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The Giant Robot is an enemy in the zombie map Origins. There are three that roam the map, and they are described as a "thousand foot tall robot abomination". In the intro one of them attempts to step on the original characters, indicating its hostility. In the announcement video, it also was hinted that it could be used to help the characters as well. The robots were created by Group 935 to help the central powers win the great war. Two main scientists contributed to its completion, the scientists being Ludvig Maxis and Edward Richtofen.


Three Giant Robots roam the area around where the map takes place. Periodically, they will enter over the map itself, stepping down upon large foot-shaped craters in the ground. Lights placed around these areas will flash red when a Robot is about to step down upon the ground. A Robot is capable of killing zombies and downing any players caught in its foot's radius when it steps.

It is possible for a player to enter the inside of a Giant Robot's by shooting at the lights on the undersides of their feet; doing so results in a portal opening up that will transport the player to their head when the Robot steps on them. A piece for one of the Elemental Staffs and an Audio Log can be found inside the Robot. The player is allowed a limited time within the Robot however; they must activate one of the blue circles to be allowed outside. If they fail to do so, they will be downed.



  • There is an Iron Cross on its chest, indicating that it is of German origin. 
  • There are four Giant Robots all together, but one has been taken down and only three remain.
  • A Giant Robot's head is accessible by shooting a light on its foot.[1]
    • One can aquire a part for one of the Staffs when inside the head.
  • None of the Giant Robots seem to specifically target a player.
  • One way that the Giant Robots can help the player is stepping on and killing zombies. It also crushes the Panzer Soldat into the ground for a limited time. 


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