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'''Details: '''This glitch allows the player to run around after the end of a match when the screen grays and "VICTORY" or "DEFEAT" and the score is displayed. To do this, the player must have a predator missile. If the match is about to end, and the countdown timer is at around 5 seconds left, the player must fire the predator missile. The predator missile must detonate after the match has ended and the player is about to be forced to close the laptop. If done correctly, the player will close the laptop like normal, but be able to move freely until the camera changes from 1st person to 3rd person and shows player scores. If the glitched player runs in front of another player, they can be seen moving after the match by another player.<ref>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QFHuoRZIx0</ref>
'''Details: '''This glitch allows the player to run around after the end of a match when the screen grays and "VICTORY" or "DEFEAT" and the score is displayed. To do this, the player must have a predator missile. If the match is about to end, and the countdown timer is at around 5 seconds left, the player must fire the predator missile. The predator missile must detonate after the match has ended and the player is about to be forced to close the laptop. If done correctly, the player will close the laptop like normal, but be able to move freely until the camera changes from 1st person to 3rd person and shows player scores. If the glitched player runs in front of another player, they can be seen moving after the match by another player.<ref>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QFHuoRZIx0</ref>
=== [[Host Migration]] Glitch ===
'''Status - Confirmed/Active(PS3)'''
'''Detail: '''The player has to be capturing a [[Care Package]] during a host migration. After the migration, the player can move around while everyone else is frozen. However, the player cannot kill anyone.<ref>www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wFqpl0HLBE & www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGRlJU1UnMU</ref>
===SMAW Prestige Glitch===
===SMAW Prestige Glitch===
'''Detail:''' After prestiging, the SMAW Veteran challenge always resets to zero. This behavior doesn't occur with either the Stinger Veteran or Javelin Veteran challenges.
'''Detail:''' After prestiging, the SMAW Veteran challenge always resets to zero. This behavior doesn't occur with either the Stinger Veteran or Javelin Veteran challenges.

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A glitch, otherwise known as a "bug" or "fault", is an error in the game that produces an effect that was unintended by programmers. Some can be exploited to gain advantages over other players and may be caused by severe lag. Using glitches to get an advantage in online multiplayer is often considered cheating. Glitches can also be unintentional and cause minor/severe problems for the player. It should also be noted that glitches and hacks are different things, the latter requiring the intentional modification and abuse, whilst glitches are unintentional but can still be abused.

Below are glitches that can be found in Call of Duty games. Minor glitches are not included.

For patched glitches, see Glitches/patched.


Call of Duty: Finest Hour

M12 Firing Glitch

On the final level that takes place in Aachen, the player would start by fighting their way out of a hotel-like building. Once in the main stairwell, some Panzerschreck teams will spawn, shooting at the allied M12. Kill them, and take their Panzerschrecks. If a rocket is shot into the multi-storied building at the end of the road in which the M12 was going to destroy, it should do its crumble animation as if the M12 destroyed it.

The player would then proceed out of the building, and continue through the level. Once out of the building, the M12 will get ready to destroy the building which has now been destroyed by the player. When its cannon is fired, the screen will go black with white text saying something along the lines of "An unexpected error has occurred. Please refer to the GameCube instruction booklet for more details." After that, nothing can be done, and the system must be shut off or rebooted to continue game play.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

The Invincible Soldier Glitch

In the level An Easy Detail there is a section where the player has to kill some enemies hiding in building, just after running out of the woods. The player is supposed to go around the front, however if the player goes around the back, there is a window the player can see an enemy through. If the player tries to attack the soldier in any way with any weapon, he will not notice the player or take any damage. However, when the player sees the soldier again after entering the building he can now be killed.

Flaming House Glitch

On the Eilendorph Ridge level, in the beginning before the firefight in the cemetery, there is a two story house that is on fire. On the ground floor, there are multiple windows. The player can jump into one of them, granting access to the inside of the building.

M1919 Reload Glitch and Carcano M38 Glitch

On the level Operation Husky, if the player has to reload but is using the bipod, the game will play the reloading sound, but not the actual action. After the sound plays, the weapon will play its animation correctly. This is because the game tries to play the reloading animation and the movement animation at the same time. Also in the level, there will be a pick up sign for the Carcano M38. When the player picks it up, it will be invisible. It can still be fired, reloaded, and such, but it is useless to the player as the player will be unable to see the sights of the gun and therefore will not be able to aim effectively. 

Call of Duty 3

Snake Glitch

The "Snake Glitch" is a means for players on the PS2 multiplayer to gain an unfair advantage by appearing to other players as being in the Prone position, but moving as fast as if they were running. This gives the player a much lower profile, making them more difficult to attack.

The glitch is activated by jumping, holding the circle button to go prone while in the air, and repeating three times. On the third time, the player presses X to get up while simultaneously pushing the left analog stick forward to run, and L3 to sprint. To the player activating the glitch it appears that he is standing and moving normally; to others, he is in the Prone position, sliding along the ground at a running speed, and very difficult (but not impossible) to attack.

The glitch can be activated in any map and any multiplayer game type, but only works on the PlayStation 2 version of the game.

CTF Physics Glitch

In the PS2 Multiplayer, sometimes if a player were to melee with the enemy flag in hand, they would fly at a high velocity into the air and travel far across maps, usually landing unharmed. The event can prove very annoying as the flag bearer can score a point very easily depending on where he was flown off to, enemies trying to kill said player may lose their opportunity to do so. However, this is rather uncommon as there must be certain circumstances for players to do so, an example would be trying to melee a player at a reasonable distance and lunging at them. This glitch is most noticeable and more frequent in open Multiplayer maps such as Eder Dam .

This glitch is unconfirmed on other versions of the game (Xbox, PC).

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Last Stand Glitch

The Last Stand Glitch is known to happen to some players while they are killed when switching their pistol for another weapon. In order for the glitch to occur, the player must be switching his side arm for a primary weapon. If he is killed by body shots and has the Last Stand perk activated, the player will go into Last Stand mode with the recently acquired primary weapon.

Last Stand Grenade Glitch

This glitch will occur if the player is holding a Stun Grenade or Flashbang when they are hit by bullets and knocked into Last Stand. The stun/flash grenade they were holding will turn into a frag grenade with zero seconds on the timer and explode instantly, killing anyone near the player.

M2 Glitch

This glitch is on the single-player level Charlie Don't Surf. In the section of the level just before entering the TV Station parking lot there is a demolished building. Inside the wreckage, find an overturned mattress. By jumping, the player must go up the low wall next to it until they are on the top of the outer wall. Walk along it to the left and then turn right and jump for a low roof. Then, jump off on the other side and the player will be in a previously inaccessible part of the map, the same area the player can see from the roof of the station just before they find out Al-Asad's broadcast is a looping tape in the mission. From here, the player should walk up the hill near the station and continue until they see the concrete river bed. Walk along the concrete river bed until a white pipe is seen. Walk across the white pipe and jump through the fence on the other side. Once on the other side, go right and walk past the two buildings to the left. Around the corner, there will be an M2 Browning Machine Gun mounted on nothing, which can be used by the player. Players on PC can simply use the "noclip" console command to get to the M2.

Airborne Glitch

This glitch allows the player to complete the challenge called "Airborne". To begin the glitch, start a match on Crash and go north to where a tall building with 3 stories is. There, the player needs to exit the building from the second floor side, where the ladder to the third floor is. Once outside, the player should see a blue barrel next to some stairs. Run towards the barrel, jump, and then go prone directly in front of the barrel. Then, the player's character will start to look up by itself. Once its sight goes all the way up (the character's gun should be pointing almost at the sky), press the button to jump twice. The player will be stuck "falling". All the player needs to do now is kill two enemies, which will complete the "Airborne" challenge.

Pipeline Glitch

In the underground area of Pipeline there is an indented area of the wall with a fence covering it and blue pipes running along behind the fence. If the player jumps unto the ledge in front of the fence and faces the wall then goes prone, the player can move sideways and bypass the gate going "inside" of the pipes.

Game Over Glitch

On the last level of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition, in the last segment when the player has to successfully get off the collapsing bridge without falling to their death, a glitch is present. The player must immediately jump backwards when able to move out of his/her damaged vehicle. This action will make the player fall off the bridge. On the way down, the game may save a checkpoint while still falling. The first time the player falls, they will die. However, when the player respawns at their airborne checkpoint, they will survive the fall and land on the riverbed below. There, the player may wander along, and is able to exit the map through multiple terrain holes. The helicopter that is scripted to fire at the player will still carry out its command, so be careful because they can still be killed by it.

Switch Weapons Glitch

If there is a pickup icon for a weapon while you are climbing a ladder and try to pick it up while on the ladder you get the message "You must have a primary weapon selected to pick up another primary weapon" - this message shows regardless of the weapon being a pistol or primary weapon or any combination of weapons. [1]

No weapon glitch

If the player has 1 claymore remaining in their inventory, plants it and then immediately uses either their UAV, airstrike or helicopter, the player will end up with no weapon until pressing the change weapon key. From 3rd person this looks like the person is holding an invisible gun.[2]

3 Weapons Glitch

There is another rare glitch on the level "Game Over", found just after when the bridge is hit by the Hind and the screen goes black. If the player is not holding the RPG-7, the game will say "Press and hold X to swap for RPG-7. However, for a brief second this will change to "Press and hold X to pick up RPG-7. This does not happen every time. When it does, the player will be able to pick up the RPG without swapping it for another gun, allowing the player to carry three weapons. If the player is holding the RPG, they may continue the game with it. However, it requires multiple tries and jumping right when the player gets the chance to crawl out the vehicle. It is hard because the player is at the edge of the bridge and is subject to falling off.

Skip Enemy Glitch

At certain levels, such as "Charlie Don't Surf", if the player advances through the level quickly, overlapping NPC speeches, the enemies that are scripted to spawn and attack do not appear. This allows the player to go through certain portions of the level easily. However, if the player backtracks to the area where the enemies are supposed to spawn, they will appear. Moreover, some levels require the player to eliminate certain enemy personnel to advance, such as the machine gunners in "War Pig". They will not appear, and the player will not go through the door Vasquez is supposed to open.

Crossfire Glitch

This glitch consists on walking in the sky in Crossfire. To do this, the player must go to the building in the bottom, where the OpFor team starts, climb into the 2nd floor by jumping over furniture. When the player makes it up, they will be able to walk around. (Confirmed on PS3, only able for offline)

Shock and Awe Glitch

During the mission Shock and Awe there is a glitch to where the missile will miss Pelayo's helicopter. What will happen is Pelayo's helicopter hovering where it will crash land, while the player will fly around the area and eventually away from the city.

Call of Duty: World at War

The Bad Leader Glitch

This glitch happens very early in the game. On Hard Landing after one of the player's teammates dies from a banzai attacker, this glitch happens when the player is about to end the mission. The leader telling the player what to do begins shooting along with the rest of the team at the Japanese reinforcements.

Black Cats Glitch

In "Black Cats", sometimes, after a sailor is rescued, the player may not be able to switch turrets. This is followed by the game not continuing because the player is not able to respond to the prompts.

Three Gun Glitch (Zombies)

Zombie Verrückt: To do this glitch, the player must have the power on, enough points, Bouncing Betties, and maybe one last zombie to keep the round going and to save the player time. The player can put the first Betty wherever they want. Then go to the desired Perk-A-Cola machine. Hold down the button that places the Betty and do not let go. Once the player drops the Betty, press the action button to buy the cola. If done correctly, the player's character will not have any gun, so they are able to buy one off the wall or get one from the Mystery Box. Once the player has purchased a weapon, they can keep on switching guns and will notice that they have their new weapon as well as their old ones for three weapons total. The player can keep performing this glitch for more than three weapons. This means that if the player has all the perks, they will have to go down and get revived again to do the glitch another 4 times.

Shi No Numa: To do this glitch, the player will need enough points, the Mystery Box close to a Perk-A-Cola machine, and maybe one last zombie to save the player time. This glitch is much easier than the one on Verrückt. First, activate the Box. Then go and buy the perk. While the player's character is still drinking the bottle, quickly pick up the weapon from the Mystery Box. After the weapon has been picked up, they player will now have three weapons. Sometimes after the player receives their third gun, all of their weapons get full ammo for some reason.

Der Riese: There are several methods, however most require at least 2 players to perform. Only one method requires one player, however. To do this, the player needs the power on, the 3 teleporters linked, Bouncing Betties, and at least 5200 points. First, leave a crawler, since this glitch takes some time. The player must put one of their guns in the Pack-A-Punch machine. Then while it is upgrading, run and buy the Kar98k (hence the extra 200 points). Then run back to the Pack-A-Punch machine and take out the Bouncing Betties by pressing right on the D-Pad. The moment the Bettie comes up, take the gun from the Pack-A-Punch machine. This will allow the player to keep all 3 guns. However, this cannot be used to get more than three guns. If two weapons are already Pack-a-Punched, the glitch will cease to work if the player Pack-a-Punches the third gun.

Note that once the player has every weapon that is obtainable, the Mystery Box will only hand out the Colt M1911.

Be sure to keep the last crawler or zombie occupied so that it does not attack any of the players. Have at least one person the zombie can follow. Switch players when everyone is ready so that everyone has a chance at getting what they want.

No Weapon Glitch (Nazi Zombies)

In Der Riese, if the player buys a Bowie Knife and gets downed, they will appear to have no weapon when they are revived. However, they can get their weapons back by pressing the weapon switch button.

"All stances not allowed"

Occasionally, in Nazi Zombies, when all players die and they lose connection with the host, a message will pop-up saying: "ERROR: All stances, including crouching and standing are not allowed in online matches", but this is a harmless glitch and will not cause serious trouble.

Negative Points (Zombies)


This glitch works on all maps but Der Riese.

As the title suggests, there is a glitch in Zombies to be able to get negative points. When a player has at least 100 points (give or take a few), they will be able to buy Stielhandgranates (for 250 points). The game will give the player points, but will also deduct 250 points, leaving the player with negative points. The player can get out of this debt, and the glitch can keep happening, if the player keeps on getting down and doesn't have any points for anything else. Another way to activate this glitch is buy a perk and while the character drinks it spin the box before the perk icon appears.

Shi No Numa Barrier Glitch


Working on all last-gen platforms and iOS, this glitch causes all zombies in the wave to spawn outside and attack a single window. To perform this glitch, the player must be repairing a window at the start of the wave. This does not always work. When it does work, all the zombies in the wave will spawn at the spawn areas outside the barrier being repaired. They will all then attack said barrier. A skilled player can repeatedly repair the barrier without getting hit by the zombies, thereby making it impossible for them to enter the map.

Breaking Point Mortar Round Glitch


It is possible, albeit difficult, to save both Polonsky and Roebuck in the mission Breaking Point. This can be done by bringing a Mortar Round from the middle of the level to the end, in which the player must choose whether to save Roebuck or Polonsky. This can be very difficult, as the player has no way to attack enemies other than using grenades. Assuming the player makes it to the confrontation, they can throw the mortar round between Roebuck and Polonsky. They will both survive, but the level will be slightly glitched. Roebuck will say his lines as if Polonsky had died, while Polonsky will simply stand still. He will not shoot or react to being shot at, and will not say any of his lines.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Running After End of Match


Details: This glitch allows the player to run around after the end of a match when the screen grays and "VICTORY" or "DEFEAT" and the score is displayed. To do this, the player must have a predator missile. If the match is about to end, and the countdown timer is at around 5 seconds left, the player must fire the predator missile. The predator missile must detonate after the match has ended and the player is about to be forced to close the laptop. If done correctly, the player will close the laptop like normal, but be able to move freely until the camera changes from 1st person to 3rd person and shows player scores. If the glitched player runs in front of another player, they can be seen moving after the match by another player.

Screen Glitch


Details: Hold down the "equipment" button (with Throwing Knife equipped) after shooting with any weapon will tilt the screen slightly to the right. If done correctly, the gun will have no sound at all during killcams. It has no beneficial effect on the player at all, it's usually just shown as a sign of skill for players with snipers, commonly known as a silent-shot.

Counter: Not needed.

Whiskey Hotel Glitch

Status: CONFIRMED / ACTIVE (February/13/10)

Details: In the campaign mission Whiskey Hotel when they player gets past the oval office, they will have a small firefight with enemies before they get to the president's press room. When the player sees an enemy in front of a window, they player must kill him and go prone. The player must then shoot the two lower windows and they can crawl through and attack the enemies from the side. The player can then go around in front of the White House.

Whiskey Hotel Freeze Glitch

Status: Depends on game copy. Confirmed on Xbox 360 Hardened Edition.

Details: In the campaign mission Whiskey Hotel, after the player crosses the lawn, past the MGs and spotlights on the west wing roof, walk into the hallway before the oval office. The game will then likely freeze up (even the guide button) and forces the player to turn the system off manually. This is more common on the Hardened edition of the game.

Counter: Swap discs. Alternatively, one may move close to the entrance of the Oval Office (where Foley pulls the painting aside) so that Dunn and Foley enter the room. Remaining outside the room means that the glitch will not activate. Wait until Dunn breaks down the door, and then enter the room. The glitch will not activate.

Shooting Equipment


Details: While in multiplayer, a player must use One Man Army Pro, and a Tactical Insertion. The player must have their One Man Army class selection menu open, ready to select another class. At the same time, the player must select their class and press their equipment button to deploy their tactical insertion. If done correctly, the player will run around looking like they are about to use their equipment (holding a claymore, throwing a fragmentation grenade, etc.) This works with all equipment except for the Blast Shield. For Tactical Insertions, the player will be holding a broken model of the flare. Every time the player shoots, they will run the cap over the fuse, like they are planting the flare repeatedly. For claymores, the player will hold the claymore out like they are going to plant it. When the player shoots, it appears as if they are planting the claymore repeatedly. For C4, the player holds the detonator, and every time the player shoots, they appear to throw the C4 repeatedly. For Semtex, Throwing Knife, and Frag Grenade, the player looks like they are repeatedly throwing the equipment. This does not affect accuracy, damage, or anything with the gun. If the player falls from high up, sprints, throws their equipment or special grenade, or runs out of ammo for their gun, the glitch will end, giving the player their gun back.

Hidden Glitch

Status: WORKING (on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3)

Details: In the Spec Ops level "Hidden" there are 3 different ways to get out of the level. 2 of the 3 ways are in the starting area. One of the ways consists of jumping on cars and eventually jumping out of the map. The other consists on jumping on containers and eventually jumping out of the map. The 3rd way to get out is near the middle of the mission. The player has to get on the roof of the church which is done by glitching through the wall. After that the player simply jumps past the bushes and are out of the level. This glitch is also possible on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare because the church in the Hidden mission is the same, it is even at the same angle. Once out of the glitch the player will be in areas from "All Ghillied Up" in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. All of the elements of the level are there, including bottles, and TVs which can be turned on and off by pressing the "action" button. Even the building where Price and MacMillan attempt to assassinate Imran Zakhaev is there.

High Explosive Glitch

Status: CONFIRMED / ACTIVE (on Playstation 3/Xbox 360/ PC)

Details: In the Spec Ops level "High Explosive" it is possible to spawn camp the Juggernauts by hiding inside the cab close to the mission's start point. The Juggernauts will generally hold their position and attack from a distance, however, they do close in on occassion, making this a fatal mistake especially on solo and/or Veteran.

It is also possible to get on the rooftops. The main problem with this is reloading, for one will have to drop down and get back up. If doing this on solo and/or on Veteran players will get frustrated, requiring two players. Juggernauts, since they cannot talk, will be seen gesturing to the player as evidenced by this video.

Last Stand Glitch

Status: CONFIRMED / ACTIVE (28 JAN 2010)

Details: If a player uses up the ammo on an attachment for their primary weapon (such as a grenade launcher), then the player will be able to use their main weapon in Last Stand, similar to the Final Stand deathstreak. This can also be done with One Man Army. If a player is put into Last Stand while they are switching classes, then the player will be able to use the primary weapon of the class that they switched to.

Counter: The user may not be intentionally doing this, but the best way to deal with it is to assess their lethality in last stand. Flanking works well, as does tossing a flashbang or Stun grenade after the player has found cover. Another possibility is to just let them bleed out—often players will kill themselves if they see no chance to gain further kills from their last stand.

"Out of Memory"


Details: While not specifically a glitch, sometimes when a game is about to be launched the game will fail to launch and an error message will show. The error message is "Out of memory." This can lead to panic in players but it is a harmless glitch and it is to due to an overloaded server.

Counter: There is nothing one can do to anticipate or prevent this error. Perhaps due to being the host in many multiplayer games online.

"Disc Error"

Status: CONFIRMED (X360)

Details: Like the "Out of Memory" error on PS3 when playing online, the game gives a black screen and then the "Disc Error" message appears. Clearly, it may cause panic on some players, but the solution is removing the disk from the tray and putting again.

Counter: There is nothing one can do to anticipate or prevent this error. Perhaps due to being the host in many multiplayer games online.

Three Weapons Glitch (Second Sun)

Status: CONFIRMED/ACTIVE (March 7/2010)

Details: In the Single-Player mission "Second Sun", after the player gets out of the crashed helicopter, the player must not follow Cpl. Dunn, but rather go to the other side, where the enemies were. If lucky enough, it is possible to get a weapon from the enemies without being crushed by a falling helicopter. When the player goes into the small house where the squad finds cover, they will automatically gain an M4A1 and an M9 while still keeping the weapon they picked up, for a total of three weapons.[3]

Counter: N/A

Assault Rifle Camouflage Glitch


Details: First, the player must make two classes with the same assault rifle: one class with a grenade launcher and a sight and a camouflage, and the other with a grenade launcher and a different sight and different camouflage. A glitch can occur which will make the camouflage switch on one of the weapons, if the grenade launcher is selected. After creating the two classes, start a private match. The player must spawn using the first class, and then they must select the other class to switch to when they respawn. The player must kill himself somehow, and after they respawn with the other class, the player must pick up the other assault rifle, swapping it for their secondary. The player must then switch to the grenade launcher from one of the weapons, then fire a grenade and switch to the other weapon. Then switch to the grenade launcher of the second weapon. The camouflage will change to that of the first weapon when the grenade launcher is selected.[4]

Counter - There is no need to counter this glitch, as it is not advantageous in any way to anybody.

Double Stealth Bomber Glitch


Details: It is possible to call in two stealth bombers at the same time, using only one killstreak. To do so the player must be using Precision Airstrike, Harrier Airstrike, and Stealth Bomber as their killstreak setup. They must then earn both the Harrier, and Precision airstrikes. Then they must quickly use both bombing runs, and earn two more kills for the Stealth Bomber (an easy feat, as two bombing runs can cover most of any map) or one if the player has an 8 kill streak. Then the player must quickly launch their stealth bomber. If all goes well two should appear, one after another. The initial Stealth Bomber uses the bombing run used as the 9 killstreak. The second Stealth Bomber uses the bombing run of the Precision Airstrike.[5]

Counter: There is no counter other than killing the user before he can start using his killstreaks, or to call in an EMP. Either way, the likelihood of this is small.

Cold Blooded Pro Glitch


Details: When the player has Cold-Blooded equipped, he or she can achieve the pro version of this perk very fast. When a Pave Low or a Chopper Gunner is called in, typically, the player would shoot at it with his Stinger or


Mini-Myth Cold-Blooded Pro Glitch

A video showing the Cold-Blooded Pro Glitch

AT-4, making the deployed vehicle waste its flares or even to weaken it. The player would then start firing at the vehicle with a high fire-rate weapon such as the L86 LSW, RPD or M240 to finish it off. However, after the Pave Low/Chopper Gunner is destroyed, it's physical model is still visible, unlike the Attack Chopper and the Harrier which explode immediately after being destroyed. The destroyed vehicle is seen spinning out of control and crashing somewhere behind the map. If the player opens fire on the crashing vehicle, every hit registered will count as '+1' for the total amount of "Killstreak rewards destroyed" in the Cold-Blooded challenges tab.


Primary Weapon in Last Stand Glitch


Details: If the player has a class with the Last Stand perk equipped, and is positioning a Sentry Gun, firing a rocket, or swapping weapons when put into Last Stand, instead of pulling out a pistol, the player will either take out their primary or the weapon being swapped to (this can be one of the weapon attachments).

Counter: Kill the player in Last Stand. There really is no counter to this glitch.

Stuck in One Man Army Glitch


Details: If the player has just brought up the class selection screen with their One Man Army bag and a host migration occurs during the selection, the player will be stuck with their One Man Army bag as their weapon, and they will be unable to switch weapons. The player can only use their knife to attack enemies with.

Counter: Just be killed by an enemy player or leave game. Both will return the player back to normal. An easier thing to do is to go to the start menu and select "choose class". The player then needs to select whatever class they were using when the glitch occurred, they will be back to normal.

No Weapon Glitch


Detail: If the player goes to the weapon selection screen right as they die, it is possible that they will respawn with nothing on the screen. When the player fires, it will look like they are switching weapons repeatedly.

Counter: Either die or leave the game.

Attachment Glitch



MW2 Super ACR Glitch All attachments at once!

ACR with all attachments

Details: Rarely in the campaign, when the player is killed and then respawns, they will be given the same weapon that they were previously using, but with every attachment available for that weapon, allowing for Assault rifles to have multiple sights, and multiple under-barrel weapons.

No Russian AI Glitch


Details: If the player kills the FSB in the level No Russian before they enter the elevator, the script cannot have Makarov kill them with a grenade, and will freeze all AI, which will cause them to stop shooting unless the player fires at one of them. In addition, the AI will call the player a coward, traitor, and betrayer, and will break the freeze in order to kill the player. [6]

Getting Out of No Russian

Status: CONFIRMED Xbox 360

Details: When killing the last FSB's, Makarov will lead the team to the garage where a fake ambulance awaits for the crew to escape. [7] if you run faster than Makarov at the left side of the ambulance it will have a mechanical equipment. Jump on it and then jump on the baggage cart. After that you can simply jump the glitchy window and then you're on the other side of the map.

Spawn Reload Glitch


Details: Often, if the player is killed during the middle of reloading, the player will respawn with the reload animation still playing. However, this will not affect the ammo counter. This will happen more often if the player's killer uses the same gun the player currently uses.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized

ADS Animation Glitch


Platform - Nintendo DS only

Detail: The player must enter the training room and there will be a cinder block wall behind the instructor who talks to the player when they enter. Go in the door in the cinder block wall that leads to the course instructor and just stand in the doorway. Next just enter ADS mode and the ADS animation will freeze in the middle. As soon as the player sprints, the ADS mode will return to normal. This glitch works with all guns except the M40A3 and the crossbow.

Counter: N/A

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Corpse glitch

In the trenches during the Campaign mission S.O.G., look down at the corpse of the Marine before walking under the M113. His mouth will be moving, even though he is deceased. Shooting the corpse will cause the head to begin twisting around at unnatural angles. This is a very common glitch, if not an inevitable one.

Crossbow Camouflage Glitch


Details: Allows the player to use any camouflage on the crossbow, and is simple to perform. First, the user must make a class with an assault rifle, the desired camouflage, and a Flamethrower attachment. Then, the user starts the match. Upon starting the match, the user must switch to their secondary weapon, then press left on the D-pad to activate the flamethrower. Then, the player must kill him/herself or get killed, but before respawning, they must switch to a different class. Then the player should go to the area where they were killed, and pick up the crossbow. It will now have the intended camouflage.[8]

Zombie Walk Glitch


Details: In order to perform this glitch, the player must have Valkyrie Rockets and any equipment. The player must pull out the Valkyrie Rockets, and then their equipment.

While the player is switching between the two, there will be a short period of time while the player has out no weapon or equipment. During this time, the player must quickly switch back to their Valkyrie Rockets. The player will then have no weapon, cross-hairs, or hands in their view. In third person, the player's character will be holding a knife that seems to be floating in mid-air. To actually do the zombie walk, the player must walk forward slowly. From third person, it will appear that the player is walking in a manner that is similar to that of zombies.


Black Ops Zombie Walk Glitch

A video demonstrating the zombie walk glitch

Theater Continuity Glitches

Status: CONFIRMED (Xbox 360/PS3)

Details: There are several inconsistencies when rendering a video through theater. Sometimes, the effects of flashbangs will not appear in a rendered video, though it appears in the original file share video. Also, sometimes vehicles that are destroyed during the rendered video will appear to be on fire before it is destroyed.

Juggernog Downing Glitch


Details: In Kino Der Toten, if the player gets downed while drinking Juggernog when the bottle is not visible, the player will have the perk when downed. When the player gets revived, the perk symbol will be visible but it will still take two hits to get downed.

Graphic glitch


Details: This glitch can happen when viewing a killcam or when in theatre mode. It does not affect gameplay though. If there is an unexploded car in the map, and something happens so the car explodes. and is left to burnt scraps of metal, it appears to already be destroyed if reviewing a former clip of gameplay. In other words, the car doesn't exploded again but merely bounces from the ground, when reviewed in theatre or in the final killcam. This also happens with exploding barrels. Another example is in "Launch". If the game ends just before the rocket takes off, and the final killcam occurs in the area beneath the rocket. The killcam will show a departing or departed rocket even though when the gameplay happened, the rocket was still there. This can also happen if someone were to break a window prior to a kill/death.

Long Killcam Glitch


Details: This glitch occurs when a player dies from running into napalm that was dropped by the Napalm Strike killstreak. The killcam will begin with the F-4 dropping the napalm bomb, and the killcam will continue going until the player dies. It may be of small use in avoiding enemy killstreaks, especially Attack Dogs, by not respawning until the killcam ends. The longest this killcam can last is about 15 seconds, when the napalm disappears from the map and cannot kill anybody.

Escalation Wager Match Glitch

Status: CONFIRMED (Xbox 360)

Details: Sometimes, when voting on a map in a Wager Match mode other than High Roller, maps from the Escalation Map Pack will have a different game mode than selected. If chosen, the different game mode will start. For example, if Sharpshooter is selected on Weekend Gambler, the vote icon for Zoo may say Gun Game, and that will be the game mode played. Other maps will have the right game mode.

Shangri-La: Staying at PaP

Status: CONFIRMED WITH 2+ PEOPLE (Xbox 360)

Details: Open Pack-A-Punch by standing on the tiles around the map. After it's opened, have a player prone on the left side of the machine (as close as possible). Then move the Left analog stick to the furthest right, and the Right analog stick to the furthest left. When the water comes down, the player should not be affected by the water. After the water has finished falling or when other players have been sent down, the player is able to stand up and be unaffected by the gushing water, allowing the player to stay at the top of Pack-A-Punch machine.

(Note: This will stop when PaP is opened again. It will only carry on if the player stays prone in the corner each time another player goes to PaP)

No Model Glitch In Killcam

Status: CONFIRMED (PS3, unconfirmed in other consoles.)

Details: After winning a match and getting a game-winning killcam in multiplayer mode (most often in Search and Destroy), the character model shown to die in that killcam will disappear. It is unknown how this can happen that the character model will disappear, but getting a game-winning killcam will result in that glitch. This can also be seen while using the recording mode and replaying it in Theater.

Hellhound Glitch


Details: It makes it so that the Hellhounds will just stand in front of the player and not attack them if the player is on top of a chair next to the automatic turret in the theater room of Kino der Toten. The player must be floating in the chair for this glitch to work.

Zombies Sound Solo Glitch

Status: CONFIRMED (Xbox 360)

When playing any DLC Zombies Map on solo, and the player gets signed out of his/her gamertag during the game, the characters won't make any quotes, no perk jingles will play, Announcers will not say anything at the start or during a round, or during the Easter Eggs. The Demonic Announcer will not say anything (like in Nacht Der Untoten) when a power-up is collected. The player will only hear "Lander incoming" and the sound effects on Ascension. Also, the player can't hear any Hidden Songs while it is activated and playing. SFX sound will work as normal, so gun noises, and other SFX noises, can still be heard. Occasionally, the Voice announcing the Excavators on Moon, can be heard. Other times, the SFX will not work as well when in Area 51, and it will change back and forth between turning on and off staying there for a long while.

Some maps might not even make sounds coming from the Zombies, including Call of the Dead.[9]

Villa Orange Glitch

Status: CONFIRMED (Xbox and PS3)

On the map Villa, in the villa itself, there is a flying orange in the center of the house, under it is a small counter with other food.

Moon Excavator Glitch

Status: CONFIRMED (PS3 and Xbox 360)

On the Zombies map Moon the Excavators may sometimes glitch in a number of different ways. One way may see the excavator begin to come down and when the player hacks the console the voice announces control has been restored, when in actual fact the excavator stays down and the large saw on the front disappears. When this occurs it is impossible for the player to pass through tunnel 6 or 11 without being downed, however the bio-dome can still be entered with the PES. Another way may see the same scenario occur, however in this case the excavator rises and goes back to its position, but the large saw still moves down (it will still be attached to the body of the excavator), at the end of the time limit it stops descending and the appropriate section will be breached, showing the excavator in its beginning position but still active and the section impassable (confirmed for tunnel 6 only). It is possible that during this glitch the same excavator can breach again, in this case the player can make the tunnel passable again if they wait for the time limit to end before hacking the console. However during this the excavator saw will descend into the ground, and if it breaches once again after this then the tunnel will be impassable for the remainder of the game.

Behind the Pack-a-Punch machine glitch

On the Zombies map "Five", when in the Pack-a-Punch room, as the Pack-a-Punch machine turns if one were to sprint and jump at the machine they will glitch inside the small room behind it and will be stuck.

Zombie Knife Lunge Glitch

If the player changes their button layout to Tactical, then go up to a zombie and put the crosshairs over the zombie until the crosshairs become red to indicate an enemy, then press Y then B (Xbox) or Triangle then Circle (PS3) after that just knife and it is possible to lunge at any zombie within a certain radius. [10]

RC-XD Remote glitch

Steps: 1. Get an RC-XD.

2. Go to an area where the player are not allowed to deploy a RC-XD, the corner of a wall works nice.

3. Keep pressing right on the D-Pad, and the player will keep switching from the remote to the player's weapon.

4. If the player keeps a close eye, the player will see that about every 3 seconds the RC-XD icon will disappear from the HUD.

5. The second the player sees the icon disappear, press the D-Pad one more time and the player should have the remote in their hand.[11]

"Five" Pack-a-Punch Glitch

If one has access to the Pack-a-Punch, they can perform this glitch. They must wait until the Thief Round starts, and have the glitcher be targeted by the Thief. If the Glitcher Pack-a-Punches his weapon right before the Pentagon Thief steals it, the entire game will crash.

Fire Sale Glitch

If a player acquires a Teddy Bear from a mystery box and another one acquires a Fire Sale before the box teleports, the box will re-appear at the spot where the teddy bear was obtained. When the last gun a player can obtain pops out of the box, Samantha's laugh can be heard and the weapon goes away as if it was a teddy bear. A second box then appears at the end of the power-up. When acquiring the teddy bear form one of the two boxes, it will fly away but does not reappear at any spot.

No Zombies Glitch

On Moon, when the player teleports back from Area 51 to the Moon base, there is a possibility that no zombies spawn at all upon returning, and the round does not show up in the bottom left corner of the screen. There is no way to fix this glitch other than ending the game.

Masterkey to Grenade Launcher

During the Nova 6 Battle on Rebirth, the Masterkey on Hudson's Enfield has a small chance of turning into a Grenade Launcher

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Zero gravity glitch


Detail: On the mission Turbulence, the player should pick up an AK-74u as soon the enemies breach the conference room. Then, during the "Zero Gravity" sequence, wait until the player is close up and kill enemies (With the AK-74u), and if and enemy is killed in the right location, he will drop an AK-74u that can be picked up. Then they have to switch to the Five Seven and pick up dropped AK (Whilst in mid-air). When back on the ground, the player will only have one AK-74u. Pick up the five seven and it will be held as if still in mid-air. This will last until the pistol is dropped.

Empty room glitch

Status: CONFIRMED (Xbox 360)

Detail: On the mission Goalpost, near the end before running up the second staircase to breach and rescue the vice president, if the player crouches against the wall by the potted plant it is possible to see the enemy runner standing in place before he runs into the room and closes the door to be breached. The enemy unit is immune to all forms of damage but is susceptible to the staggering effect of flashbangs. If the player stuns the unit and runs to stand in front of him, the player has effectively blocked him from moving but the player's teammates will still stack up on the door to breach even though it is still open and empty. If the player enters the room and lets the runner go free, he will enter the room, the door will close, and he will disappear. The player is now stuck in the empty room an can only exit by breaching. When the player tries to breach from the wrong side of the door, the game pulls the player to the right side of the door, the player breaches to a room full of just spawned enemies, and the game continues as normal.

Campaign Completed Over 100%

MW3 Campaign 100.3% Complete

Status: CONFIRMED (All platforms)

Detail: Upon total completion of the Campaign (Veteran and all Intel acquired), the percentage may state that the player is "100.3% Complete" with the Campaign mode. This is because of the mission "Mind the Gap", which has two parts that are separated by the crash of the London Underground. Two intel items are located in the first part, while a third one is located in the second part. Strangely, the game only counts two items in the level's total, thus pushing the game's completion over 100% if the player completes everything in the game including getting that extra uncounted intel item.

Sniper Glitch

Status: CONFIRMED (Xbox 360)

Detail: To do this glitch, the player needs a sniper rifle and aim down the scope. Once finished aiming, knife an enemy while still scoped in and go back away. Then knife again and quickly switch to the equipment.[12]

One Handed Gun Glitch

Detail: The player must have Overkill, any gun as a primary weapon (excluding Riot Shield or Model 1887), and a PM-9 with the HAMR sight as the secondary weapon. They must switch to the PM-9 with the HAMR, aim down the sight, and switch weapons. If performed correctly, the primary weapon should be held with one hand. This glitch also works with the player's secondary being any assault rifle with grenade launcher or hybrid sight or shotgun.

Care packages and Sentry Guns don't count glitch

Detail: Calling in a Sentry Gun or Care Package sometimes doesn't count towards the Sentry Gun or Care Package challenges. It appears that changing classes before calling in a killstreak causes this behavior.

Invisible Claymore Glitch

Detail: Players can make their claymore invisible by planting them on top of a Trophy System and then removing the Trophy System.

Akimbo Pistols Glitch


Detail: With some pistols, when having Akimbo as an attachment, one can fire fully-automatically. To do so, the player has to make the right-hand weapon have only one bullet left and press both triggers and switch weapons at the same time. This will make the left-hand weapon fire automatically right before changing weapons.[13]

Invisible and Unusable UGL on Machine Pistol Glitch

Detail: If the player has an Underbarrel Grenade Launcher on an Assault Rifle, rarely if the player switches from the Underbarrel Grenade Launcher to the Machine Pistol, the player will be holding an unusable and invisible UGL on the player's secondary.

Out of map glitch


Detail: Equip any class with a Tactical Insertion, Dead Silence Pro and an Osprey Gunner. Move the very edge of the circle surrounding a flag in the Capture the flag game mode. When the Osprey Gunner is acquired, call it in as far outside the map as possible. It should then be possible to move around the outside of the map. [14]

Predator Missile Glitch


Detail:Under unknown circumstances, it is possible for the Predator Missile not to deploy when the laptop is opened.  The laptop will remain in your hands until you switch out of the killstreak, and then switch back to it, and it will most likely use it properly.[15]

Running After End of Match


Details: This glitch allows the player to run around after the end of a match when the screen grays and "VICTORY" or "DEFEAT" and the score is displayed. To do this, the player must have a predator missile. If the match is about to end, and the countdown timer is at around 5 seconds left, the player must fire the predator missile. The predator missile must detonate after the match has ended and the player is about to be forced to close the laptop. If done correctly, the player will close the laptop like normal, but be able to move freely until the camera changes from 1st person to 3rd person and shows player scores. If the glitched player runs in front of another player, they can be seen moving after the match by another player.[16]

Host Migration Glitch

Status - Confirmed/Active(PS3)

Detail: The player has to be capturing a Care Package during a host migration. After the migration, the player can move around while everyone else is frozen. However, the player cannot kill anyone.[17]

SMAW Prestige Glitch

Detail: After prestiging, the SMAW Veteran challenge always resets to zero. This behavior doesn't occur with either the Stinger Veteran or Javelin Veteran challenges.

Juggernaut Recon Glitch

Detail: While a juggernaut, kills with the USP .45 don't count towards the USP .45 challenges.

Transformer/Loud Noise Glitch

Detail: Although barely happens, a loud static plays through the speakers. It lasts for about 10 - 30 seconds. This is only present on the PS3 because of faultiness in the porting job from Xbox 360 to PS3. This could damage speakers. This could also cause pain to someone wearing a headset because of the loudness. Sometimes a loud screeching can be heard after the noise. After all that, the sound may either return immediately or the game could be silent for about 10 - 20 seconds before returning to normal.[18]

Special Ops Chaos Score Glitch

Details: The Special Ops Chaos mode suffers from a glitch that prevents players to go above 2,147,483,647 points. It's due to the fact that the score is coded into a 32-bit signed integer, and going above the (2^31)-1 points limit will take the score into "overflow" and will immediately show a negative number. The developers probably didn't think any group of players would go so far in this mode. A possible and durable fix would be to code the score into a 64-bit signed integer, which would put the limit to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 points (which is 9.2 quintillion points, or 9.2x10^18 points). It would be then very unlikely that anyone would reach this score as it would take years of continuous playing without any mistake.[19]

Very Long Killcam


Details: If an airstrike is called in and harms a player who then commits suicide (under Killfeed standards) (confirmed with the Stealth Bomber), they will have a Killcam from a few seconds before the airstrike is called in. If it is the Final Killcam, it can be over one minute long.[20]

Counter: Get killed normally, or skip the Killcam.

Under-barrel Attachment Glitch


In Special Ops Survival mode, kill an enemy with an ACR 6.8 and take his gun. Go to the weapons armory and attach the grenade launcher. Kill another enemy and switch for your secondary. (Not the ACR 6.8.) Then go back to the armory, and equip either a grenade launcher or shotgun. You should now have 24 grenades. (WARNING: these attachments are now directly connected, if you use one, the other will deplete as well.)

Lounge Pose

Details: In multiplayer, if a player cooks a frag grenade and allows it to explode in their hand as the match is ending, they will throw a second grenade and their character model will briefly assume a lounging pose.[21]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance

AI Pathfinding

When grabbing the second item of Intel on the level Oil, Fire, and Ice, there is an issue with the path finding of the A.I. The rest of Wilson's team will get stuck outside the guard post and will not continue for the rest of the map (Note: They may still speak as if they are with Wilson until he reaches the top of the ramp.) Eventually the player will reach a door that has to be breached, but the door only opens to the A.I., not the player. This makes the rest of the level impossible to complete unless the Player commits suicide to restart at a previous checkpoint.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Freezing Glitch

Platform - XBOX 360

Detail: Freezes the player and makes them only allowed to view the leaderboards in a match.

Postponed End Glitch

Platform - PS3

Detail: If the Migrating Hosts screen shows up just before the end of a match, after the task is completed Round Win/Loss will show up, but players will still be able to kill each other. A Final Killcam won't show up, however.

Brutus Glitch

Detail: On the Zombies map Mob of the Dead, it is possible for ten Brutus' to spawn at the same time. Note this is only a glitch, as the maximum legitimate number of Brutus' that can be on the map is four. Also, when doing the pile up glitch, it is possible for an infinite number of Brutus' to spawn, although this is very rare and requires four players.

Distorted sound glitch

Platform - PS3

Detail: The game audio becomes oddly distorted all of a sudden, and any sounds and audio (apart from other players) are borderline recognizable. The glitch persists until the game is quit (via XMB menu or shutting off console) or until the player goes back to the main menu of the game. Another way to get sound back, is to go to Zombies or multiplayer (depending on what game mode the player was in), go into the lobby, back out and go back to multiplayer or Zombies.[22]

Downed Weapon Glitch

Platform - PS3 and xbox360

Detail: Under unknown circumstances, a player who is downed in multiplayer Zombies is able to use any weapon they were holding just before getting downed. Confirmed on the Galil, MP40 and the DSR 50 (which also has its ammo at 8/16 while downed) and the Uzi, on Farm, Mob of the Dead, Origins, Buried, and Town.

Mystery Box Glitch

Platform - PS3

Detail: Under unknown circumstances in Buried, the player can get a weapon and a teddy bear from the Mystery Box at the same time. Afterwards, the Mystery Box will teleport, and cannot be used for the rest of the game, except for Fire Sales. Confirmed with the Ray Gun.

Carry Bomb Forever Glitch

Platfom - Xbox 360

Detail: If one had an Assault Shield and went to plant the bomb in Search and Destroy or Demolition, and started planting while they had the shield in their hands at the time they started, they can do this glitch. Once they start planting the bomb, after holding the "Plant" button for 1 or 2 seconds, they would hold the "crouch" button, and after holding both of those buttons for a couple of seconds, the player would have to let go of the "plant" button. If done correctly, the time indicator for planting the bomb would disappear, the player would go into prone, and the note "Cannot go into prone with this weapon" would pop up, yet the person would still be holding the bomb, and looking as if they were still planting the bomb. The player is fully capable of doing anything to running around, knifing, and climbing up objects. If anything that would potentially change the animation was performed, such as knifing or climbing above an object, they would go straight back to opening the briefcase and pushing the buttons. This can also cause the player a disadvantage, as players would be fully capable of hearing the glitcher pushing the buttons, alerting them to their current location.

Elemental Knife

Platform - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

Detail: The player(s) must complete the Lost Little Girl easter egg up to when they must obtain the Iron Fists (upgraded One Inch Punch). Once it's obtained, they must go into a robot and down themselves inside it. After this, the robot will try to eject the player but all that will happen is the player will die immediately. Once that round has ended, the character should have the Elemental Knife. The player can check by knifing and seeing if their screen shakes. Depending on what staff the player had when they picked up the Iron Fists, the player's knife will have the same overlayed effect (e.g. burning the zombies if the player had the Staff of Fire). However, it is possible to have two different overlays by picking up a different staff when the player respawns (such as having the burning effect of the Fire Staff and electrocuting effect of the Lightning Staff). Besides the possibility of having two overlay effects, the knife is stronger than the Iron Fists. Obviously since this requires the player to kill themselves, it can not be done in solo and requires at least one other player to keep the game going.

Move After Game Over

Platform - PS3

Detail: If the player, In game time, should die after all players are downed, it is possible to become revived and run around for a brief time after all players have been downed in zombies mode.[23]

Floating Plant Glitch

Platform- Xbox 360

Detail: Sometimes when playing on the Multiplayer Map Slums a floating plant will appear near the archway close to the electronics store.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Gargoyle Clips Through Walls

Platform - 360, PS3 and PS4

Detail: In Awakening and Exodus, Gargoyles can, for some reason, clip through various walls and ceilings. They will become immune to damage if shot at, and the most annoying part is that they can still damage players with their "tail guns" while clipping through the wall. It is unknown what causes them to clip through these walls.

Counter: Kill the Gargoyle before it can clip through the wall.

Exodus Delayed Lines

Platform - PS3

Detail: When playing Solo, some time after the second generator is activated, lines the player, Godfather, and Cross are not said until all the generators are activated and the player meets back at the base where Cross puts in the Cortex. The lines are all bunched up and out of order, it takes a few minutes before all of the lines are said and everything becomes back to normal. Gameplay is not affected, only the sound files.

Private Match Character Reset

Platform - PS4

Detail: In Private Match in multiplayer, after changing a character, if the player exits the game or turns off the system and then goes back into the game, the player's character(s) they customized in Create-A-Soldier will be almost reset to default, excluding certain pieces of the character depending on which the player customized (e.g. customizing the first character will reset the uniform but not the head; it is unknown if it will reset special characters or headgear).

Counter: Play in Local multiplayer instead.

Flooded Ladder Glitch

Platform - Tested and confirmed on all platforms

Detail: When playing on the map Flooded, there is a glitch where a player can get to an extremely high ledge. The player needs to walk on top of the bus (the one in the river, that sinks when players walk on it). The player then needs to look towards the front of the bus and turn about ninety degrees to the right. They should see rectangular-shaped dark gray water pipe up against the wall. This pipe, for some reason, seems to have been coded as a ladder. Walking (or jumping) onto the pipe will cause the player to be able to climb it like a ladder up until the point where it turns sideways. The player will then get off the "ladder" and will be able to stand on top of the pipe. The player has a tremendous advantage over others when in this spot, as the pipe goes a ways down the building and there are numerous long sightlines available from this spot. As such, it is popularly exploited in Infected.

LOKI Glitch

Platform - XBOX 360

Detail: Under unknown circumstances, using the Loki killstreak in multiplayer will cause the player to immediately exit and end up on the ground, but the HUD will still be present. The player's actions are also keyed to both the regular and LOKI controls - for instance, if the player presses the shoot button, the player will both fire their weapon and a large rod will be launched. All objects launched from the Loki are launched at one specific point on the map, which cannot be moved by the player. This default point is always inside the map. While in this state, the player may still observe the minimap, the killfeed, and collect Care Packages. However, he may not use other killstreaks.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Exo Suit Upgrade glitch

Platform - PS4

Detail: When replaying missions or starting new campaigns, the Exo Suit may have lost some of its upgrades whilst the Exo Challenges remain completed, therefore making it impossible to earn further upgrade points to fully upgrade the Exo Suit. This makes the "Power Changes Everything" trophy/achievement unattainable.

Counter: Begin a new save and complete all Exo Challenges and collect all intel in one game session. It seems saving and quitting causes this backtrack in upgrades.

Warbird HUD glitch

Platform - PS4

Status - Confirmed

Detail: Occasionally after controlling a Warbird, the HUD will stay behind when leaving the aircraft and obstruct the players' view, it is much more common when experiencing a bad connection. This can also occur with the XS1 Vulcan.

Examples: XS1 Vulcan HUD Glitch.png Warbird HUD Glitch.png

Counter: Die and respawn.

Camo glitches

Platform - PS4, Xbox 360

Status - Confirmed

Details - When using some variants of weapons, no camos will be applied to it.

Counter - Use a different variant or ignore and use without camos.

Challenges After Prestige Glitch

Platform - Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4

Detail: Sometimes after prestiging, the player will complete challenges they shouldn't be able to with only a few kills instead of the normal amount, allowing players to quickly complete many challenges and level up quickly.

Counter: Don't prestige.

Multiplayer Calling Card Glitch

Platform - PS4, Xbox 360, PS3

Detail: At random times in multiplayer during matches, the player's calling card will sometimes be the default calling card instead of the one they have picked out.

Counter: There is no real counter except to deal with it changing.

Exo Survival attachments glitch

Platform - Xbox 360

Status - Confirmed

Detail: In Exo Survival, the player is able to add attachments that are normally not compatible with their weapon (such as Extended Mags on the NA-45). Upon buying a new weapon, if the player goes to the optics/attachments menu fast enough (without quitting the armory), then the attachments that were only compatible with the previously replaced weapon will temporarily be available to the new weapon. Note that some combinations (such as a shotgun with Variable Zoom) are non-functioning and will remove the weapon from the inventory.

Counter: Purchase the weapon, quit the armory menu, then enter it again. Or wait a little bit between buying the weapon and entering the attachments menu.

AE4 for Digital Download Version Locked for Season Pass Owners Glitch

Platform - PS4, Patched on Xbox One

Detail: If the player purchased the digital download version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PS4 or, until an update, Xbox One, and also bought the season pass, then tried to access the AE4 or the AE4 - Widowmaker variant of the AE4, they both show up as locked and ask the player to download the season pass, but since downloads cannot be deleted and redownloaded this cannot be done, meaning the player cannot use the AE4 or its variant.

Counter: Buy the disc version of the game, download the Havoc DLC, or buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One or PC instead.

Remote Turret HUD Glitch

Platform - XBOX 360

Status - Unconfirmed on other consoles

Detail: If the player is entering a Remote Turret, and the turret is destroyed just as the player begins to enter, they will put their tablet away, but their HUD will have gone. The player can still ADS, fire, move, and play the game normally, but is unable to check their ammo count, see the minimap, check the score, or do other HUD-related tasks. Also, when aiming down a MORS equipped with a Variable Zoom Scope, the scope will be gone. This results in a zoomed-in view of whatever the player's aiming at, but without the scope or its reticule. The player will still be able to fire normally. This is confirmed working in both Exo Survival and multiplayer.

Counter: Exit the match.

Manticore MORS Glitch

Platform - XBOX 360

Status - Unconfirmed on other consoles

Detail: If the player destroys one of the active Manticore canisters on the map Bio Lab, the usual explosion will result. As long as the player does not die from the explosion, they can then walk into the gas cloud created by the explosion. If the player aims down the sight with a MORS equipped with a Variable Zoom Scope, the scope will be gone. This results in a zoomed-in view of whatever the player's aiming at, but without the scope or its reticule. The player will still be able to fire normally.

Counter: Walk out of the Manticore cloud.

Multiplayer Virtual Firing Range Glitch

Platform - XBOX 360

Status - Unconfirmed on other consoles

Detail: This glitch requires two players signed in to a multiplayer session. If at any point in the session the second player (the one using the second controller) uses Create-A-Class, the glitch takes effect. During the glitch the first player, when entering the firing range, finds their class replaced by the second player's corresponding class. For example, if Player 1 went into the firing range to test their Custom 1, they would appear in the firing range with Player 2's Custom 1. Both players can still use Create-A-Class normally, and the second player can still use the Firing Range normally.

Counter: Have both players exit and rejoin the session.

Ghost MDL

Platform - PS4

Status - Unconfirmed on other consoles

Detail - Occasionally when playing Exo Survival as the Demolitions class, the player may find the model for the MDL Grenade Launcher will disappear without warning, leaving a hand floating where the grip would be, the MDL can still be fired normally, and it is also possible to ADS, although it will have little to no effect as it just zooms in a bit.

Counter - It is only a minor glitch with no real downsides and It isn't known how to counter at this time, but it could be fixed by ending the round. [citation needed]

Voice Chat loop after game

Platform - PC

Detail - If a player is talking thorough their microphone at the end of a multiplayer game, the last few seconds of audio will be played in a loop as the game loads back to the pre-game lobby.

Swimming Glitch

Platform - XBOX 360

Detail - If the player uses an A.I. controlled scorestreak, such as the UAV, and then enters the water so that they are swimming, a glitch will occur. When the player leaves the water, they will have no gun. Switching weapons has no effect. The ammo counter will read 0 rounds in the magazine with 0 in reserve, and the player is unable to sprint, melee, or slide. However, the player can still move, Boost Jump, and fire grenades. In Exo Survival, attempting to buy a new weapon at the Weapons Armory has no effect.

Counter - Use a second scorestreak.

Grapple Hook Kills Glitch

Platform - PS3

Detail - In the level "Sentinel", the player is given a Grappling Hook which can be used to kill enemies. Under unknown circumstances, enemies killed will sometimes enter a T-pose state after killed with the Grappling Hook. Was witnessed in the bushes of the left corner of the map, where two guards are. The glitch isn't game breaking, just an odd texture glitch.

Counter - Unknown

Broken Orbital Care Packages in Exo Survival Glitch

Platform - PS3

Detail - As of the most recent update, Orbital Care Packages do not work in Exo Survival.

Counter - Unknown

Gold Camouflage Glitch

Platform - Xbox 360

Detail - A Gold Camouflage applied to a weapon may sometime turn into a fully-yellow camouflage before quickly reverting back to its original version.

Counter - Unknown

Call of Duty: Online

Run Around After Match Ends Glitch

Detail: If a player calls in a Predator Missle as soon as a match ends, they will be able to move around the map for a brief time after the match ends.[24]

Grenade shot glitch

In all game modes, if a player throws a special or lethal grenade, sometimes the game will get stuck with the grenade as the player's primary and when the player shoots, it will show the player repeatedly throwing the grenade, sprint speed increases as well. Knifing will make the gun appear low and center screen and when being fired the gun will appear inside the player's arm. To stop this glitch, change weapons. [25]

Multiple Call of Duty games

RFOM Glitch (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War and Modern Warfare 2)


Platform - PS3 only

Detail: Lets the player bypass any Call of Duty patch on all 3 current games and remain online, these players can then play with other by-passers online and in private matches. They are able to do glitches that have been patched, various hacks and play deleted game modes such as 3rd Person Cage Match. Users delete their patches and sign in and out repeatedly until they, eventually, stay signed in.

Airborne Challenge Glitch


Details: There are certain spots in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in which players become stuck in a spot where players are not supposed to be able to stand, causing them to fall in place until they either die or the round ends. These spots can be used to get the Airborne challenge, which requires the player to get a two kill streak with bullets while in midair. Since the player is technically falling, the game considers them to be in midair while in such spots.

Zombie Walk Glitch


Details: The Zombie Walk glitch allows players to walk like a zombie. To do it, a player must get UAV recon/recon plane/spy plane and use a class with claymores/Bouncing Betties. The player plants the two claymores/bouncing betties, and as soon as the second one is planted, they call in the UAV. Their weapon will not appear. By walking extremely slowly, they are unarmed, but in third person, they are walking like a zombie. This is the animation for walking without a weapon.

Close Up Reload


Details: This glitch, found in all guns in World at War, but only some guns in Black Ops (e.g. the Ray Gun and World at War zombie map guns), allows the player to aim down the sights of their weapon while the gun is being reloaded. First, the player must press the reload button, sprint for 1 second, and stop immediately, and then hold down the ADS button. The player will see their gun up close while reloading. This does not work for empty reloads, and does not actually reload the player's weapon, it just shows the animation. Firing the weapon will instantly bring the weapon to ADS mode and immediately cancel the reload animation.

Multiple Attachments Glitch (Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3)


Details: This glitch occasionally makes appear on the ground weapons equipped with every attachment at once, even ones that wouldn't normally be possible to use on that gun. These weapons, however, cannot be picked up.

Third Person KillCam Glitch (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3)

Status - Confirmed

Details: If the player is spectating the last person in 3rd Person mode on Search and Destroy and that player dies, the KillCam will be zoomed in.[26]

Rapid-Fire Mantle Glitch (Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare)

Platform - XBOX 360


Details: If the player finds an object to mantle over, they will see a prompt that says, "Press A to mantle" or something similar. If the player presses A, Y, and RT at the same time, their weapon will fire at its maximum firecap until the player finishes climbing over the object. This effect is most notable on semi-automatic and burst-fire weapons. On semi-automatic weapons, the glitch will cause the gun to fire in a fully-automatic mode. This can deal high amounts of damage in a short frame of time. On the other hand, burst-fire weapons will sometimes fire all bullets in the burst simultaneously, enabling the player to get one-hit kills with assault rifles and the like. In Advanced Warfare, this glitch can be used in conjunction with the Auto-Mantle feature to kill enemies immediately after Boost Jumping.


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