  • Sixth Skull: Now, match 3 papers that creates a move set. One spot is at the Erad room, near a sack and a bottle. The second spot is near the dead Cryptid, below the green screens at the table. The third spot is at the room with the barrier, next to a plate and a microscope. Inside the Projector Room, to the left of the portal, near some cans and tools. Another one is at the bathroom of the Theater leading outside, at a washstand. Another spot is in the Afterlife Arcade, near some popcorn. Now, match the papers to create a movie set. Stand in front of the Ghosts N Skulls machine and input the code, if done right, the machine will turn on.