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"Be the last team with human alive to win. Players turn into Ghosts on death, but can redeploy as human by collecting souls."
— Playlist Description

Ghosts of Verdansk is a limited-time mode featured in Call of Duty: Warzone. The mode was part The Haunting during the Season Six of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War between October 19th and November 2nd, 2021.


Taking place on a night-time version of Verdansk '84 called Verdansk Halloween, Ghosts of Verdansk featured up to 102 players. Similarly to Zombie Royale the players would turn into Ghosts when killed, taking the appearance of World War II Soviet soldiers, and redeploy in the map.


As Humans, the players would play in a similar fashion as a Battle Royale match. Like during the Haunting of Verdansk, jumpscares would trigger when players looted crates.

A new meter called Fear was added on the players HUD. The Fear level increased over time, but players could perform certain actions to either increase or decrease it:

  • Fear increased when the players were being shot at, were hit by equipment, having Killstreaks near by, camping in the same area, seeing Ghost players or dead operators, having teammates downed or eliminated.
  • Fear decreased when the players eliminated another human or Ghost player, revived a teammate, completed a Contract.

When the Fear level reached 50% and above, the players experienced hallucinations ranging from visual effects obstructing the screens (blood splatters, bugs and spiders, fake error messages, etc) to jumpscares with ghostly faces, skulls, and even Ghostface[1]. Hallucinations always began with a short piece of music. The Fear level would drop slightly after each hallucination.

To decrease the Fear level, as well as protect themselves from the Ghosts, the players could enter a zone called Sacred Ground. There was 15 Sacred Grounds available around the map. Ghosts could not enter the Sacred Grounds but could damage them to ultimately destroy them. The Sacred Grounds also didn't protect the players against the gas.


As Ghosts, the players could only attack human players who are highlighted and their footprints remained temporarily visible. While weak, the Ghosts had three actions at their disposal:

  • Charged Jump which allowed them to jump to high places quickly. The longer the jump was charged, the higher the jump was and the cooldown until the next Charged Jump.
  • Teleport which allowed the Ghosts to teleport a short distance, even passing through human players. The cooldown was slower than the Charged Jump.
  • Spectral Blast which stunned and slowed down human players and disabled vehicles.

Players could redeploy as human if they managed to acquire three Souls. Souls could be obtained by killing players directly, or collecting a Soul dropped by a recently killed player. Ghosts performing a Finishing Move on a human player could be redeploy immediately.

Ghostface Phone Messages

Main article: Ghosts of Verdansk/Phone Messages

In Ghosts of Verdansk, players can find ringing phones, which upon interaction will trigger a voice line from Ghostface, addressing the player's Operator character by name. This applies to both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War operators.



  • When selecting the mode, a scare warning message was displayed stating that "Ghosts of Verdansk features frightening situations, flashing lights, loud sounds and unexpected shocks". The message was also displayed during the warm-up lobby.
  • Ghostface acted as a special announcer for the mode.
  • In the middle of the Sacred Grounds, one could find a M1 Garand rifle planted vertically between a pair of boots on the ground and an American helmet on top of the rifle. This often represented temporary graves of American soldiers killed during battles during World War II. This is a reference to Call of Duty: Vanguard and the Caldera map that was released on December 2nd, 2021.