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"I spent all day in here, setting up the party. Everything in its place, the floor sparkling... 8 hours of labor, gone in the blink of a dead man's eye."
— Godfrey

Godfrey is a playable character featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Zombies mode. He is introduced in the map Dead of the Night.

Godfrey is the personal butler of Alistair Rhodes, and is an unwitting member of the mysterious group only known as "The Order". Whilst alone, Godfrey will hear voices from an entity known as "Dark Godfrey". He also used to have recurring nightmares involving Nosferatu killing him. After completing the Danu trial provided by the Sentinel Artifact activated by The Order, Dark Godfrey overtook Godfrey, forcing him to kill the other three with a blade while they were distracted by an apparition of the Odin Sentinel Artifact. After observing the apparition of the Odin Sentinel Artifact, he was swiftly shot through the heart by Scarlett Rhodes, who demanded to know where her father was. Godfrey however told her that she was too late and that she could not stop what was to come before dying of his wounds.



  • According to quotes in-game, Godfrey knows Stanton Shaw, noting that he hopes that he forgives him for the "business with his right eye".
  • Both Gideon Jones and Christina Fowler harbor suspicions about Godfrey, remarking that they have seen him talking to himself. Despite this, they maintain a neutral relationship with each other.
    • Godfrey himself seems to care for his companions, as evidenced by his quote before entering the boss fight. Dark Godfrey does not share this feeling, and views the others as an annoyance and insults them before killing them.
  • There is a crude drawing in the wine cellar of a Nosferatu, which Godfrey can interact.
  • Despite talking about and viewing Alistair Rhodes in a respectable way, Godfrey seems to dislike many of the tasks he is assigned to do. Examples would be dressing Alistair and emptying his chamber pot. He also seems to dislike crowds, as evidenced by his quote saying the library was his favorite room, because it was always empty.