"Cliff-side fortifications atop the Rock of Gibraltar. Intense stand-off battles in the center with vertical combat opportunities to the flanks."
— Description

Gibraltar is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: WWII.

Secret MessageEdit

During the private beta, a Spotify barcode was added into the map[1]. Using the Spotify app, the barcode led to an audio message called "Intercept Able"[2]. The message ended with a letter in morse code repeated seven times.

"Attention. Attention. We who are prosperous must break all ties. I repeat. We who are prosperous must break all ties. If you can hear this transmission, répondez s'il vous plait (please respond). The leopard's spot are now in motion. Vive la résistance (long live the resistance). UUUUUUU"




  • The first loading screen when loading into a match of Gibraltar lacks the radar dish atop the building that has "Gibraltar" on it, while in-game there is a radar dish present.


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