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Goh Min (English: "Clever Goh") is a character that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. He is one of the leaders of the 54 Immortals, along with his older sister Goh Xiulan.


Goh Min was born in 2037, the youngest child of 54 Immortals leader Goh Cheung. After Cheung was murdered by his bodyguard Hyun Jian, who then declared himself leader of the 54 Immortals in 2046, Goh Min and his sister Goh Xiulan were taken into the care of enforcer Jae Xiong, who acted as their mentor through their youth.

Two years later, in 2048, Xiong murdered Jian and restored the Goh bloodline's leadership by installing Goh Min and Goh Xiulan as the 54 Immortal's new leaders at just 11 years old. Xiong remained by their side until his own abduction and death at the hands of the CIA.

Following the Singapore disaster of 2060, the Goh siblings led the 54i into the newly-formed Singapore quarantine zone, where they would establish an empire built on the looting and selling of whatever they could salvage from the ruins. They gained access to a large quantity of abandoned military-grade equipment and made numerous deals with the Common Defense Pact and the Nile River Coalition, smuggling arms and intel for cash.

In 2064, Goh Min and his sister were contracted by the CDP to explore the abandoned Coalescence Corporation facility in Singapore, from which the Singapore disaster had originated. Although the 54i expedition teams that the Gohs sent to explore the facility were unsuccessful, they were approached by Winslow Accord defector Dylan Stone, who offered to give the Goh siblings sensitive CIA intel in exchange for safe passage out of the quarantine zone. The Gohs accepted, seeking to sell the intel to the CDP.

Shortly thereafter, the CIA sent Jacob Hendricks and John Taylor as undercover agents disguised as arms dealers in an attempt to infiltrate the 54 Immortals stronghold at the Singapore bio-domes and recover the stolen intel. Goh Min and his sister, anticipating the CIA to come after the intel, saw through Hendricks' and Taylor's disguises and confronted them. A brief shootout ensued, in which Goh Min was killed by a GI Unit.

Simulated eventsEdit

In Corvus' simulated version of events, the Player enacts the role that Taylor played in reality, briefly meeting Goh Min at the Singapore bio-domes whilst disguised as an arms dealer before the Min's death at the hands of a GI Unit.

Trivia Edit

  • Goh Min is referenced in He "Seraph" Zhen-Zhen's third tranmission. He is mentioned in passing, while his sister Xiulan was present when she was promoted to Enforcer in the 54 Immortals, when she was 17.
  • Goh Min's outfit is available for the male Player after completion of the level Hypocenter.
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